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If you think Farmville was phenomenal then you’re up for another great ride. Zynga has created yet another amazing facebook game that attracted millions of facebook users worldwide. If you haven’t played this game yet, you might notice game invitations and free gifts request that your friends have sent you. This fun and addictive game is already gaining momentum in the fame department and already on its way to take its place and follow its cousins, Farmville and FrontierVille, in the facebook games hall of fame and popularity.

The concept of the game is quite similar to Farmville. You play and become the caretaker of a city and make it the coolest and biggest city on Facebook! This management game is a balance of population, business establishments, crop supplies, and community buildings. If you are a beginner to this game I will help shed some light on some important basic concepts of CityVille. If you are already playing this game on the other hand, I have written this as informative as possible to help you learn some more. Afterall, you can always learn more! 🙂


You are given a fixed level of energy every day depending on your level (it goes up as your level goes higher). You use this energy to build your houses and other buildings for the expansion of your city. One energy is replenished every 5 minutes, so when you’re out of energy you can just leave playing CityVille and come back to see that your energy is  back in full. Energy management is very important in the game. Thus, you need to be very wise in spending your energy in the game. Your friends can also send you energy as a free gift.


Housing controls the population of your city. The more houses you build the more people you have in your city. A higher population offers great advantages in the game. A higher population gives you access on building new business establishments in your city. CityVille gives you a lot of housing options, from the simple cozy cottage to the elegant hotel suites. Each type of house has its own varied capacity of occupancy and earnings and it’s up to you to choose. Your choice can depend on your style and strategy or your taste in architectural artistry.


The business is the life blood of your city. It is the money generating industry that fuels your city’s growth. Without cash you basically cannot build other establishments.  How rapid your city expands depends entirely on the success of your business. It is very important to keep your business booming all the time!


Decorations make your city look beautiful and attractive. You can build parks and playgrounds and even dogs to give your city that artistic style and urban vibe.  There are also decorations that have payout options that can optimize earnings of its surrounding establishments. Decorations play an important part in your city. They make your city look good and earning high.


Farming is the fuel that keeps your business running. Without supplies your business would become stagnant. Farming in CityVille comes in the form of different crops from strawberries to carrots, and corn.  Just like in Farmville, your plants will wither if you don’t harvest them in time.  Pay close attention to this.


CityVille lets you transport goods through your train and port. The train can immediately be used in the early part of the game after finishing a simple quest. The port on the other hand comes in the later part of the game when you become elected as mayor. These transports serve as interesting way to trade with your neighbors. The train gives you the ability to buy and sell goods while shipping lets you send envoys to different places for supplies. A combination of farming and transport will surely keep your business running smoothly and your supplies in check!

Community Buildings

Community buildings keep your people happy. As your population increases so does the needs of your people. Community buildings are the inseparable complement to your housing industry. As your population increases you need to build more community buildings to keep your people happy. CityVille lets you build your own Museum and Hospital.


Expansion gives additional space for you to build your establishments. It’s quite expensive though.  Later in the game when your business starts raking in some good money, expansions would be easy to set up.   The prerequisite of this is a zoning permit which can be given as a free gift from your neighbors or a reward after a quest.  As you add more expansions the number of required zoning permit also increases.

That’s some of the key aspects of CityVille in a nutshell.   There’s a lot more to the game and it’s one of the fastest growing Facebook games surpassing Farmville.  If you haven’t played it yet.. look out… it’s addicting, but fun!  Check out our CityVille Hints and Strategies too!

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