We’ve been getting a lot of questions about DataGrabber.org.  I felt it might me be a good idea to respond and explain what the site is all about and why we think it’s a good thing! If you have any further questions, I encourage you to post to our FORUMS or email me directly ([email protected]):

DataGrabber is a community-based online information website that provides tips, strategies, hints, offers, news, contests, newsletters, articles, guides, and solutions for popular Facebook game applications. The DataGrabber FORUM allows anyone to sign up and contribute anything to the discussion and to this website’s main objective. In every sense of the word, this website is a community driven and community maintained project that’s only as strong as its members.

It’s important to make it perfectly clear that DataGrabber.org is in no way affiliated with The Price Is Right, Family Feud, or any Facebook game and/or their developer(s).

Any way you wish! We have plenty of useful tips, tricks, hints, and strategies on our website pages, comments, and forum posts to help improve your gameplay. For more advanced help, you can access our user-submitted data lists which contain some of the answers and solutions to some of the games. Much like a crossword puzzle, anyone can freely check the answers against our lists if they wish.

We’ve gotten a lot of question on how best to use our data lists. We recommend opening two browswer windows, one for the Facebook game you are playing, and the other for DataGrabbers. You simply navigate to the right page on DataGrabbers, and then input the keyword(s) that are key in the description during game play. The list will automatcially filter to the results containing that/those keyword(s).

Here’s a picture to illustrate:
Make Sure You Click The Right Data Chart From The Right Website Page On DataGrabber.org

As You Start Typing In The Search Field, You’ll See The Data List Filter To ONLY Those Entries Containing The Entered Text

Tips, tricks, hints and strategies come from contributions from FORUM members as well as post comments and emails. We also research the internet and combine our findings with our own experience playing the games ourselves. The same process is in place for our solutions lists as well. We do not use unscrupulous methods, hacking, or any other illegal or dishonest means of obtaining any information we post on our website pages directly. Nor do we accept and merge data contributed through these means with our “clean” content. The FORUM is a community area where members are free to post whatever they wish. However, we do moderate the forums as best we can which includes removing offending or illegally obtained data.

We try to update the website as often as required. We usually update daily. However, some pages may be updated several times a day while others do not need to be updated for several weeks at a time.

Absolutely Not! I want you to sign up for our VIP Email Newsletter because you want to get some extra information, get immediate site updates, receive special offers/contest information etc. But all the things DataGrabber.org is most famous for are yours to view, access, and utilize completely free of charge and without any opting-in to anything!

Since there’s some confusion about what we offer, let me take a moment to break it down.  There are 3 levels of access to DataGrabber.org. All are opt-in. All are completely optional. And all are free to access.

1) Main Site Contents (No Sign Up Required!)

  • All the tips, tricks, hints, strategies, charts, data lists, site posts, contents etc. are accessible entirely for free as viewer of/visitor to www.datagrabber.org
  • You may view all forum posts (but not post).
  • You may bookmark the site, the RSS feed(s), or specific pages with the site for more convenient access

DataGrabber - 1) Main Site

2) VIP Email Newsletter (You Must Submit Name & Email Address!)

  • Once you confirm, we send you an email – generally once a week – with extra tips, hints, and general information on Facebook games and Datagrabber.org
  • Exclusive access to DataGrabber.org in-house contests, special sponsored offers, relevant links to other information sources, etc.
  • Official site updates, notices, and special announcements regarding site status, maintenance etc.
  • Signing up is NOT required to view or access general site content and data charts (from #1)

DataGrabber - 2) VIP Email Newsletter

3) Forums & Website Comments (You Must Register – Create An Identity)

  • To contribute your own data, join discussion, start a thread topic, or comment on another post in the Forums, you must create a free account.
  • To post a response to any of my site posts on datagrabber.org (but NOT the forums), you must also register by creating the free account.

DataGrabber - 3) Forums & Website Comments

These are really the only 3 distinct ways of reaching the content and/or contributing to DataGrabber.org.  Please note, none of these levels of access is contingent on one another.  You can register the forums or the email newsletter or both or neither!  🙂

Well, yes and no. You can, but it’ll be messy and unformatted. All pricing charts we created were not designed to be printable. Not because we are discouraging printing, it’s just not really practical. Printing a data list and then madly referring to is during live play is not only exhausting, but it’s terribly inefficient and ultimately impossible to manage. It just takes too long to find the data you are after during game play.  Also, the data is frequently updated – sometimes daily, but at most several times a week.  The moment you print out your list, it will be obsolete as new entries are added and existing entries get updated.

The way to use the answer lists is easiest in a 2-window format. You need to open 2 browser windows (one for the Facebook game and one for the DataGrabbers page that has the chart you are referencing). When an item comes up on, type in a keyword or two (brand name, keyword in item description, model #, etc.) in the “search” window just above the chart page. The chart will automatically refine results – in real time – to just the items that match the keyword(s) you typed in. This is the quickest way to find exact items and help your game!

Great question. There are several reasons. First, it’s challenging and fun to be able to construct a game guide with tips and strategies all the way to the solutions for the various Facebook games. The second reason is the overwhelming response we received when we started the website. Many game players requested more information, tips, hints, and solutions for our site and reciprocally contributed to growing the data. There is a huge demand for this information which explains its popularity as well as our raison d’etre (ie. reason for being).

This is a moral argument that largely depends on how you view and use (or opt not to use) the data on this site. We have many visitors who use the helpful hints and tips, and others who reference the entire solutions lists. It is an individual choice. From the overwhelming response we’ve received (as well as our own experience playing) the vast majority of players are already jotting down and keeping their own tips and solutions lists that they reference regularly.

This, of course, was giving some players an unfair advantage. For example, a player playing a game considerably longer than a beginner had a huge reference that he/she used regularly. You wouldn’t have access to his/her own personal data during game play. However, with DataGrabber, we are equalizing the playing field. Now no single player with his/her own solutions list has any advantage over another. Indeed a lot of players have thanked us for providing this information and still report losing a fair amount of games as their advantage is nullified over others using the same or similar sources. All we are doing is combining data that’s already freely available in multiple sources online and offline.

Cheating is defined as “an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one’s own interest, and often at the expense of others…” (Wikipedia). None of the data we reflect on our site applies to the definition above. As we freely allow ANYONE to access DataGrabber.org, there is no unfair advantage. If we hosted a member’s only site or sold our data (as some individuals are regularly doing on eBay and craigslist) than that would create an unfair advantage. But everyone playing the game has the same access to the internet and the same ability to access the site. Most site users voluntarily share the URL for this site as well to ensure that everyone has the ability to access the data if they choose to.

And of course there is no deception involved on our parts at all.

Alas, so no one will mistaken any content on our site as an admission of some sort of guilt, let me be clear that any references we make to this website or data as “cheating” is meant tongue-in-cheek. At the heart of it, we do not believe we are cheating. Indeed, there are plenty of players who routinely record their solutions personally, or use their memory when playing the game(s). If a solution is recalled in your mind, is it cheating to use it during game play? Or is NOT using it an act of deception and lying (ie. “cheating”?).

That depends on what you expect out of the games. If the majority of people are jotting down answers and developing clever tips and strategies during game play, they will always be stronger opponents over those who do not use such methods. But it’s an irrelevant question. Answers may be self-compiled, found in many, many different free sources online, may be purchased from other individuals, shared among friends, etc. Whatever your opinion is on the issue, solutions and guides are here to stay – there’s no avoiding it.

In our experience, we found players actually enjoying a richer playing experience. From the FORUMS you’ll see that aided players often encountered other players using list resources and engaged in ‘chat’ during game play (which they may not have done before) as well as challenging others in a different way. They enjoyed playing a different style of game perhaps, but no less enjoyable, riveting, and challenging. And a lot more social without anyone hurling insults!

Finally, consider why answers are always available for reference in crossword puzzles, scrambles, and other games.  Have you ever done a crossword puzzle without peeking at the answers to “help” you solve the puzzle?

We don’t buy that argument. First of all, every Facebook game application we provide hints, tips, and lists for is available freely to anyone with a Facebook account. In most cases, you can play the game daily entirely free of charge. You can also apply to some great offers and get bonus coins/credits as well to play even more frequently without spending a penny.

IF you exercise the option to purchase more plays at the game, this is your choice. But you have no more control over the playing style of others than you do whether paying or non-paying players are your opponents or not.

The only possible way to meet unrealistic demands of ‘paying’ players who cry foul is to lobotomize all opponents so they don’t use their own notes or freely available resources (including their own memory power).

Finally, many of the resource users on this site and other sources purchase coins to play as well. They are driven by the same desire to get to the next level(s) and enjoy playing the game WITH hints. I suppose that’s why Scrabble dictionaries, calculators, and online solution sites are so popular and have not prevented people from playing Scrabble!.

At the DataGrabber community, there are hundreds of members who routinely purchase coins/credits (and probably a lot more with our data and lists as further motivation to play!)

Simple. Using our hints, strategies, and even our solution lists is by no means a guarantee of winning. All of the Facebook games we offer data for have multiple variables that affect game play and chances of winning. You can use the full data offered on this site and every other resource out there and still lose the game. All the elements of risk, rush, and uncertainty are still present even if they are evolved somewhat from unaided game play.

Make no mistake, it’s just as exciting if not more so to play aided.

We welcome any contributions, thoughts, submissions, discussion points (pro and con) you wish to engage in at our popular FORUM section. Speak your mind politely and respectfully, and we’ll welcome all points of view!

When posting data, we do ask that you edit your content for duplicates prior to submitting.

Never. As long as we can possibly do it, the intention is to keep DataGrabber.org free and accessible to anyone and everyone. If you’d like to help out, you can make a donation by clicking the Donate Link in the sidebar. But I (admin) will never charge or restrict access to DataGrabber. This is a community project and community website. And that’s how it will remain.

Use Google. You’ll see many sources of similar information available everywhere (not just DataGrabber!). That’s the wonderful and liberating power of the internet. Even if DataGrabber was no more, you will still have to deal with aided game play. The sources of this type of information are too numerous to count. That’s the reality.

Thanks for your point of view. I respect the difference of opinion. The bottom line is it’s just a game. Relax. If you don’t like it, don’t play. If I was playing a game where my opponent’s got better and better at it, I wouldn’t insult, whine, or swear at them. I’d figure out what they were doing and do it better myself. Guess what that’s called? Competition. Strategy. Game Play. And what could be more exciting and rewarding than that?

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