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Pokemon was a global phenomenon to children and gamers around the world during its time. Many players around the world have become addicted to this game because of its unique concept and game style. The game even had its own animated movie, television inspired shows, products lines, music, etc. because of its popularity.  Well guess what?  All those hooked Pokemon players will be relieved to get their fix with Monster Galaxy on Facebook.  Monster Galaxy is similar to Pokemon; it’s a monster RPG on Facebook by the creators of the virtual world Gaia Online. From the first time you play you will see that Monster Galaxy is a higher quality game than many of the Facebook game apps that are being produced. This game lets you control cool Moga (name for the monsters in the game), become a Moga tamer, and claim the title of the best moga tamer in the world!

In the first part of the game a tutorial is being offered. An NPC named Nova appears and welcomes you to the Moga world. She will teach you all the basics about capturing Moga (even teaches you how to catch a moga in real time) and the all important guide to the Moga world. Nova will not teach you everything and she won’t be there to watch and guide you all the time. So here’s my general guide on Monster Galaxy.  Let’s start with some important concepts in the game itself:

Monster Galaxy - How Do You Play?

Three Important Logs In The Game.

Home – This is where you rest your Mogas, choose your battle team, and harvest your friends’ whistle trees. The home is your monster’s sanctuary. During adventuring, when your monsters have low HP or have become unconscious after a duel, you can visit Home to restore your monsters back to fighting condition.

MogaDex – The MogaDex is like your PokeDex in Pokemon. It gives you all the information about all the Moga you have captured. It also lets you choose your battle team, and check out your Moga collection. The MogaDex provides useful information about Moga’s.

Quest Log – This log gives you information on all your current quests and also informs you on upcoming quests. Quests are very important in the game. They provide you with very important reward items such as coffee and star seeds. Fulfilling quests is one major part of the game.

Items – There are only a few items in the game, but these items are very important. You just can’t continue your adventure in the game without these items.

Whistles – Whistles call friends for powerful bonus attacks.  This item is very important in emergency situations specially in dueling against very powerful Mogas.

  • Blue Coffee – Blue coffee act as health potion in the game. This item restores your Moga to full health and can be used anytime. Be careful not to overuse these initially – they are very valuable in later game stages.
  • Star Seeds – These items are like Poke balls in the Pokemon game. Star seeds are used to capture wild Mogas. The weaker the monsters, the higher the chance of capturing them. Use your star seeds very well because you won’t have an abundance of these items in the game. You can usually get star seeds as rewards after accomplishing quests.
  • Star Coins – Star Coins are the basic currency of the game. Star Coins are used to purchase items in the game like blue coffee and star seeds in the sky shop. You can add star coins via paypal and credit card.

Moga – Mogas are your monsters in the game. They appear very cute, mystical, and mean.  All mogas are different.  They have different defense skills: Health, Attack Damage, and Skills. All Mogas have different zodiac signs pertaining to them. Zodiac signs determine a monsters strength and weaknesses. Much like the elements types, in pokemon, Zodiac signs determine whether this Moga is more effective in fighting another moga.  Zodiac attacks can either be effective or less effective depending on the Moga Zodiac Signs.  (Click here for a list of Moga zodiac signs).

Monster galaxy is the first mass market pokemon-type of game on Facebook. It can be played by anyone young or old, male or female.  This game is an adventure-type and offers different unique battle scenes. Build your ultimate Moga combination and become the greatest Moga Tamer on Monster Galaxy!

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