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Farmville is probably the most popular Facebook game ever (so far!).  Actually, it’s probably the most widely played electronic game in the world thanks to the global reach of the Facebook social network platform.  Zynga’s Farmville for Facebook is essentially a simulation game where you are the farmer with your own avatar who must plant crops, harvest them, purchase seed, supplies, etc.  The game works in real-time in the sense that when you log into Facebook the next day your plantings may be ready for harvest (or spoiled if you’re too slow!).   But chances are you already know all about Farmville.  Let’s face it.  Few on this planet haven’t heard of or played Farmville on Facebook.  That being said, there are lots of great Farmville Strategies, guides, tips, charts, and cheats available right here!  So check ’em out!

Playing Farmville
Farmville Charts & Strategies
Best Farmville Tips, Hints, & Cheats

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