Backyard Monsters – Strategies

How do you establish the best Backyard Monsters base?  There are many ways in which you can achieve both a strong defense and offense throughout the game. I will give you an overview on what you need to do to become the ultimate master of this game.

Step 1

The first step starts in prioritizing your resources. It is the backbone of your empire and everything revolves around it. It is the raw materials you need to strengthen your defensive walls and towers, fuel each and every advance of your grand army, and to covet and value as indispensable items in times of war and peace.  Thus, in the early part of the game, focus on allocating all your resources and workforce towards upgrading your resource buildings.  Keep on upgrading, until you reach the maximum upgrade depending of course on the level of your town hall. Level up your resources, silo, and Town Hall every time you have the chance! You need to sacrifice your defenses first. In the early going, when you have levels below 30 – but only a few attacks happen. You are also given adequate time where you are in damage protection mode (making it impossible for subsequent attacks).  Use this time wisely by building a strong economy. Specifically use your pebble s and twigs for resource development and your goo and putty to monster development. These are your crucial baby steps towards rapid progress.  Be patient in doing things.

Step 2

Once you have established a strong resource base, this is the time where you need to strengthen you defenses. Upgrade towers, walls, and design strategic booby trap placements. This is the time where other players will be scouting the map for potential victims to their looting campaigns. Thus effective defense is very important in this stage. If you establish a strong defense, few players will have the guts on attacking your base giving you faster room for development. You can also send some skirmish attacks of your own but choose your target wisely. Attack bases that have weak defenses, so you won’t be wasting your resources. Don’t attack bases that will cost you lots of monsters and catapult attacks. Yes it is indeed fun to watch barrage of twigs and pebbles flying in the air destroying enemy towers and buildings but you are also throwing away the building block of your every base. Be properly selective in your attacks! You will notice that I am advising you to focus more in defense. Yes indeed it is very wise to focus on your defense first. Resource management is very important in this stage of the game and looting campaigns can sometimes be a waste of resources especially if done incorrectly. But then again, as I said earlier, if you can see that there’s a base where you know you can walk away with loot bags in exchange for low casualty then grab it!.  Just like stealing candy from a baby, right? Just keep in mind to be selective in your attacks always.

Step 3

In the final step you must have already upgraded all your resources, silos, and town hall to its last stages (level 10 for silos and resources). You must have also finished fashioning your defenses to its maximum strength. This is the time where you will be building your grand army for total monster domination. Your base is on its maximum potential then there is nothing left to do but prove that you are the best. Attack with full force and in rampant fashion!  Losing monsters in the process will not hurt you as much this time. The more you attack the more you will be effective in using your monsters. Learn different monster combinations and tactics in attacking different defensive approaches. Also don’t be afraid to use your catapult! You have a solid resource base to support your attack. The final step is of course reliant to step 1 and 2. You can’t make it to this stage if you don’t have a solid resource base and strong defense to protect your precious resources. So the final stage is about waging wars until there is no one left to challenge your superiority.

These are the steps in which you will achieve the greatest Backyard Monsters empire ever. The key to cementing yourself to greatness is patience and wise decision making.  Don’t take things too fast but don’t be too slow at the same time. The important thing is you are constantly evolving and developing an effective style both in offense and defense.

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