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There are probably thousands if not tens of thousands of Game application using Facebook as a platform.  Most of the games don’t have clear-cut answers or data collecting required.  However, many popular Facebook games do require you to have some know-how and learning a few tips or tricks can’t hurt during your game play.  It’s for this reason, that DataGrabber.org started the Ultimate Facebook Games Hins Section.  Our hope is that we continue to build this list based on some of the popular or requested games from our trusty users.  In fact, most of these games were researched based on requests we had from DataGrabber.org users!  So submit your own ideas or better yet your own list of tip and tricks, general strategies, or basic playing instructions.  And we’ll be glad to adapt it to the format here. If you’d like to contribute content to this section or volunteer to do a write-up on your favourite game.. email me!  You can win prizes!

Facebook Game Data – ALL THE ‘OTHER’ GAMES!

Arrow How To Play Happy Aquarium

Tips, Hints For Happy Aquarium

Strategies For Happy Aquarium

Backyard Monsters Arrow

How To Play Backyard Monsters

Tips, Hints For Backyard Monsters

Strategies For Backyard Monsters

Braaains Arrow

How To Play Braaains

Tips, Hints For Braaains

Strategies For Braaains

Kingdoms of Camelot Arrow How To Play Kingdoms of Camelot

Tips, Hints For Kingdoms of Camelot

Strategies For Kingdoms of Camelot

CityVille Information Arrow

How To Play CityVille

Tips, Hints For CityVille

Strategies For CityVille

Mafia Wars For Facebook Arrow

How To Play Mafia Wars

Tips, Hints For Mafia Wars

Strategies For Mafia Wars

Monster Galaxy Facebook Arrow

How To Play Monster Galaxy

Tips, Hints, Cheats For Monster Galaxy

Strategies For Monster Galaxy

GodsWar Facebook Game Arrow

How To Play GodsWar

Tips, Hints For GodsWar

Strategies For GodsWar

Ninja Saga For Facebook Arrow How To Play Ninja Saga

Tips, Hints For Ninja Saga

Strategies For Ninja Saga

Warstorm Zynga Facebook Arrow

 How To Play Warstorm

Tips, Hints For Warstorm

Strategies For Warstorm

FrontierVille For Facebook - Zynga Arrow How To Play FrontierVille

Tips, Hints For FrontierVille

Strategies For FrontierVille

Facebook Cafe World Game Arrow How To Play Cafe World

Tips, Hints For Cafe World

Strategies For Cafe World

Farmville Facebook Game Hints Arrow How To Play Farmville

Tips, Hints For Farmville

Strategies For Farmville

Arrow   How To Play Bubble Island

Tips, Hints For Bubble Island

Strategies For Bubble Island

Arrow How To Play Epic Fighter

Tips, Hints For Epic Fighter

Strategies For Epic Fighter

Arrow How To Play Texas HoldEm – Zyng

Tips, Hints For Texas HoldEm – Zynga

Strategies For Texas HoldEm – Zynga



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Thanks for visiting our site!  Don’t forget to join the discussion in our active FORUM.  Suggest some new games.  Better yet contribute your own data!  We pride ourselves on constantly updating our lists and data.  More and more games will be added here in this section!  So keep checking back for your Facebook game hints, tips, walk-through, guides, and more…. Also, if you’d like to volunteer a contribution or two, we’d love to hear from you!

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