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You need to be able to employ some solid tips and hints to really accelerate your GodsWar MMO game.. Each player can share his/her own tips and strategies because each player has his/her own unique game experience different to that of any other player (feel free to post in the Forums on this site too!).  Here are my Top 3 Tips For Godswar and helping forge my character in the game.

Super Tip #1 – Use The AFK Mode Occasionally

GodsWar has the AFK (away from keyboard) mode wherein you can just leave your character to do the monster killing all by its own. The good thing about this AFK mode is that your character can even perform skills on their own. In other MMO’s, this is usually only achieved through the use of a bot or other malicious software add-ons (which are outright banned or frowned upon).

I deliberately used the word “occasionally” in my AFK mode tip. The reason is that using AFK mode still offers some disadvantages that you sort of have to accept. AFK mode is brainless automatic.  Giving up the ability to control your character in certain situations can be problematic.  So it is a general give-and-take.

Another disadvantage in the AFK mode is that you cannot decide on the combination of skills your character will deliver. When you are mobbing monster towards you for example, the best combo would be to use area of effect skills (AOE) to kill the mobs instantly. AFK execute skills unlike real human players.

Last, AFK mode does not include auto loot. You will miss a lot of loot when you keep using AFK mode.  These include skill books and special items with extra features. Also the stones that you use for upgrading your weapon and armor can also be gained through loot.

So the question is do you use AFK or not use AFK?

Basically, the best way to use AFK mode is to monitor your character while doing it. So, when you will see a dead monster with a loot, you can pause your AFK, check it out and decide whether you pick it or not and go back to AFK mode again. This is the best way to use the AFK.  It maximizes your opportunities.  I will admit that AFK does take part of the fun out of the game – I can see why the developers didn’t add an ‘auto-loot’ feature as well.  At that point, you might as well not play anymore!

Super Tip #2 – Choosing Quests

There are many quests out there to choose from but you should consider some things before you take them on. Here are just a few of my special insights:

  • The difficulty of the quest in proportion to its rewards
  • Distance from the NPC or your main city
  • The rewards of the quest

Consider these things before taking on any quests. The perfect quest would be in a scenario where the monsters are relatively easy to kill, the NPC that ordered you on the quest is not that far away from the monsters or the city.  And it rewards you with good experience, silver, and talent points. If you see a quest with these features then you can always repeat that quest over and over again until you find a better one that offers more.

Just don’t take any quests.  Be discriminate and choose the good ones and repeat them several times for maximum benefit.

Super Tip #3 – Armor Sets In Battling Monsters

There are monsters that can deliver fatal damages and there are those that can’t even give you a scratch. You will notice in the game that when two kinds of monsters with the same level hit you they will have varied damages. One is a damage you can ignore and the other is a damage that can really kill you if you don’t pay attention to your HP.

Even though these monsters have the same levels, they have varied damage to your character because of their own attack type. Wizard type monsters for example deliver magical attack which will surely hurt warriors and champions who usually have physical defense armors but won’t hurt wizard characters who usually have magical defense armors. It is the same with other monsters like lions; they will hurt wizards because they inflict physical damage but will only “tickle” warriors and champions.

Therefore, the best thing I recommend to avoid this disparity in damage, is to have two sets of armor. Buy an anti-magic set and an anti-physical set. You can change it depending on the monster you are encountering. This way, you won’t even fear dying even if you are surrounded by mobs of monsters during AFK mode. I have used this technique myself and it works very great.

Other players don’t know this yet that’s why they turn to player parties when finishing the female wizard quest. They don’t know that the trick is all about armor. And don’t worry about the money you need to spend for carrying two sets of armor because armors sold in the NPC in this game are cheap and you’ll benefit with faster leveling up for using two sets of armor as well.

These are three important tips that will surely help out in your game of GodsWar of Facebook. I have tried these tips personally and they have proved very helpful to me. That’s why I call them my Super Tips! J  Use these tips to make your character stronger.

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