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Family Feud – Five (5) Answers Chart Cheats

What do you do if you’re trying to get the answer to a 5-answer Family Feud game round on Facebook?  Why consult our data chart below of course!

We’ve got data for all your rounds of Family Feud for Facebook.  Just make sure you click the appropriate link below to get you instant access to the right data page. Don’t forget to contribute your own data as well!  We love adding answers to our lists that we don’t yet have.

Be cool playing with friends and strangers – don’t clobber them with your … er… knowledge.

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You’ve Loaded The “5 Answer” Chart!

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R Question (5 Answer Questions ONLY) Answer Answer Answer Answer Answer
How Late A Kid Might Stay Up At Sleepover 11 12 1 2 3
We Asked 100 Moms How Much Are You Like Your Mom. Scale 1-10. 10 9 8 7 5
We Asked 100 Moms: On A Scale From 1-10, How Much Have You Become Like Your Own Mom With Age? 10 31 8 26 5 17 7 13 9 10
How Many Hours Of Sleep Does The Average Person Need In Order To Wake Up Refreshed? 8 47 7 18 6 17 10 3 9 3
How Old Were You When You Babysat For The First Time? 12 30 13 29 14 14 15 11 10 7
At What Age Might A Man Have Midlifecrisis? 40 35 45 21 50 20 30 7 35 5
3 Name The Age At Which A Man May Get Thick Around The Middle. 40 42 30 21 35 16 45 9 50 8
Tell Me The Age That Most People Want To Live Until 100 51 80 21 90 15 70 5 75 5
Married People Only: How Many Guests Did You Invite To Your Wedding? Numeric Only Please. 100 20 200 150 300
If You Got Stuck In The Desert, What Would You Want To Have With You? Water 58 Food 17 A Cell Phone 16 A Camel 3 A Friend 3
During Conversation You Might Fake Laugh Interest Smile Name Accent
Name A Decision That People Don’t Make Lightly. Marriage 61 Divorce 12 Buying A House 11 Having Kids 8 Accepting A Job 3
We Asked 100 Singles: Describe Last Date With Movie Genre Horror Comedy Drama Romance Action
Name A Job A Robot Not Entertaining Enough Comedian Dancer Singer Clown Actor
Name A Job In Which You’d Have An Easy Time Getting Dates Bartender Food Server Model Dancer Actor
Name A Comedian That Gets On Peoples Nerves Carrot Top Chris Rock Jim Carrey Dane Cook Adam Sandler
Besides “Family Feud”, Name A Tv Show With “Family” In Its Title Family Ties 44 Family Matters 24 All In The Family 16 Family Guy 11 Addam’s Family 3
3 Name Something That Causes People To Change Seats At The Movies Want Better View 41 Noisy Neighbors 30 Tall Person In Front 18 Dirty/Sticky Seat 6 Affectionate Couple 4
Name Something In Cars Now That You Can’t Believe People Once Went Without. Stereo 41 GPS 28 Air Conditioning 17 Seat Belts 8 Air Bags 3
Name Something Look For Rental Car Vs Regular Car Cd Player Gps Sun Roof Gas Mileage Air Conditioner
Name A Place Where You Find Yourself Watching The Clock. Work 57 School 26 Place Of Worship 6 Doctor’s Office 5 Airport 3
Name A Place Where A Child Might Get Separated From Her Parents. Mall 38 Park 23 Zoo 16 Theme Park 16 Airport 5
During Your Morning Routine, Name Something You’d Hate To Discover Wasn’t Working. Shower 38 Coffeemaker 26 Car 18 Hair Dryer 6 Alarm Clock 5
Name Something Specific That Causes You Honk Car Horn Traffic Jam Cut Off About To Crash Slow Driver Animal
Which Physical Characteristics Would Tell You Someone Is An Alien? Eyes Green Skin Head Ears Antenna
3 Name A Fruit That You Can Buy Dried Grape 22 Banana 21 Apricot 21 Prune 17 Apple 15
3 What Do People Eat In The Hospital Jell O 46 Soup 28 Ice Cream 12 Pudding 8 Apple Sauce
3 Name A Smell You Associate With Fall Leaves 46 Rain 20 Campfire 9 Pumpkin Pie 9 Apples 5
Name Something For Which You Get A Warranty. Car 54 TV 23 Watch 8 Computer 4 Appliance 3
2 Name Something In A Regular House That Might Be Missing In A Batchelor Pad. Furniture 37 Food 31 Decoration 9 Family 7 Appliances 4
3 Name Something That’s Currently Legal, That People Should Be Banned From Doing While Driving Smoking 32 Eating 23 Sipping Drink 20 Using Cell Phone 18 Applying Make Up 4
3 Name A Reason The Bride And The Groom Might Leave The Reception Early Leave For Honeymoon 38 A Little Privacy 26 Tired 15 Too Much To Drink 4 Arguing 4
3 Where Does A Woman Try To Avoid Leaving Lipstick Marks? Teeth 38 Shirt 22 Glass 13 Someone’s Cheek 13 Around Lips 11
3 Name A Piece Of Home Decor That Sometimes Comes With Wild Patterns Curtains 39 Wallpaper 28 Couch 22 Rug 5 Artwork 4
3 We Asked 100 Men: What Excuse Might You Make Up To Start A Conversation With An Attractive Stranger At A Bar? Ask For The Time 37 Do I Know You? 28 Comment On Weather 15 Buy A Drink 10 Ask For Directions 6
Tell Me An Occupation Where You Wouldn’t Wear High Heels Waitstaff Medical Worker Cop Construction Athlete
Name A Profession You’d Shoot For If You Wanted To Be Famous Actor 54 Musician 26 Model 7 Politician 6 Athlete 4
Name Something A Pro Athlete Might Wear That’s Lucky Socks Underwear Jewelry Shoes Athletic Supporter
3 Where Do You Get You Christmas Tree From Every Year? Store 34 Woods 33 Tree Lot 11 Tree Farm 8 Attic 5
What Accent Might An American Pretend To Have In Order To Sound Sexier French 61 British 18 Italian 8 Spanish 8 Australian 3
3 Name A Reason Why A Kid Might Not Trick-Or-Treat Scared 46 Sick 24 Too Old/Young 23 No Costume 3 Bad Weather 3
3 Name Something People Wear That Has Their Company Logo On Shirt 40 Hat 38 Jacket 10 Uniform 7 Badge 3
What Might You Buy With Fav Sports Team Logo On It Hat Shirt Jacket Mug Ball
3 Name A Profession That Requires Really Good Balance Tightrope Walker 29 Acrobat 25 Gymnast 17 Trapeze Artist 13 Ballerina 11
1 Name A Hobby Whose Participants Are Also Called “-Geeks” Chess 42 Computer 35 Video Games 9 Math 7 Band 5
Name Something People Associate With The Swiss Cheese 56 Alps 17 Chocolate 10 Watches 6 Bank Accounts 5
3 Name A Place Where Many People Would Feel Uncomfortable Going Without A Date. Movie Theatre 32 Dance 27 Wedding 19 Restaurant 17 Bar 3
3 Name An Activity That Could Be Rained Out Sports Event 45 Picnic 34 Wedding 10 Concert 7 Barbeque 3
Tell Me A Place In The House Where A Nosey House Guest Might Snoop. Bedroom Doors 47 Medicine Cabinet 36 Fridge/Pantry 7 Closets 5 Basement 3
3 Name A Sport That Might Be Played At A Family Reunion. Football 54 Baseball 21 Horseshoes 8 Frisbee 7 Basketball 6
Name Something You Might Receive In A Gift Basket Fruit Candy Lotion Wine Bath Oil
3 Name A Place People Might Go For Peace And Quiet. Library 48 Park 16 Church 14 Bedroom 13 Beach 7
Name Something You Might Do If You Had A Romantic Day With Partner Dinner Picnic Stay In Bed Movie Beach
Circus Animal You Would Hate To Be Trainer For Lion Tiger Elephant Monkey Bear
Name Something Kids Are Taught About Abe Lincoln 16th President 56 Honest 23 Tall 7 Abolitionist 6 Beard 5
3 Name Something You Would Allow The House Sitter To Use While At Your Place Phone 40 TV 35 Bathroom 12 Computer 8 Bed 3
Name A Game That Would Be Inappropriate At A Company Party Spin The Bottle 41 Strip Poker 32 Twister 11 Truth Or Dare 11 Beer Pong 3
3 Tell Me Something That Would Get You Thrown Out Of Most Bars Getting In A Fight 45 Drinking Too Much 29 Not Paying 6 Stripping 5 Being Underage 3
Name Something People Associtae With The 1960S Hippies Music Vietnam 60S Hairstyles Bell Bottoms
Name Something Specific That’s Out Of Proportion In A Child’s Drawing Head 70 Hands 11 House 9 Sun 5 Belly 4
3 Name Something That You’D Find More Commonly In France Than In The Us Wine 52 Cheese 19 French People 10 Art 8 Beret 8
Name A Type Of Hat That You Don’t See Many People Wear In Real Life Top Hat 45 Cowboy Hat 28 Fedora 6 Straw Hat 5 Beret 5
Name An Occasion For Which People Return To Their Hometown Reunion 37 Christmas 27 Wedding 21 Funeral 10 Birthday 3
3 What Would You Need If You Wanted To Dress A Rocky Balboa For Halloween? Boxing Gloves 32 Muscles 29 Shorts 18 Wig 9 Black Eye 4
3 What Did You Do As A Baby That You’re Glad You Don’t Do I Public Anymore? Cry Suck Thumb Bathroom Incidents Drool Blanket
Name A Recreational Activity Traditionally Done In Hot Weather Swimming 44 Basketball 18 Volleyball 17 Surfing 11 Boating 7
3 Name Something Specific A Man Often Compliments A Woman On When Trying To Pick Her Up. Eyes 51 Hair 29 Smile 8 Clothes 8 Body 3
Name A US City That Probably Has A Lot Of Single People New York 42 Los Angeles 25 San Francisco 12 Las Vegas 4 Boston 4
3 Where Might A Cheapskate Take You On A First Date? Fast Food Restaurant Movies Park Bar Bowling Alley
Name Something Of Her Mom’s A Kid Might Wear Shoes Make Up Hat Jewelry Bra
Complaint Someone Might Have About Paper Boy Doesn’t Leave On Porch Skips Them Wet Paper Late Breaks Window
Name Something that Might Come Out Of Your Nose When You Laugh. Snot 48 Milk 38 Water 5 Soda 4 Breath 3
3 Name Something That’s Hard To Do On A Particularly Hot Summer Day. Run 50 Go In To Work 18 Yard Work 15 Sleep 10 Breathe 5
Name A Clothing Trend From The 1980S That Has Come Back In Style Stretch Pants 32 Tight Jeans 21 Leg Warmers 15 Big Hair 12 Bright Colors 7
3 Name Something You Know About The Easter Bunny Carries Eggs 45 Hops 15 Some Don’t Believe 15 White 15 Brings Candy 6
What Would Compel A Consumer Of A Food Product To Call Costumer Service? Stale Food 52 Hair In Food 17 Bugs In Food 13 Food Poisoning 10 Broken Seal 5
Name A Color That Cars Seldom Come In Pink Yellow Orange Purple Brown
Name A Famous Building That’s Big Enough To House A Dinosaur. Empire State Bldg 38 White House 28 Sears Tower 17 Eiffel Tower 9 Buckingham Palace 5
1 Name A Street Name For Money Cash Dough Loot Green Bucks
3 Name A Breed Of Dog That Might Be Used As A Guard Dog German Shepard 36 Pit Bull 23 Doberman Pinscher 20 Rottweiler 8 Bulldog 5
3 Tell Me A Type Of Work Vehicle, That’s Often Seen As A children’s Toy Dump Truck 43 Fire Engine 34 Tractor 10 Police Car 6 Bulldozer 3
Way To Save Money On Groceries Coupons Eat Less Sales Buy In Bulk Buy Generic Brands
Name Something The Sign Outside A Hotel Might Tell You Vacancy 46 Nightly Rate 18 Hotel’s Name 11 No Smoking 6 Cable TV 6
What’s The First Thing A Husband Does When He Finds Out His Wife is Pregnant? Cry 51 Faint 21 Hug Her 13 Celebrate 7 Call Family 4
Name Key On Computer That Has Word On It Shift Backspace Delete Tab Caps Lock
3 Name Something That Someone Who Gets Dates Has, That Someone Who Doesn’t Get Dates Doesn’t Have. Good Looks 35 Money 26 Intimacy 20 Charm/Confidence 9 Car 9
3 Name A Type Of TV Commercial That’s Usually Targeted At Men. Beer 38 Cologne/Aftershave 29 Razors 13 Deodorant 4 Car 4
3 Tell Me Something You Would Never Borrow From Your Close Friend. Money 42 Underwear 38 Toothbrush 8 Mate 5 Car 4
Who Or What Might You Give A Nickname To? Pet 34 Friend 26 Child 23 Partner 12 Car 3
3 What Might A Kid Get In Trouble For Writing On? Wall 51 School Desk 30 Clothes 6 Skin 3 Car 3
If There Was A Gourmet Cafe For Dogs, Which Coffee Flavors Would Likely Be On The Menu? Beef 43 Milkbone 25 Bacon 13 Chicken 9 Cat 8
Name Something You Can Test In Store Before Buying Perfume TV Clothes/ Shoes Computer Cd
What Might A Child Bring To Summer Camp, In Case They Get Homesick Family Photo 36 Teddy Bear 28 Blanket 23 Pillow 6 Cell Phone 4
Name Something A Woman Might Take Home From Her Best Friend’s Wedding Bouquet 60 Cake 27 Man 4 Photos 3 Centerpiece 3
Name Something You Would See On Jerry Springer, But Not On Oprah Fighting 56 Nudity 22 Security 6 Jerry Springer 4 Chairs Thrown 3
3 Tell Me Something People Do With Horses, But No Other Farm Animals. Ride 54 Race 21 Brush Them 11 Train/Show Them 5 Change Shoes 3
Name A Johnny Depp Movie Everyone Has Seen Edward Scissorhand Pirates Of The Caribbean Sleepy Hollow Blow Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Name Something You Do At Work, Although You Know You’re Not Supposed To Use Cell Phone 35 Take Naps 19 Surf The Internet 17 Smoke 11 Chat Online 9
Name A Food That Dogs Love Just As Much As Humans Do.(Meat Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific) Steak 48 Chicken 14 Bread 13 Hamburger 13 Cheese 8
Name Something People Do At The Dinner Table, Even Though It’s Considered Bad Manners Burp 41 Elbows On Table 32 Talk With Full Mouth 18 Eat With Hands 3 Chew With Mouth Open 3
3 Which Of Your Family Members Is Hardest To Shop For Around The Holidays? Mom 36 Dad 24 Spouse 16 Grandparent 8 Child 5
3 If Your Work Wanted People To Stick Around The Office More, What Should They Bring In? Free Food 54 A TV Set 14 Alcohol 13 Music 9 Childcare 4
Name A Section Listed On Most Restaurant Menus Drinks Appetizers Dessert Entree Childrens Menu
Name Something That You Would Be Willing To Pay Twice As Much For At A Convenience Store Because You Need It Quickly. Milk 41 Cigarettes 22 Painkiller 14 Feminine Products 13 Chocolate 6
When Visiting Hometown, Place You Would Definately Visit Parents House Mall School Bar Church
Name Something Sold In Checkout Lines Gum Magazines Batteries Lottery Tickets Cigarettes
Name A Place That’s Meant For Kids, But Adults Love It Too Park Disney/ Theme Park Zoo Chuck E Cheese Circus
What Might A Woman Brag That Her Husband Is Better At Than Most? Kissing/ Intimacy 42 Cooking 23 Fixing Things 12 Making Money 7 Cleaning 6
Name Something People Do While Riding A Rollercoaster Scream 43 Raise Arms 32 Get Sick 13 Laugh 4 Close Their Eyes 4
3 Other Than Himself, Name Something A Man Cleans Before A Big Date (More Specific Than “House”). Car 45 Bathroom 22 Kitchen 19 Bedroom 6 Clothes 6
Name A Gift That Most Women Would Be Thrilled To Get For Christmas Jewelry 42 Car 21 Cash 19 Perfume 7 Clothes 5
Where Would You Look First If Your Child Was Lost In The Department Store? Toy Department Customer Service Candy Aisle Restroom Clothing Department
Name Something You Always Have With You So You Don’t Get Lost Map 58 Compass 17 Cell Phone 12 GPS 7 Co Pilot 3
Name Something You Might Pay Someone To Do While You’re Away On Vacation Care For Pets 28 House Sit 27 Water Plants 20 Babysit 15 Collect Mail 4
Name A Milestone For Most Teenagers Driver’s License 46 Graduation 34 First Kiss/ Date 7 Prom 6 College 4
What Can You Consult When Lost Map Gps Gas Station Police Compass
Name Something You Use At Least 20 Times A Day Phone Hands Bathroom Pen Computer
Name Something Form Home you Might Miss On Vacation. Pet 38 Bed 30 Family 11 TV 9 Computer 7
2 If Your Boss Finds You Sleeping On The Job, What Excuse Might You Give For Having Your Closed Eyes? Thinking/ Concentrating 53 Headache/ Allergies 24 Praying/ Meditating 8 Something In Eye 5 Contact Lens/ Dry Eyes 5
3 Name Something A Baby Does That Would Be Considered Flirting If An Adult Did It Blow Kisses 32 Smile 29 Bat Eyelashes 17 Giggle 13 Coo 7
We Asked 100 Women: Name Something You Like To See A man Do Because It Expresses His gentle Side. Cry 63 Open Door 15 cuddle 8 Play With Kids 4 Cook For Me 3
Name Something That’s Hard To Cook Well Without Burning Steak Eggs Toast Chicken Cookies
3 Other Than Academic Why Might A Teen Choose A Certain College? Sports Team 47 Location 28 Friends are Going 11 Party School 9 Cost Of Tuition 3
3 Name Something You Don’t Want The Person Next To You To Do While You’re Eating. Pass Gas 28 Sneeze 22 Smoke 19 Blow Nose 15 Cough 8
3 Name A Way That A Man’s Voice Might Change When Talking To His Love Interest. Deepens 31 Softer 31 Nervous Stutter 15 Higher Pitch 7 Crack 6
Activity Nursing Home Residents Look Forward To Bingo Visitors Playing Cards Meals Crafts
2 What Item Might A Person Who Can’t Cook Be Asked To Bring To Thanksgiving? Drinks 25 Salad 20 Dessert 20 Rolls 17 Cranberry Sauce 15
Name A Reason Why It’s Hard To Talk To An Attractive Person Shy Been Drinking Too Noisy Lots Of Competiton Crowded Room
Which Fears, Adult/ Childish Men Pretend Not To Do Dark Committment Rejection Heights Crying
What Would You Hear On The Radio That Would Make You Turn The Station? Commercial 34 News 26 Bad Songs 18 Static 17 Cursing 4
Name A Person In Your Life Dislike Partner Mom Friends Kids Sibling Dad
What Might Hypnotist Do To Prove You Are Hypnotized Bark Act Like Chicken Go To Sleep Sing Dance
3 We Asked 100 Women: Where Do You Wish Your Partner Was More Willing To Go With You? Shopping 45 Church 19 Movie Theatre 16 Salon/Spa 6 Dancing 3
3 Name Something You Might Do With Your Days Off Around Christmas? Shop 43 Sleep 35 Vacation 11 Cook 5 Decorate 4
Which Part Of Holiday Preparation Do You Always Put Off Til The Last Minute? Shopping 42 Cooking 22 Cleaning 19 Wrapping Gifts 8 Decorating 8
If Your Company Was Saving Money, Name Something That Might Not Be At The Holiday Party. Food 42 Alcohol 40 Gifts 9 Music 4 Decorations 3
When She’s Run Out Of Money, What Might A Gambler Put On The Table? Jewelry 43 Car Keys 19 Credit Card 14 Articles Of Clothing 8 Deed To House 6
Name Something Specific About Santa That Causes Children To Be Afraid Of Him At The Mall. Beard 49 Size 34 Hearty Laugh 8 Stranger 5 Deep Voice 3
3 Name A Reason Why Another Driver May Flash Their Headlights At You. Police Ahead 38 Driving Too Slow 23 Lights Off/On 20 Brights On 9 Deer/Animal In The Road 7
3 Name A Celebrity Who’s So Handsome He Could Make A Santa Suit Look Sexy. Brad Pitt 63 George Clooney 20 Tom Cruise 6 Will Smith 5 Denzel Washington 3
Name Something Dog Owner Wish Never Did Go To Bathroom Bark Bite Shed Dig
For What Occasion Did Your Partner Last Look Stunning? Wedding 61 Anniversary 18 Prom 6 Birthday Party 6 Dinner Date 3
What Might You Find Under Couch Cushion? Coins Food Remote Control Keys Dirt
Why Might You Regret Picking Up A Lost Dog? Fleas Bites Rabies Get Attacked Dirty
Name A Way To Avoid Spending A Lot On Christmas Gifts Homemade Sales Set A Budget Re-Gift Discount Stores
Name An Appliance You Have Only One Of. Toaster 27 Stove 24 Microwave 23 Refrigerator 16 Dishwasher 8
If You Lived In Soap Opera Land Drama Suspicious Deaths Love Affairs Weddings Divorce
Name Something People Are Often Chased By In Movies Monster 37 Cars 22 Cops 19 Bad Guys 10 Dogs 10
Name A Food Or Drink That You Smell Outside A Restaurant In The Morning Bacon 35 Coffee 35 Eggs 16 Bread 5 Doughnut 5
Something Teenagers Do That Makes Parents Angry Stay Out Late Talk Back Smoke Lie Drink
Name Something You Are Smarter About Now Than When You Were A Teenager Money Life Relationships Driving Drinking
If Money Isn’t An Object, Who Do People Hire To Help Make Their Life Easier? Maid Chef Butler Nanny Driver
3 Name A Reason You Might Be Driving More Cautiously Than Normal. Rain 35 Children On Board 24 Snow 15 Accident Ahead 13 Driver’s Test 9
3 Name A Slow-Moving Vehicle That You Hate To Get Stuck Behind Bus 34 Semi Truck 26 Tractor 23 Garbage Truck 6 Dump Truck 4
Name Something Specific That Women Wear That Hurts Girdle Bra High Heels Thong Earrings
What Do New Parents Wish Baby Learn Quickly Potty Train Walk Talk Sleep Eat
3 Name Something You Shouldn’t Do After Getting A Manicure Wash Hands 30 Wash Dishes 19 Drive 17 Touch Anything 17 Eat 15
Name Something You Can Get In Extra Large T-Shirt 54 Fries 18 Pizza 13 Soda 9 Eggs 5
Name An Expense That Goes Up In The Month Of December Grocery Bill Gift/ Shopping Budget Travel Expenses Heating Bill Electric Bill
1 Name Something A Bad Golfer Often Runs Out Of Golf Balls 40 Tees 24 Patience 21 Clubs 11 Energy 3
3 Name Someone In A Man’s Life Who You’D Want To Meet Before Marrying Him Parents Kids Best Friend Sublings Ex
3 Name Something People Do Before Bed That Makes It Hard To Sleep. Eat 46 Drink Coffee 32 Watch TV 9 Shower 6 Exercise 5
Name Something About Grandmas Looks That Could Be Fake Teeth Hair Chest Eyelashes Eyebrows
Name Something On Your Body That You Want To Be Shiny. Hair 39 Teeth 22 Nails 17 Lips 8 Eyes 6
Name A Way You Know Your Teacher Is Having A Bad Day. Yells A Lot 36 Grumpy 22 Extra Homework 19 Gives Punishments 16 Facial Expression 3
3 Name A Job In Which You’d Stand In One Place All Day Store Clerk 56 Bank Teller 19 Security Guard 11 Toll Collecter 6 Factory Worker 5
3 Name A Reason You May Get A Tattoo Removed. Ex’s Name 46 It’s Ugly 20 Got Old 15 Occupation 12 Faded 7
3 Name A Place Where People Get New Recipes Internet 35 Cookbook 27 TV 24 Friends 7 Family Recipe 4
3 Name A Big Expense That Some Parents Plan For Years In Advance. Child’s Education 41 Child’s Wedding 18 Retirement 13 Buying A House 13 Family Vacation 12
3 Name Something Specific A Waiter Would Do To Get Good Tips Smile 37 Be Friendly 28 Return Often 12 Flirt 12 Fast Service 6
Name A Reason Why You Might Skip Lunch. Not Hungry 45 Too Busy 16 On A Diet 12 Work/Meeting 10 Feeling Sick 5
Name Something Specific England People Eat Kiss Smoke Spit Pick Nose Fight
Why Might A Waiter Say He Had Bad Day? No Tips Rude Customers Spill/ Drop Food Busy Fired
What Should A Man Dress As If He Wants To Get A Lot Of Dates On Halloween? Hustler 31 Dracula 30 Prince 13 Superman 12 Firefighter 10
Name A Feature Of Most Parade That Scare Children Clowns Sirens Masks Gunshots Fireworks
Best Food To Go Out For On Friday Night Pizza Wings Steak Chinese Fish
Name An Occupation In Which You Might Be In A New City Every Night Pilot 47 Salesperson 17 Musician 10 Truck Driver 8 Flight Attendant 7
Name A Weather Condition You Hate To Drive In Snow 46 Rain 26 Icy Roads 9 Sleet/ Hail 8 Fog 5
3 Name Something Most Families Talk About When They Get Together. Work 28 Family Members 26 School 22 Old Times 11 Food 10
Name A Job You Might Have If You Worked At Disneyworld. Costume Character 35 Ride Operator 26 Stage Performer 14 Ticket Seller/Taker 10 Food Vendor 8
Name A Game Adults Play At A BBQ Party Poker 31 Horseshoes 31 Volleyball 11 Baseball 8 Football 7
Name The High School Subject You Use Least Often Today Advanced Math 39 Science 21 History 15 Art 10 Foreign Language 6
3 Name Something A Kid Might Do To Get Out Of Participating In Gym Class Fake Sick 48 Get Injured 19 Doctor’s Note 9 Skip Class 8 Forget Gym Clothes 5
Name Someone Who Make Money Off Of Giving Advice Lawyer Therapist Doctor Financial Planner Fortune Teller
3 Name Something Very Old That You Find At Many Museums. Dinosaur Bones 41 Mummy 25 Paintings 20 Statues 6 Fossils 6
Other Than Christmas, Name An Occasion For Which People Decorate Their Houses. Halloween 43 Easter 16 Thanksgiving 14 Birthday 9 Fourth Of July 7
3 Name A Word That Means “Stop.” Halt 43 Quit 23 No 14 Pause 9 Freeze 8
Name A Specific Reason Co-Worker Drinks After Work Hard Day Birthday Promotion Date Friday
Before 21, A Place A Young Person Could Hang On Friday Night Mall Movie Skating Rink Bowling Alley Friends House
Name Something Children Often Catch Illness 54 Ball 17 Bugs/ Butterflies 16 Fish 8 Frogs 3
Which Imagninary Holiday Character Would You Least Like To Have On Your Relay Race Team? Santa Claus 39 Easter Bunny 27 Grinch 12 Ebenezer Scrooge 9 Frosty 5
What Do A Lot Of People Eat On Christmas Turkey 39 Ham 31 Cookies 13 Candy 7 Fruitcake 3
Name Something In Your House That Has To Be Changed From Time To Time. Sheets 41 Light Bulb 30 Air Filter 7 Batteries 7 Furniture/Decor 6
Two-Word Phrase That Starts With Secret Service Agent Admirer Santa Garden
3 Why Might You Fly Home For The Holidays, Instead Of Driving? Faster 55 Distance 14 Avoid Traffic 13 Road Conditions 9 Gas Prices 6
3 Name Something You Wouldn’t Want Your Kid Bringing Home From School. Lice 31 Bad Grades 24 Drugs 21 Illness 7 Germs 6
Which Activity Can A Mother Do With Daughter Not With Sons Shopping Makeup Dress Up Manicure Get Hair Done
Which Part Of Your Morning Routine Won’t Leave Home Without Doing Brush Teeth Shower Makeup Fixing Hair Getting Dressed
Name something you might be scared of while camping. Bears Snakes Bugs Dark Ghost
3 When Sitting Next To Someone She Likes, Name Something A Woman Does To Flirt. Smile 39 Wink 23 Chat Them Up 11 Play With Hair 10 Giggle 7
Name A Type Of Lawn Ornament Pink Flamingo Statue Bird Bath Flower Pot Gnome
Name Something Many People Would Be Sacred To Do Alone At Night Walk Home 47 Sleep 35 Drive 7 Watch Scary Movie 5 Go For A Jog 4
Name Something You Do Same Time Every Day Eat Meals Wake Up/ Sleep Brush Teeth Shower Go To Work/ School
3 Name A Time When A Wife Often Chooses Her Husband’s Clothes For Him. Wedding 41 Worship Service 26 Party 15 Work/Interview 6 Going For Dinner 5
Christmas Gift You Would Have Hard Time Wrapping Car Bike Ball TV Golf Clubs
What Do Soap Opera Characters And Wealthy People Have In Common? Money Dramatic Lives Big Houses Nice Clothes Good Looks
Name A Word For Someone Who Never Does Anything Wrong Perfectionist 34 Saint 25 Angel 21 Do Gooder 10 Goody Two Shoes 8
Name A Reason Someone Might Chop Up His Credit Card Maxed Out Expired Paid It Off Fraud Got A New One
Name a Place Where Youd Least Expect to See a Superhero. Jail 27 Place Of Worship 25 Mall 19 Bar 19 Grocery Store 8
If You Lived With A Bodybuilder, Name A Word You’d Often Hear Around The House Diet 27 Muscle 26 Protein 15 Weights 14 Gym 9
3 Other Than Clothes, Name Something A Kid Might Outgrow Toys 48 Bed 28 Hairstyle 13 Bike 5 Habits 5
Name The Important Firsts That People Record About A Baby. Word 41 Steps 31 Tooth 16 Smile 8 Haircut 3
3 Other Thank Family And Friends, Name A Person You Give A Gift Or Tip To During The Holidays Coworker 50 Mail Carrier 28 Teacher 11 Newspaper Delivery 6 Hairdresser 3
3 Name Something You Eat That Can Be Described As Juicy. Orange 56 Peach 14 Steak 14 Apple 12 Hamburger 3
If There Were No Clean Plates, What Might You Eat Over? Napkin 35 Sink 25 Table 15 Bowl 13 Hand 7
Name A Body Part That Swells On A Pregnant Woman Feet 35 Belly 33 Ankles 18 Face 3 Hands 3
Which Musical Instrument Least Expect In A Country Music Band Flute Tuba Electric Guitar Saxaphone Harp
Name An Article Of Clothing Women Think Men Look Handsome Suit Tie Shorts Blue Jeans Hat
3 We Asked 100 Women: If You’re Underdressed For A Party, What Can You Put On Quickly To Look Dressed Up? Jewelry 33 Make Up 31 Jacket 15 Scarf 8 Heels 8
Name A One Word Term People Use Playing Cards Deal Fold Pass Uno Hit
3 Name Something A Guy Might Do When He’s With His Girlfriend That His Buddies Might Tease Him About. Kissing 25 Holding Hands 23 Crying At A Movie 21 Go Shopping 16 Hold Door Open 11
Other Than “Christmas”, Name A Word That’s In Almost Every Christmas Song Merry 39 Santa 22 Snow 17 Bells 9 Holiday 6
What Complaints Do People Make About The Christmas Holiday? Expense 27 Nosey/Pesky Relatives 24 Traffic/Traveling 20 Crowds 13 Holiday Food 10
Name A Place That Has Internet Now But Not Long Ago Library Hotel Cafe Fast Food Home
3 Where Do You Hear Christmas Songs Throughout December? Store 51 Radio 31 Place Of Worship 8 TV 6 Home 3
1 Name A Reason Why You Might Not Get A Good Night’S Sleep While Staying At Someone Else’S House Not Your Own Bed 52 Noisy House 17 Host Has Pets 10 House Is Unfamiliar 9 Homesick 7
Name Something Babysitter Hopes Kids Will Be Doing Sleeping Behaving Playing Games Watch TV Homework
Name Something That’s Sticky Gum Glue Tape Syrup Honey
Give A Nickname For A Spouse That Is Also A Dessert Cupcake Cookie (Sweetie) Pie Muffin Honey Bun
3 Name Something That People Believe Will Tell You A Lot About A Person Eyes 51 Clothes 16 Hands 12 Smile 11 Horoscope Sign 4
Name A Piece Of Information You’d Include In Personals Ad Age Height Marital Status Weight Horoscope Sign
3 Name A Place Where It’d Be Smart For A Lawyer To Advertise. Jail 35 Court 31 TV 11 Billboard 9 Hospital 7
Name Something Offered To First Class Airline Passesngers Alcohol Food Movies Pillows Hot Towel
If You Had To Be Locked Inside A Building For A Year, Which Place Would You Want It To Be? Shopping Center 31 Restaurant 26 Grocery Store 23 Home 12 Hotel 7
Word For Handsome Man You Would Feel Funny Saying Hunk Sexy Stud Cutie Hottie
Name Something Really Tall Person Has To Think Twice Before Buying Pants Car Shoes Bed House
3 Name A Reason You’d Stay Inside On A Saturday. Bad Weather 46 Sick 38 Tired 6 Watching TV 5 Housework 4
Tell Me Something You Might Lie To A Friend About. Age 30 Your Income 28 Weight 21 Who You’re Dating 13 How They Look 5
Name Something a Germ-O-Phobe Would Refuse To Do On A Date Kiss 51 Hold Hands 23 Shake Hands 13 Share a Drink 4 Hug 3
3 Name Something People Add To Their Tea. Sugar 57 Lemon 20 Milk 11 Honey 8 Ice 3
Place You Don’t Like To Set Foot If On A Diet Restaurant Bakery Candy Shop Scale Ice Cream Shop
Name Something People Should Never Leave House Without Keys Money Phone Clothes Id
3 What Might A Hitchhiker Take With Him, In Order To Seem Less Dangerous? Child 37 Puppy 36 Teddy Bear 8 Woman 3 ID 3
3 Name A Reason Why You Don’t Answer The Phone When You’re Home. Don’t Want To Talk 33 Sleeping 31 Busy 16 Telemarketer 7 In The Shower 7
Name A Reason Why A Child Might Not Want Long Hair Hot 38 Tangles 24 Looks Like A Girl 19 Hard To Wash 7 In Their Eyes 7
Other Than A Job Name Something For Which You Fill Out An Application. Credit Card 31 Loan 27 School 18 Housing Rental 14 Insurance 5
Name Name Something You Bring With You Everywhere Money Cell Phone ID| Keys Ipod
3 Unlike Age Or Weight, Name A Number That You’d Be Surprised For Someone To Offer Before A Blind Date. Phone Number 36 Income 26 Social Security 14 Past Lovers 8 IQ 3
3 Name Something In The House That You Shouldn’t Leave On When You Go Out. Lights 35 Oven 34 Coffeemaker 12 TV 5 Iron 3
3 Name A Language Spoken In Europe. French 49 English 21 Spanish 11 German 9 Italian 6
Name An Article Of Clothing That Children Are Always Losing Socks 47 Shoes 18 Gloves 15 Hat 9 Jacket 7
Name A Country Whose Food You Know Better Than Its Language Italy China Mexico France Japan
Name A Type Of Restaurant Might Not Be Able To Pronounce Anything On Menu French Chinese Italian Mexican Japanese
Tell Me A Food That People Often Slurp While Eating Soup 62 Spaghetti 27 Cereal 4 Ice Cream 3 Jell O 3
What Is The Best Gift For Your Boss To Give You Around The Holidays? Raise/Bonus 55 Days Off 22 Holiday Food 8 Gift Card 7 Jewelry 4
3 Name Something Many People Spend A Lot Of Money On, Just To Impress Others. Clothes 41 Car 40 House 10 Hair Cut 3 Jewelry 3
3 Name Something That A Las Vegas Entertainer’s Outfit Would Have Sewn On Sequins 52 Feathers 16 Name 11 Beads 9 Jewels 9
On His 18th Birthday, What Would A Mom Hate To Hear Her Son Say? “Mom, I’m_____” Moving Out 31 Getting Married 25 Going To Be A Dad 19 Dropping Out 10 Joining Military 5
3 Name A Profession That Would Help You Be Good At Solving Crossword Puzzles. Teacher 58 Writer 17 Librarian 13 Editor 8 Journalist 4
Name Something Cinderella Would Have A Hard Time Doing In Her Glass Slippers. Running 54 Tap Dancing 17 Walking 13 Mopping 7 Jumping 6
Name Something People Supposedly Do Differently Than Animals Eat 43 Walk 25 Communicate 19 Think 8 Keep Clean 3
What Could Your Computer Run Without, But It Would Be A Bummer Not To Have? Internet 31 Mouse 30 Printer 16 Speakers 12 Keyboard 8
In One Word, What’s The Best Thing About Being Married? Love Intimacy Companionship Money/ Security Kids
What Do You Check Before Going To Bed? Doors/ Locks Lights Alarm Clock Stove Kids
3 Instead Of “Courage” Or “A Brain”, What Quality Would You Ask The Wizard Of Oz For? Love 30 Strength 26 Beauty 24 Wisdom 12 Kindness 5
3 If An Alien Landed At Christmas Time, Name A Christmas Tradition That Would Be Hard To Explain. Santa 38 Wrap/Exchange Gifts 22 Tree In House 20 Caroling 8 Kiss Under Mistletoe 7
Name A City Were You Would Expect To Find Beautiful People Hollywood 30 New York 24 Miami 21 Paris 20 Las Vegas 4
Name Something About Wife Makes You Think She’s A Witch Has A Broom Nose She’s Magic Personality Laugh
3 Name A Professional You May Come In Contact With, But Should Never Flirt With. Cop 37 Boss 25 Teacher 14 Priest 9 Lawyer 8
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Not Ride Their Bike To Work Raining Dangerous Too Far Get Sweaty Lazy
Name A Fruit That You Squeeze To See If It’s Ripe. Orange 48 Peach 16 Melon 16 Tomato 9 Lemon 8
Before A Part-Time Job, Name A Way That Kids Earn Money. Chores 37 Babysitting 27 Paper Route 16 Mow Lawns 14 Lemonade Stand 4
Name A Print You’d Find On A Woman’s Dress, But Not On A Country’s Flag. Floral 43 Plaid 26 Polka Dots 17 Paisley 7 Leopard Print 5
Name Something A Parent Tells Their Teen, ” I Never Did At Your Age” Smoke 48 Drink 27 Date 6 Talk Back 4 Lie 3
3 Name A Board Game That Takes A Long Time To Play. Monopoly 42 Chess 19 Scrabble 15 Risk 10 Life 9
What Might Kid Forget To Bring To Pool That Would Keep Him From Swimming Swimsuit Floaties Towel Goggles Life Jacket
Name Something That Comes With A Drink Of A Fancy Cocktail Olive Umbrella Cherry Lemon Lime
3 Tell Me Something You Feel Before You Buy It. Fruit/Vegetables 44 Clothes 23 Bread 13 Pillow 11 Linens 7
What Do You Do When You Want To Sing Along With A Song, But Don’t Know The Words? Hum 66 Mumble 18 Pretend To Know 6 Whistle 4 Lip Sync 4
3 Name Something You Wish Your Kids Would Do Without Having To Be Told Twice. Clean 54 Homework 14 Go To Bed 13 Brush Teeth 11 Listen 5
3 Name Something People Do In December In Order To Get In The Holiday Spirit Decorate 55 Buy Gifts 26 Sing Carols 7 Put Up Tree 6 Listen To Music 5
3 Why Might You Leave A Restaurant Before Even Eating There? Dirty 42 Bad Service 35 Crowded 9 Bugs Bunny 8 Long Wait 4
3 Which Trait Of A Good Teacher Would Also Be Important For A Good Con Man? Smart 54 Outgoing 17 Convincing 12 Trusted 7 Looks Professional 7
Name Something That Gets Picked Up Kids Girls Mess Trash Mail
Name An Occupation That Might Get Tired Of Wearing The Same Thing Every Day Nurse 33 Doctor 26 Police Officer 21 Food Server 13 Mail Carrier 4
Name Someone Who Might Ask For Your Signature Bank Fan Cashier Lawyer Mail Carrier
Tell Me Something Specific That A Barber Must Get Sick Of Doing Cutting Hair 46 Shaving 25 Sweeping 12 Standing 7 Making Conversation 7
Extracurricular Activity Parent Says Is Good For Child Sports Music Dance Class Theatre Martial Arts
If You Order Pasta At A Restaurant, What You Assume Come With Sauce Bread Salad Grated Cheese Meatballs
3 Which Actor Do You Think Gets The Most Love Letters? Brad Pitt 57 Tom Cruise 13 Geoge Clooney 12 Zac Efron 4 Mel Gibson 4
Name Something At The Playground Wish Adult Size Slide Swings Monkey Bar See Saw Merry Go Round
Name A Celebrity Who You’re Pretty Sure Has Had Plastic Surgery Joan Rivers 34 Pamela Anderson 29 Cher 12 Dolly Parton 10 Michael Jackson 9
Which Famous Painter Would You Ask To Paint Your Portrait? Picasso 49 Van Gogh 15 Da Vinci 12 Monet 12 Michaelangelo 10
Name Something You Wouldn’t Leave In You Car On A Hot Day Dog 31 Child 24 Chocolate 18 Ice Cream 18 Milk 6
Name A Kind Of Drink You Wouldn’t Want To Have Spilled On You. Wine 36 Coffee 35 Beer 13 Juice 8 Milk 5
Name A Good Day Job For A Body Builder Personal Trainer 42 Construction 19 Bouncer 13 Lifeguard 9 Model 6
Name Something Las Vegas Has More Of Than The Average City Casinos Bright Lights Beautiful Women Night Life Money
Name Something Found In Las Vegas That You’d Like To See More Of In Your Home Town Casinos 60 Bright Lights 18 Beautiful Women 8 Night Life 7 Money 5
Tell Me An Animal You Associate With India Elephant 43 Camel 22 Tiger 19 Cow 9 Monkey 4
Name Something A Devoted Cheerleader Would Know About Her School Team Name Mascot Colors Fight Song Motto
Name Something Smoker May Do Before Going In For A Kiss Mint Spray Chew Gum Brush Teeth Mouthwash
Name A Place Where Many People Go Once A Week Church Grocery Store Gym Bank Movie Theater
3 Name A Place Where There’S Often A Line For The Women’S Restroom Bar 29 Concert 26 Mall 19 Restaurant 13 Movie Theatre 11
Name Something Dogs Hate Owners To Put On Them Leash Collar Clothes Flea Spray Muzzle
3 Name Something That Grows Without Being Watered. Hair 28 Weeds 25 Cactus 19 People 17 Nails 3
Name Something Some Women Wear Very Short Skirt Shorts Hair Shirt Nails
What Do People Use To Keep Their Place In A Book If They Don’t Have A Bookmark? Paper 55 Fold Page 18 Pen 13 Card 8 Napkin 4
Name Someone You Would Hate To Get Fender Bender With Police Mom Kids Lawyer Neighbor
3 If Santa Showed Up At Your Work Holiday Party, What Might Your Co-Workers Request For Christmas? Bonus 38 Raise 25 Car 11 Time Off 10 New Boss 5
3 Name Something A Boy Scout Wouldn’T Need To Start A Fire, But You Do Matches 46 Lighter 25 Gasoline 12 Kindling 11 Newspaper 4
Name a Situation When It’s Better To Ride A Bike Than Take A Taxi Traffic Jam 69 No Money 12 Want Exercise 7 Short Distance 5 Nice Weather 4
Name An Article Of Clothing That Only A Neat-Freak Would Iron Underwear 47 Socks 29 Jeans 14 Tie 5 Nightgown 3
3 Name A Reason Why Someone Might Make Fun Of Your Dance Moves They’re Jealous 25 Don’t Know Steps 25 Old Fashioned Moves 22 Clumsy/Tripping 17 No Rhythm 8
Name Something Specific A Person May Change In Order To Become A Celebrity Body 32 Name 29 Hair 15 Attitude 10 Nose 6
Tell Me Something Specific You Hate About Going To The Dentist Drill 59 Waiting 13 Bill 8 Shots 8 Numb Mouth/ Novacaine 7
Name Something Women Wear That Becomes Uncomfortable After A While Brassiere 50 High Heels 21 Underwear 15 Girdle 9 Nylons 3
Name A Musical Instrument Made Out Of Wood Guitar 30 Violin 26 Flute/Pipe 18 Clarinet 8 Oboe 5
Name An Excuse People Give For Not Eating Healthy No Time 55 Lazy 18 Too Expensive 11 Taste 7 Only Live Once 5
3 Name A Place Where The Average Person Wouldn’t Last A Day Jail 43 Desert 24 Military 13 Frozen Tundra 11 Outer Space 6
Besides A Horse, Which Animal Is Used For Transportation Mule Camel Dog Elephant Ox
Name something a fast food restaurant has that a fancy restaurant would never have. Burger and Fries Drive Thru Disposable Cup/Fork Ketchup Packets Paper Napkins
3 Tell Me An Activity You Might Do To Prove You Aren’t Afraid Of Heights Sky Dive 43 Bungee Jump 26 Rock Climb 12 Climb A Ladder 6 Paraglide 5
3 Name Something A Soldier Took To The First Day Of Kindergarten, That They Wouldn’t Take To Their First Day Of Training. Blankey 36 Crayons 21 Lunchbox 15 Teddy Bear 12 Parent 10
Name Something First Time Parent Has To Do Before Baby Is Born Buy Crib Buy Clothes Buy Diapers Baby Shower Parenting Classes
3 Name Someone Who Children Believe In. Santa Claus 50 God 27 Tooth Fairy 10 Easter Bunny 6 Parents 5
Name Something A Couple Worry Less Of After Children Money Intimacy Time Privacy Partner’s Love
Name Something You Might Skip When You Are Sick Work Meals Bathing Working Out Party
Name Something A Woman Should Know A Man Before Marrying Him Income 39 Age 26 Does He Have Kids 12 His Name 8 Past Relationships 5
3 Name Something On The Menu That A Restaurant Might Guarantee Nobody Can Finish. Steak 63 Burger 16 Pizza 9 Ribs 4 Pasta 3
Button On TV Remote Husband Will Wear Out Channel Volume Mute On Pause
Name Something You Avoid Doing Though You Feel Better After It’s Done. Cleaning 52 Exercise 15 Shower 13 Laundry 10 Pay Bills 4
3 Name Something Specific You Almost Always Eat Out Of A Bag. Chips 68 Popcorn 18 French Fries 5 Candy 5 Peanuts 3
Name A Gift That Adults Often Give To Each Other, That Would Be Weird To Give A Kid Flowers 32 Alcohol 24 Money 18 Jewelry 17 Perfume 6
3 Name Something You Might See A Lifeguard Carrying Whistle 33 Life Preserver 28 Towel 15 Surfboard 11 Person 3
Name Something You’d Be Shocked To See Falling From The Sky Plane 29 Falling Star 24 Money 22 UFO 7 Person 5
3 Other Than Presents, What Might You Find Under A Christmas Tree? Tree Skirt 31 Fallen Ornaments 21 Train 20 Needles 14 Pet 11
3 Name Something From Her Childhood That A Woman Might Keep Forever. Doll/ Teddy Bear 52 Diary 17 Pictures 13 Security Blanket 11 Piece Of Jewelry 5
Name A Term That You’d Look Like A Fool For Not Knowing While Bowling Strike 69 Spare 8 Turkey 8 Gutter Ball 6 Pin 5
Name Something You See On A Christmas Wreath Bow 34 Holly/ Berries 32 Lights 14 Bells 12 Pine Cones 5
Name A Food Parents Are Afraid To Give Their Children Due To Its Messiness Pasta 38 Ice Cream 28 Chocolate/ Desserts 22 Sloppy Joe 5 Pizza 4
Name Something You’d Sneak Into A Movie Theater To Avoid To Keep From Buying It At The Concession Stand. Candy Popcorn Chips Soda Pizza
Name A Place Where People Hope Not To Have A Baby Seated Near Them. Airplanes 39 Movies 23 Restaurant 17 Bus 8 Place Of Worship 8
Name An Activity You Turn The Lamp On For Read Write Tv Puzzle Play Cards
3 Tell Me Something You Do When You Stay Up Late At Night. Watch TV/ Movie 58 Read 16 Snack 14 Drink 7 Play Computer Games 3
Name A Reason Why A Person Might Prefer To Own A Dog Over A Cat. Protection 54 Loyality 14 Cat Allergies 11 Friendlier 9 Playful 9
3 Name A Specific Object On Which You Might See The Word “Caution.” Road Sign 51 Yellow Tape 20 Wet Floor Sign 10 Hot Drink 15 Poisonous Substance 4
Name A Topic Shouldn’t Bring Up In A Job Interview Family Yourself Money Last Job Politics
Fruit That Is Hard To Break Into Pineapple Coconut Watermelon Cantaloupe Pomegranite
Which Bad Work Trait Would Be Hard To Detect While Interviewing Someone? Laziness 43 Lateness 27 Lying 11 Stealing 5 Poor Attendance 5
3 Name Someone Famous Who Wore A Cape, But Was Not A Superhero. Dracula 51 Zorro 28 Elvis Presley 7 Sherlock Holmes 7 Pope 5
What Do Teenagers Do With Their Families At The Christmas Holiday That They Probably Would Be Embarassed To Have Known? Sing Carols 36 Show Affection 25 Dance 18 Play Family Games 17 Pose For Pictures 3
Name Something Given To Both Spoiled Dogs And Spoiled Children Treats 50 Toys 33 Attention 5 Clothes 4 Praise 3
1 Name A Job That A Man May Have That Makes Him A Sex Symbol Even Into Old Age Actor 39 Model 23 Dancer 16 Firefighter 4 President 6
Name An Occupation Not For Partner Too Stressful Police Doctor Lawyer Teacher President
Name A Salty Food That’s Hard To Stop Eating Once You Start. Potato Chips 46 Peanuts 20 Popcorn 15 French Fries 8 Pretzels 8
Name Something That Would Keep You From Restaurant If It Was Bad Food Service Bugs Sanitary Condition Price
What Would You Prefer To Have Less Of Bills Fat Stress Work Problems
Name A Way tourists Get Around In A Big City. Tour bus 44 Taxi 23 On foot 18 Bilkes 10 Public Transportation 3
3 What Might You Do At A Party, That You’d Regret The Next Day? Drink Too Much 48 Kiss Someone 31 Dance All Night 4 Get Naked 3 Put Foot In Mouth 3
Another Phrase To Say “Stop Bothering Me” Leave Me Alone Go Away Bug Off Get Lost Quit It
Where Might A Child Be Sent If Misbehaving In School Principal Detention Time Out Home Reform School
Name A Reason Why You Might Get Introduced Many People At Once Party Wedding New Job Famous Reunion
Circus Performer That Would Have Easiest Time Getting Dates Clown Lion Tamer Acrobat Strong Man Ringmaster
Name Something Kids Do With Bad Test Papers Throw Away 43 Hide Them 5 Burn Them 5 Change Grade 5 Rip Them 3
Being In Hot Water Is One Way Of Saying You’re In Trouble, Name Another. In The Doghouse 30 On Thin Ice 28 In A Pickle 15 Burned Your Bridges 11 River Without Paddle 11
Tell Me A Symbol Used To Represent Love Heart 59 Cupid 17 Kiss 6 Ring 5 Rose 4
If You Were Married To A Pirate, What Might You Often Receive For A Gift? Gold Coins 47 Jewelry 16 Parrot 14 Eye Patch 11 Rum 9
3 What Would You Hate To Have Happen When Driving Home In A Brand New Car? Accident 45 Break Down 25 Flat Tire 18 Rain 6 Run Out Of Gas 4
Job That Requires You To Talk All Day Long Telemarketer Receptionist Teacher Customer Service Salesperson
Name An Ingredient That Cookies Would Taste Terrible If You Forgot To Add. Sugar 56 Flour 24 Eggs 7 Butter 5 Salt 3
Name A Food That Has Layers Cake Lasagna Onion Pizza Sandwich
What Song Do You Think Santa Claus Has As His Cell Phone Ringtone? Jingle Bells 60 Santa Claus Is Coming 14 Rudolph 9 Here Comes Santa Claus 8 Santa Baby 3
Name A Way To Get Down From A Tall Building Jump 32 Elevator 28 Ladder 19 Stairs 8 Scale It 6
Name A Place Where You Might End Up Dancing With Stranger Bar Wedding Concert Party School Dance
Name A Place Where You Hate To See Litter Park 68 Beach 11 Roadside 8 Yard 7 Schoolyard 3
Name A Place You Hate To See Litter. Park 68 Beach 11 Roadside 8 Yard 7 Schoolyard 3
3 Name Something That Gets Activated By Water Soap 40 Yeast 26 Coffee/ Tea 13 Kool Aid 8 Sea Monkeys 5
3 Name An Animal You Would Find In The Ocean But Not In A Pond. Shark 44 Whale 24 Dolphin 16 Octopus 7 Seal 6
Name Something You Would Have To Be Without When Cops Pull Over License Registration Insurance Cell Phone Seat Belt
Name An Occupation Where You Could Get Away With Reading On The Job Librarian 59 Writer/ Editor 13 Teacher 13 Secretary 6 Security Guard 5
On a game show, name something a Host must do. Make conversation 37 Ask Questions 29 Smile 23 Introduce Teams 4 Sense of Humor 3
Tell Me Something Your Teenager Washes Less Often Than You Clothes Hair Dishes Car Sheets
3 Besides Gamble, Name Something People Do In Las Vegas Drink 37 Get Married 28 Eat 16 See Shows 9 Shop 7
Habit Impossible To Hide From Spouse Smoking Drinking Biting Nails Gambling Shopping
Name A Specific Reason You’d Get Fired From Your Job As A Zookeeper Free Animals 31 Don’t Feed Animals 30 Animal Cruelty 13 Sleep On Job 12 Show Up Late 11
2 Name A Reason You Might Skip Lunch Not Hungry 45 Too Busy 16 On A Diet 12 Work/Meeting 10 Sick 5
Somethng Babies Are Born With Little Or None Of Hair Teeth Knowledge Money Sight
3 Name Something You Can’t Do While You’re In The Dentist’s Chair. Talking 56 Eat 19 move 10 Sleep 8 Sing 6
3 Name Something You Can Do During A Car Trip That You Can’t Do During A Plane Ride. Pit Stop 45 Smoke 23 Drive 10 Talk On Phone 8 Sing 8
3 At A Rock Concert, Name Something People Do When A Song Is Over. Clap 47 Scream 29 Go Home 12 Call For Encore 6 Sit Down 4
Name A Reason Why Your Kid’s Teacher Might Call From School Sick 51 Bad Behavior 17 Bad Grades 13 Fight 11 Skipping Class 6
Name Something In Nature That You Wouldn’t Want To Cuddle Up Next To Bear 43 Snake 16 Porcupine 13 Cactus 10 Skunk 5
Name An Animal That Has A Unique Pattern To Their Fur/ Hide Zebra Tiger Cheetah Leopard Skunk
Name Something Kids Do With Snow, But Their Parents Don’t. Eat It 34 Throw Snowballs 21 Make Snow Angels 16 Build Snowmen 15 Sled In It 9
Name Something People Do To Pass Time On Long Road Trip Sing Read Talk Listen To Music Sleep
Name Something A Camper Does That He Wouldn’t Do At Home Light Fire Use Latrine Hike Sing Campfire Songs Sleep In Tent
1 What Would You Be Surprised A Car Navigation System Advise You To Do Speed Stop The Car Go The Wrong Way Crash Slow Down
Name Something You Hope Your Friend Doesn’t Do Housesitting Party Steal Use Your Clothes Make A Mess Smoke
Tell Me Something Kids Fight Over On A Long Car Ride Toys 46 Radio 23 Space 18 Window Seat 7 Snack 4
Animal A Two Timing Boyfriend Gets Compared To Dog Pig Rat Weasel Snake
3 Name Something You Do Constantly When You Have A Cold. Sneeze 42 Cough 30 Blow Nose 14 Sleep 5 Sniffle 4
3 Name Something Deep Sea Divers Wear, That You’d Look Silly Wearing In The Pool. Flippers 48 Oxygen Tank 33 Mask 8 Wet Suit 7 Snorkle 3
3 Name An Article Of Clothing That Makes You Feel You Can’t Move Coat 27 Jeans 26 Girdle 18 Tights 9 Snowsuit 6
Name Something Around The House That Your Family Members Use The Last Off, And Don’t Replace Toilet Paper Milk Tissue Toothpaste Soap
3 Name Something People Often Buy In Large Quantities At The Department Store. Toilet Paper 35 Socks 35 Food 12 Soap 7 Soda 4
Where Do You Think It’s Appropriate For Men To Go Shirtless? Beach House Gym Front Yard Spa
Name A Country That Is Known For Its Spicy Food Mexico India Italy Thailand Spain
Why Would Someone Like Star Wars, But Not Star Trek? Characters 40 More Action 27 Light Sabers 13 Prefer Movies 11 Special Effects 7
What Might You See In A Personals Ad That Makes You Think It Was Placed By A Barbie Doll? Lookin For My Ken 30 Plastic 27 Blonde Hair 15 Measurements 10 Spelling Errors 9
Name Something A Customer Might Do To Annoy A Waitress. Send Food Back 40 Not Tip 35 Flirt 6 Snap Fingers 5 Spill Drinks 4
Name A Place Where You Hate To Save Seats For People Movie Theater Public Transit Place Of Worship Concert Sporting Event
Where Might A Man Take You On A First Date That Would Keep Him From Getting A Second Date? Bar 33 Strip Club 28 Fast Food resteraunt 17 Zoo 12 Sports Game 5
3 Tell Me An Excuse You’d Use To Avoid Singing At A Karaoke Club. Sore Throat/Sick 49 Can’t Sing 24 Lost Voice 13 Too Much Too Drink 7 Stage Fright 5
3 Name Something A Mom Might Make Her Daughter Wait Til She’s 12 Years Old To Do. Wear Makeup 28 Shave 25 Pierce Ears 23 Cook 10 Stay Home Alone 3
Name A Food That’s Associated With Romance. Chocolate 42 Strawberries 30 Oysters 12 Spaghetti 8 Steak 5
3 Name A Hidden Cost When Buying A Car. Title 38 Interest 22 Tax 20 Air Conditioner 8 Stereo 7
Name An Item That Usually Comes With A Lot Of Packaging In The Box. Glass/Dishes 43 TV 33 Computer 10 Toys 6 Stereo 5
Without Yelling, How Does A Mime Defend His Position In An Argument? Gesture 45 Point Finger 26 Facial Expression 13 Battle 5 Stomp 4
Name A Substance Of Which Animals Make Home Of Twigs Mud Leaves Grass Straw
3 Name A Common Sickness That Kids Seem To Get More Often Than Adults Cold 32 Flu 30 Chicken Pox 28 Ear Infection 5 Strep Throat 3
Name Something That Will Make A Person Age Faster. Smoking 44 Sunbathing 23 Drinking 16 Lack Of Sleep 8 Stress 5
People Find Hard To Do When There Is Loud Noise Sleep Read Concentrate Talk Study
3 What Might You Do In Your Sleep That Someone Else Would Find Cute? Talk 55 Snore 25 Smile 8 Drool 7 Suck Thumb 3
Name Something That Stars Do During A Divorce That You Wouldn’t Do. Fight 28 Party 28 Date Right Away 18 Go Public 5 Sue For Large Sums 5
What You Would Need To Dress As John Lennon Glasses Long Hair Guitar Hippie Clothes Suit
Name Something People Use To Wake Them Up Phone Dog Radio Rooster Sun
Name Something A Diver Might Look For Underwater Marine Animals Treasure Shells Missing Person Sunken Ship
Name Something A Diver Might Look For Underwater Marine Animals 52 Treasure 22 Shells 10 Missing Person 8 Sunken Ship 5
Which Article Of Clothing Do You Suspect Every Farmer Owns? Overalls 53 Cowboy Hat 16 Blue Jeans 13 Boots 8 Suspenders 7
What Is A Bad Habit A Little Kid Would Have Pick Nose Suck Thumb Bite Nails Lying Swearing
3 Name A Sports Uniform That Many Men Look Sexy in. Baseball 33 Football 30 Soccer 11 Basketball 8 Swimwear 6
Name Name Something A Kid Would Look For In A New House Swimming Pool Backyard Big Bedroom Own Bathroom Swing
Which Circus Or Sideshow Performer Had Better Have A Good Insurance Policy? Lion Tamer 42 Trapeze Artist 17 Tightrope Walker 13 Fire Eater 9 Sword Swallower 8
Name An Action Movie Star Does No Stunts Tom Cruise Brad Pitt Bruce Willis Will Smith Sylvester Stallone
3 Name A Class Offered At Gyms Now That Wasn’t Offered 20 Years Ago Yoga 44 Spinning 28 Pilates 18 Dance Workout 6 Tae Bo 3
Tell Me A Popular Type Of Homemade Candy Served During The Holidays Fudge 44 Chocolates 21 Peanut Brittle 14 Toffee 9 Taffy 7
3 Name Something Skydivers Do Before Jumping Out Of The Airplane Pray 67 Check Parachute 12 Scream 9 Close Eyes 5 Take A Deep Breath 4
3 Name Something You Might Stop To Do When Driving Across The Country. Eat 27 Rest Stop 24 Fill Up Gas 21 Ask Directions 12 Take Pictures 12
Name A Chore You Get Out Of If It Rains Mowing Lawn Washing Car Gardening Raking Taking Out Trash
Name Something Women Do More Of In Relationships Cook House Chores Show Affection Show Emotion Talk
How Can You Tell The Person You’re Talking To Is Not Interested In Listening? Not Looking At You 41 Yawning 30 Fall Asleep 16 Rolling Eyes 6 Talking to Someone Else 5
How Can You Tell That Somebody Just Got Back From A Camping Trip? Dirty 58 Carrying Gear 15 Tired 9 Bug Bites 8 Tanned 5
Name Something You Would Do To See If Fruit Was Ripe Squeeze Smell Cut Open Feel It Taste It
Name Something That Happens To Most People, But Not To Santa Claus. Death 41 Get Old 33 Traffic Problems 11 Weight Loss 5 Taxation 3
Other Than Alcohol, Name Beverage Kids Drink Less Than Adults Water Coffee Soda Milk Tea
3 Name A Piece Of Information Listed On A Baseball Scoreboard. Score 57 Runs 17 Outs 10 Inning 7 Teams 6
Some People Name That Isn’t Alive Car Rock Plant Boat Teddy Bear
3 Name A Complaint A Costumer Might Have About Their Hotel Room Dirty 34 Noise 28 No Towels 16 Smell 14 Temperature 3
3 Which Show Might You See A Man On That Would Cause You To Cancel Your Date With Him Immediately? Cops 31 Cheaters 27 America’s Most Wanted 21 Jerry Springer 13 The Bachelor 5
Name Something That Parents Are Always Telling Their kids To Clean. Their Rooms 49 Their Teeth 17 Their Hands 13 Behind Their ears 10 Their Plates 8
Name A Good Place To Put Your Hands While Kissing Someone. Their face 27 Around Their Neck 19 Their Hips 16 Their Back 16 Their Shoulders 9
Name Someone Other Than Family And Friends That You Would Confide In Pastor 45 Teacher 26 Doctor 9 Co Worker 7 Therapist 5
3 Why Might A Person Drink Tea Instead Of Coffee? Less Caffeine 52 Taste 21 Healthier 10 Have A Cold 8 They’re English 5
2 Name A Children’s character who’s associated with being small. Tiny Tim 33 Tinkerbell 20 Tom Thumb 19 Stuart Little 15 Thumbelina 4
3 Name Something People Wear That Only Comes In One Size. Hat 38 Glasses 22 Scarf 12 Gloves 10 Tie 8
What Item That You Wear Year-Round Gets Exceptionally Gaudy During The Holidays? Sweater 32 Hat 28 Socks 21 Earrings 11 Tie/Scarf 5
Name Something That Makes Loud Sound When It Pops Balloon Popcorn Gun Gum Tire
Tell Me A Body Part Strong As Arnold Schwarenegger Tongue Brain Heart Finger Toe
Flavor Found In Candy And Coffee Vanilla Chocolate Caramel Mint Toffee
Name A Reason Kids Give For Not Liking School Homework Boring Teacher Bullies Too Hard
3 Name A Reason A Couple Might Not Want To Have Kids. Expensive 35 Too Old 25 Focus On Career 14 Not Married 14 Too Young 10
3 Tell Me Something You Use At Work Everyday, But Would Hate To Have To Use On Vacation Computer 50 Phone 27 Ax 6 Calculator 3 Tools 3
Name A Reason Why Somebody Would Be Underground Dead Mining Subway Hiding Tornado
What Is Something Your Spouse Does To Prevent You From Sleeping? Snore 45 Talk 30 Snuggle 17 Watch TV 4 Toss And Turn 3
3 Name Something Cats Can Chase All Day. Mice 35 Tail 23 Ball Of Yarn 11 Birds 9 Toys 8
Which Kind Of Pants Are Best To Wear When You’re Planning To Overeat At Thanksgiving? Sweat Pants 38 Stretch Pants 35 Jeans 18 Overalls 3 Track Pants 3
Name A Small Space Where You Feel Compelled To Make Small Talk With A Stranger. Elevator 37 Airplane 31 Restroom 16 Waiting Room 9 Train Station 5
Name Something Parents Wouldn’t Want To Find Under Their Child’s Bed Magazines 62 Moldy Food 24 Dirty Clothes 5 Boogieman 4 Trash 3
Name Something That You Would Find Washed Up On A Beach. Shells 37 Whale 27 Message In A Bottle 16 Seaweed 11 Trash 4
3 Name Something You See In Someone’s Yard As A Holiday Decoration. Lights 35 Santa 28 Snowman 17 Reindeer 10 Tree 7
3 Tell Me Something Spies Wear To Disguise Their Identity. Sunglasses 38 Mask 27 Wig 27 Facial Hair 4 Trench Coat 3
Name A Game That A Barfly Would Be A Little Too Good At Darts 57 Billiards 18 Poker 8 Foosball 4 Trivia 3
Name A Type Of Tv Show Wouldn’t Want Grandma On Talk Reality Dating Romantic Drama True Crime
3 Name Something A Couple Starts Fighting About Once They Move In Together. Money 41 Space 38 Cleaning 7 Bathroom 7 TV 4
Name Something In Your Life You Want Bigger House Bank Account Muscles Car TV
Tell Me Something You Often See For Sale Classified Section Cars Houses Pets Furniture TVs
Cowboy Might Do To Catch Woman’s Eye Tip Hat Lasso Skills Ride Horse Wink Two Step
3 At A Public Pool, What Might You Pay Extra To Rent? Locker 35 Towel 26 Chair 16 Inner Tube/Float 12 Umbrella 9
Name A Place Where You’d Hid Mess Company Coming Closet Bedroom Cupboard Under Rug Under Couch
Name Something People Do To Save Energy Around The House Turn Off Lights 55 Set Thermostat Low 23 Use Less A/C 9 Efficient Bulbs 4 Unplug Electronics 3
Name A Magazine Or Tabloid Headlines You Don’t Always Believe Star National Enquirer People Globe Us Weekly
Tell Me Worst Way To Be Woken Up Scream Splash Water Shake Jump On Bed Use Alarm
What Might A Shopaholic Do At The Store To Prevent Overspending Leave Store 32 Carry No Money 26 Cash Not Credit 26 Set A Budget 6 Use Coupons 6
3 Tell Me The Worst Way For Someone To Wake You Up. Scream 39 Splash With Water 37 Shake You 10 Jump On Bed 6 Use The Alarm 5
Name A Day When Kids Get A Lot Of Candy Halloween 64 Easter 13 Christmas 5 Birthday 5 Valentine’s Day 3
3 Name Something Fierce Animals Have That Makes Them Threatening. Sharp Teeth 50 Claws 18 Roar 14 Horns 5 Venom 5
Tell Me A Type Of Character That Appears In Fairy Tales Fairy Princess Witch Prince Villain
Which Instrument Might You Be Playing Wait For Part To Come Drum Flute Cymbals Triangle Violin
Name A Type Of Insurance That Employers Don’t Provide Auto Dental Life Home Vision
What Do Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, And The Tooth Fairy Have In Common? Some Don’t Believe 33 Special Occasions 26 Bring Gifts 18 Kids Love Them 13 Visit At Night 3
When It’s Cold Outside, Name Something You Dream About Doing On A Sunny Beach Tanning 43 Swimming 25 Tropical Drinks 9 Picnic 8 Volleyball 5
3 Name An Activity That’s Often Described In Christmas Songs, Tho People Seldom Do It In Real Life. Carol 35 Deck The Halls 24 Sleigh Ride 18 Roast Chestnuts 16 Walk/Play In Snow 6
When Your Husband Gets Home After A Long Day Work, Ready To Do? Sleep Eat Relax Shower Watch TV
2 What Might A Woman Have To Do In Order To Become A Supermodel? Diet 53 Exercise 15 Plastic Surgery 12 Get Head Shots 6 Wear Stylish Clothes 4
3 Name An Occasion For Which Men Buy Gifts For Their Wives. Anniversary 46 Birthday 30 Valentine’s Day 7 Christmas 4 Wedding 3
Name A Place Where You’d Be Mortified If Your Cell Phone Went Off. Church 39 Funeral 37 Movies 7 Job Interview 4 Wedding 4
3 Name Something Moms Warn Their Children Will Make Them Catch A Cold. Not Wearing Jacket 34 Germs 26 Not Wearing Shoes 15 No Hat 7 Wet Head 5
Name An Animal That Stays With One Partner Penguin Human Bird Wolf Whale
1 Name The First Thing You’D Say To The Other Driver After A Fender Bender Sorry 56 Are You Ok? 23 Have Insurance? 10 Curse Word 5 What Were You Doing? 4
Name A Term For “Little Boy” That Old Person Might Use Lad Sonny Youngin Kiddo Whippersnapper
3 Name A Physical Characteristic A Store Might Look At When Hiring A Santa Big Belly 48 Facial Hair 35 Age 6 Jolly Face 5 White Hair 3
Name A Piece Of Paper You Were Nervous To Sign Marriage License Employment Contract Mortgage Loan Divorce Will
Name Something You Change On Or In Your Car Oil 45 Tires 25 Radio Station 11 Brake Pads 6 Windshield Wipers 4
3 At A Bar, How Can You Tell That Someone Is Interested In You? Buys you a drink Smiles Stares Makes Eye Contact Winks
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Cowboy John Wayne 39 Roy Rogers 18 Billy The Kid 12 Lone Ranger 10 Woody 9
Where Might A Pet Lover Think Their Dog Should Be Allowed? Store 33 Restaurant 18 Park 16 Hotel 12 Work 9
3 Name A Place Where You Get Antsy From Sitting Too Long. Church 44 School 19 Movie Theatre 12 Waiting Room 8 Work/Meeting 7
3 Name Something Specific That A Superhero Would Be Useless Without. Flying 53 Costume 25 Super Strength 6 Sidekick 5 X Ray Vision 4
Where Do You Get Your Christmas Tree From Each Year? Store 34 Woods 33 Tree Lot 11 Tree Farm 8 Attic 5
What Might Someone Use While Cutting Their Own Hair? Scissors 48 Mirror 24 Clippers 10 Comb 7 Bowl 3
2 Name Something You Do While Waiting In Line Read 33 Talk On Cellphone 23 Hum/Whistle 17 Think 7 Complain 6
2 Name Something New Parents Have To Agree On Before their Baby Is born Name 52 Religion 29 Room Color 8 Childcare 5 Discipline 3
2 Name A Place It Would Be Strange To Go If You Didn’t Have Kids Park/Playground 33 Chuck E Cheese 22 Zoo 14 School/Daycare 12 Disney/Amusement Park 12
If Money Isn’t An Object, Who Do People Hire To Help Make Their Lives Easier? Maid 55 Chef 20 Butler 10 Nanny 7 Driver 3
What Do Most People Hope To Accomplish By The Time They Are 30? Pursue A Career 36 Get Married 28 Have Kids 12 Buy A House 9 Finish College 9
Name An Occupation In Which You Might Be In A New City Every Night. Pilot 47 Salesperson 17 Musician 10 Truck Driver 8 Flight Attendant 7
What Do People Miss About Their Youth? Energy 29 Looks 28 Fun 19 Going To School 12 Freedom 10
Name Something People Compete Over. Dates 33 Sports 31 Money 13 Jobs 10 Games 4
Which Sports Are More Popular In America Than In Other Countries? Football 65 Baseball 17 Basketball 7 Hockey 5 Golf 3
2 Name A Reason Why You Might Want To Hide From Someone At Work Don’t Like Them 39 Late 29 Owe Them Money 19 It’s Your Ex 8 In Trouble 4
Name Something Some Pets Wear, Although It’s Usually Only Worn By Humans. Sweater 39 Shirt 25 Coat 14 Shoes 8 Jewelry 4
Name Something You’d Hate To Lose At The Airport. Luggage 36 Boarding Pass 21 ID/Passport 17 Money 13 Kids 4
Name Something That’s Hard To Get Over. Breakup 44 Death 35 Fence 8 Virus 7 Mountain 5
Which Characteristics Would Make Dracula Sound Attractive In A Personal’s Ad? Dark Hair 42 Tall 28 Well Dressed 9 Accent 7 Mysterious 4
How Can You Tell Somebody Is Angry At You From Their Text Messages? All Caps 68 Exclamation Points 12 Swearing 7 Angry Face 6 No Response 5
What Do Roommates Fight About Most Often? Bills 34 Cleaning 28 Food 19 Bathroom 5 Noise 3
If You Could Choose, What Would Be An Ideal Place To Meet Your Future Mate? Place Of Worship 38 Shopping Center 21 Park 15 Work 12 Party 5
If A Man Is Trying To Get A Date With A Woman, What Might He Do In Order To Woo Her? Send Flowers 42 Buy Her A Drink 16 Compliment Her 16 Flirt 12 Pickup Line 9
Other Than Working, Name Something You Could Stop Doing If You Became A Millionaire. Cleaning 38 Driving 29 Cooking 19 Worrying 9 Saving 3
Name A State That Many People Live In When They Retire. Florida 49 California 19 Arizona 18 Hawaii 6 Texas 6
Name Something A Restaurant Owner Would Hate To Tell Customers They’ve Run Out Of Food 50 Coffee 24 Space 12 Alcohol 7 The Special 6
2 Name Something People Take lots Of Photos Of During A Vacation. Be Specific. Themselves 42 Oceans 24 Tall Buildings 11 Landmarks 7 Trees 4
Name Something You Can Do On Even The Oldest Of Computers. Word Processing 36 E Mail 20 Print 16 Play Solitaire 14 Use Calculator 11
What Name Would You Give Your Daughter If You Wanted To Name Her After A Queen? Elizabeth 56 Victoria 14 Mary 12 Cleopatra 5 Anne 4
Name A Job You Would Only Do At Night. Night Watch 48 Bartender 16 Entertainer 14 Janitor 12 Bouncer 7
Name Something You Use To Bake A Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin 44 Oven 23 Pie Pan 12 Spices 8 Evaporated Milk 3
Name A Reason Why A Boss Calls An Employee Into His Office. Getting Let Go 44 Promotion/Raise 34 Lateness 13 Warning/Reprimand 4 Have A Meeting 3
Name A Place That Almost No parent Would Forbid Their Child From Going. School Place Of Worship Park Library Bed
If A Woman Had A Mid-Life Crisis, What Might She Do? Buy New Car 45 Have An Affair 21 Plastic Surgery 17 Shopping Spree 8 Cut/Dye Hair 8
Name A Place Where It Would Be Strange To Go If You Didn’t Have Kids. Park/ Playground 33 Chuck E Cheese 22 Zoo 14 School/ Daycare 12 Disney/ Amusement Park 12
Name Something Cheesy People Do In Family Portraits. Wide Smile 42 Bunny Ears 25 Make Faces 11 Pose 5 Dress Alike 3
Name Something A Young Man Would Not Want To Talk To A Girlfriend’s Father About. Relationship 34 Marriage 31 Money 15 Ex Girlfriends 7 Maternity 6
Name A Kind Of Pants You Can’t Wear To Work. Jeans 61 Sweats 22 Leather 6 Stretch Pants 5 Pajama Pants 3
Name A Fast Food Restaurant People Would Recognize By Their Sign. McDonalds 39 Burger King 25 Taco Bell 14 KFC 11 Pizza Hut 5
When A Kid Says “I’M Bored”, Name Something A Parent Often Suggests. Read A Book Go Out Side Clean Finish Homework Play Game
Other Than Love, Name Something That “Money Can’t Buy”. Happiness 38 Health 22 Friendship 14 Family 8 Time 7
Name a question Your Server Usually Asks At Least At A Restaurant. Ready To Order Is Everything OK Want A Refill Need Anything Else Want The Bill
2 how Many Hours Of Sleep Does The average person Need In Oder To Wake Up Refreshed? 8 47 7 18 6 17 10 3 9 3
1 Name Something That Happens To An Old Person’s Body, That You’d Be Surprised To Hear A teen Complaining About Wrinkles 50 Arthritis 25 Gray Hair 8 Sagging 8 Back Ache 7
1 Name A recreational Activity Traditionally Don In Hot Weather Swimming 44 Baseball 18 Volleyball 17 Surfing 11 Boating 7
Name A Messy Food You Can tell A Kid Has Been Eating Spaghetti 30 Ice Cream 28 Chocolate 23 Pizza 10 Cake 6
3 How can You Tell The Show You’re watching Is Made Fore Kids? Cartoon Songs Puppets Rating Commercials
2 Name Something Dog Owners Probably Wish Their Dogs Never Did Go To The Bathroom 56 Bark 27 Bite 5 Shed 3 Dig Holes 3
Name something That People Blow Up. Balloon Bombs Fireworks Bubble Gum Doll
Name Something That Can Make You Sick On A Long Car Ride Reading Bumps Speed Curves Eating Too Much
Name something A House Needs In Order To Be Considered A Mansion Lots Of rooms 33 Pool 28 staff 22 Elevator 8 Gate 4
Name Something You Do While Watching A Scary Movie At Home, That You Can’t Do In A Theatre Scream Hide Under Blanket Cry Turn It Off Go To Another Room
Name Something In The Kitchen That Makes A Huge Mess If It’s Spilled Milk 39 Juice / Kool Aid 17 Flour 15 Cooking Oil 12 Grease 8
Name A Topic Most Men Can’t Stand, But Women Could Discuss For Hours Shopping 44 clothes 19 Soap Operas 14 Men 11 Hair 7
Instead Of A veil, What type Of Headwear Would You Be Surprise To See On A Bride’s Head? Crowne 45 Beanie 28 Baseball Cap 9 Cowboy 8 Helmet 7
If Your blind date walked In And You Didn’t Feel A Spark, What Would YOu Do? Sneak Out 42 Finish The date 23 Make Up An Excuse 18 Be Honest 10 Hide 3
Name A Kids Toy Your Parent’s Might Have Played With Thats still Around Barbie Doll 45 Yo Yo 15 Baby Doll 15 Top 11 Hula Hoop 9
Name Something That’s Usually Fruit-Flavored Gum/Candy 44 Juice 22 Jell O 10 Soda 6 Ice Cream 5
Name Something A Rich Woman Might Have. Diamonds Fur Coat Mansion Nice Car Maid
Name Something People Put On Their Salad To Make It Taste Better. Dressing Cheese Salt/Pepper Croutons Meat
Name Something Babies Need A Lot Of. Milk Love Attention Diapers Sleep
Name Something You Can’t Do In A Home Gym Thant You Can Do In A Real Gym Swim 40 Run Track 33 Sauna 8 Lift Weights 6 Socialize 5
2 Name Something A Kid Picks Up From School Germs/Sickness 61 Homework 16 Lice 11 Bad Habits 6 Swears 3
3 What Are The Most Common Terms Of Endearment Used When A Person Is Talking To Their Partner Honey 36 Love 20 Baby 18 Dear 7 Sweetheart 5
2 Name A Place You’d Get A Dirty Look For Falling Asleep Place Of Worship 47 Work 25 School 18 Public Transit 4 Theater 3
2 Name A Time You Shouldn’t Send A text Message To Your Love Interest At Work 41 Midnight 22 While Driving 13 Mad 12 When Drinking 10
Tell Me The Age That Most People Want To Live Until. 100 51 80 21 90 15 75 5 70 5
Name A Time When You Should Not Send A Text Message To Your Love Interest. At Work 41 Midnight 22 While Driving 13 When Mad 12 After Drinking 10
What Do People Bring Back As A Souvenir From Disneyworld? Mouse Ears 41 T Shirt 30 Keychain 9 Stuffed Animal/ Doll 8 Autograph 4
If You Lived In Soap Opera Land, Name Something That Would Happen A Lot More Often. Drama/ Fights 25 Suspicious Deaths 20 Love Affairs 20 Romance/ Weddings 12 Break Ups/ Divorce 10
What do many people do on the day after thanksgiving. Shop Sleep Eat Leftovers Watch Football Clean Up
Name Something Runners Do Right After They Finish A Marathon. Drink Water 63 Rest 12 Celebrate 9 Walk Around 5 Eat 3
Name A Type Of Crisis That Usually Happens At Least Once In An Action Movie. Violent Crime 38 Explosion/ Fire 20 Kidnapping 16 Car Crash/ Chase 13 Fight 8
Name Something A Girl In A Pageant Would Know How To Do, But Most Little Girls Wouldn’t. ID 49 Hair 19 Name 18 Facial Hair 10 Glasses 3
Name A Topic Most Men Can’t Stand, But Many Women Could Discuss For Hours. Shopping 44 Clothes 19 Soap Operas 14 Men 11 Hair 7
Name something special a restaurant might do on certain nights in order to draw in customers? Food Discounts 49 Happy Hour 19 Kids Eat Free 11 Buffet 4 Life Music 3
Name A Reason Why A Man Might Not Want His Wife To Have A Girl’s Night Out. Jealous 57 Drinking 21 No Dinner 11 Has To Watch Kids 3 Lonely 3
Name A Shakespeare Character Who Most People Have Heard Of. Romeo 56 Hamlet 20 Juliet 15 Macbeth 3 Othello 3
Name A Halloween Costume People Wear If They Don’t Want To Go All Out Ghost 50 Witch 36 Pumpkin 5 Vampire 4 Pajamas 3
Why Might Someone Prefer Online Dating Over Meeting In A Bar? They’re Shy 46 Not Just About Looks 17 It’s Safer 12 Convenience 11 People Are Sober 5
Who Or What Might Enter A House Without Using The Front Door? Burglar 35 Pet 29 Santa Claus 18 Kid/ Teen 10 Police Officer 5
Name Something That people Do That Distracts Them While Driving. Talk On Cell Phone Eat/Drink Adjust Radio Smoke Put on Makeup
Name Something Moms Are Desperate For. Money 31 Sleep 25 Free Time 14 Help 11 Quiet 9
Name Something You’re Supposed To Do With Both Hands, But People Often Use Just One. Drive 49 Eat 24 Type 17 Clap 5 Ride A Bike 3
Name Something Your Grandma Might Repair When It Gets Old, But You Just Buy A New One. Car 30 TV 26 Socks 21 Sweater 14 Shoes 5
Tell Me Something A Child Might Complain About On A Road Trip. Sitting Too Long 36 Need A Bathroom 30 Hungry 22 Bored 6 Temperature 4
2 Name Something You’d Put In A Breakfast Buritto Eggs 44 Cheese 25 Meat 12 Beans 10 Tomato/Salsa 7
We Asked 100 Women:Which Accessory Or Piece Of Clothing Do You Buy Most Often? Shoes 49 Shirt 14 Jewelery 12 Bra 9 Underware 7
Name A Complaint People Have About Late-night TV Boring Too Late Commercials Bad Language Adult Content
2 If You Could Choose Your Neighbors, Which Traits Would You Look For? Quiet 40 Friendly 36 Trustworthy 9 Clean 8 Attractive 3
Name something from an art class that young children might take a taste of. Glue/Paste Paint Clay Crayon Chalk
2 Name Something You Spend Less Time Doing When You’re On Vacation Working 37 Sleeping 28 Worrying 21 Watching TV 6 Cleaning/Cooking 6
2 Name An Activity That Boys Do In A Tree House Play Cards 31 Comic Books 24 Smoke 14 Talk About Girls 11 Eat Snacks 5
Name The Sexiest Piece Of Clothing That A Woman Can Wear In Public Skirt Swim Suit High Heels Shorts Jeans
Name A Reason You Look Bad When You Have A Cold Red Nose Puffy Eyes Pale No Sleep Messy Hair
Name Something A Woman Treats Better Than Her Husband Pet Kids Car Hair Shoes
2 What Do You Think A High School Mascot Wears Under His Costume? Nothing 48 Shorts 21 Underwear 21 Tights 5 T Shirt 3
2 Besides Watching It, Name Something people Do In Front Of The Television Eat 48 Sleep 23 Exersice 11 Games 5 Talk 4
Name Something Specific About Your Parenting That Your Mother-In-Law Thinks You Should Do Differently Discipline Children’s Eating Children’s Dress Bed Time Teach Manners
2 Name Something Adults Always Ask Kids About School Have Homework? 36 How Are Your grades? 32 How Was Your Day? 18 What Did You Learn? 6 When Is Your Test? 3
Name A Sport You Can’t Compete In While Wearing Shoes Swimming Gymnastics Hockey Martial Arts Beach Volleyball
Name A Hobby You Associate With Macho Men Weightlifting Wrestling Football Cars Boxing
2 Name A Muscle That A Body Builder Would Show Off Upper Arm 40 Chest 27 Stomach 20 Calf 6 Butt 3
2 What Are The Most Popular Types Of Flowers Used In A Wedding Roses 44 Tulips 23 Lilies 18 Carnations 11 Daisies 3
Name A Common Pet That Would Be Weird To Actually Pet Snake Fish Lizzard Bird Frog
On Family Fued, Name Something The Host Asks Players About Family Job Name Age Hometown
2 Name Someone Specific Who You wouldn’t Want Viewing Your Facebook Page Parent 44 Boss 31 Ex 17 partner 4 Kids 3
Why Wouldn’t You Want To be Bothered While On The Computer Working Playing A Game Chatting/Email Studying Looking For Love
2 if A Mouse Pad Were A Place Where Bachelor Mice Lived, What Would You Likely Find Inside Cheese Bar 63 Beer 18 Dirty Clothes 6 Female Mice 3 Mini TV 3
2 Name The Age At Which People Stop Borrowing Money From Their Parents 35 27 25 24 21 21 18 16 Never 10
Name A Household Chore You Do While Sitting Dusting 33 Folding Laundry 32 Ironing 17 Mending Clothes 10 Paying Bills 5
2 Name An Animal That’s Black-And-White Zebra 51 Skunk 17 Panda Bear 13 Cow 4 Penguin 3
2 Name Something A Cowboy Probably Leaves At Home For A Job Interview 10 Gallon Hat 39 Gun 25 Horse 24 Boots 7 Rope 3
Name A way To Travel For Free Walk Hitchhike Bike Airline Miles Stowaway
2 Name Something Both A Logger And A Rock Star Wear Boots 50 Hat 24 Jeans 10 Flannel Shirt 6 SunGlasses 6
Name A Type Of Poster A 13-Year-Old Boy Might Have On His
Movie/TV Star 20 Their Favorite Band 14 Sports 12 Pro Wrestling 7 Superhero 4
Name Something You Always Bring Along For A Day Of Fishing Pole Bait Lunch Beer Tackle Box
Name A Type Of TV Show That You Wouldn’t Want To See Your Grandma On Reality TV Dating Show Talk Show Romantic Drama True Crime
Name A Talk Show You Might Go On To Tell About Your Disaster Wedding Oprah Jerry Springer Maury Dr Phil Tyra Banks
2 Name An Occasion That Dracula Is Almost Always dressed For Halloween 54 Funeral 18 Formal Dinner 16 Costume Ball 5 Wedding 5
2 Name Something In Your car That Can Be turned On And Off Radio 26 Engine 24 Lights 22 Heater/Ac 12 Wipers 5
2 Name Something That gets fueled Car 57 Planae 25 Fire 7 Anger/Temper 5 Body 3
2 Name A type Of Work Vehicle That’s Often seen As A Children’s Toy Dump Truck 43 Fire Engine 34 Tractor 10 Police Car 6 Bull Dozer 3
Name Something That You’ve Never Seen In Real Life, But You See At Least 3 Of In Every Action Movie GUN EXPLOSION MONSTER ALIEN CAR CHASE
1 Name A reason You Might Be Less Productive Then Usual At Work Tired 40 Sick 25 Hung Over 12 Stressed 6 Computer Trouble 3
What Should A Clown Avoid Wearing When Not On Duty RED NOSE WIG BIG SHOES MAKEUP COSTUME
2 Name Something A Parent Might Put A Lock Or Gate On Once Their Baby Learns to walk stairs 40 Door 26 Swimming Pool 11 Cabinets 10 Crib 6
Name Something Many Parents Want Their Kids Home At A Certain Time For. Dinner Bedtime Homework Chores Curfew
2 Name Something Kids Start To Care More About Once They’re Teenagers Looks 38 Clothes 23 Dating 13 Money 12 Driving 5
2 Name something Specific A Married Couple Might Take Turns Doing Dishes 42 Cooking 27 Laundry 10 Watching Kids 8 Driving 4
2 Other Than Gambling, What Do Casinos Have Inside To Get Customers To Stick Around Cocktails 45 Food 33 Bright Lights 6 Beautiful Women 6 Entertainment 4
3 Name something Many Women Regularly Buy For Their Husbands, But Men Don’t Buy For Their Wives ( More specific Then Clothes) Underwear 38 Socks 26 Cologne 15 Tools 12 Groceries 8
If Your Taking A Hawaiian Vacation, Name Something You’d Need To Buy Before You Go SUNSCREEN TICKETS NEW CLOTHES SWIMSUIT GUIDE BOOK
2 Name Something You’re Better Off Spending A Little More On, So It Lasts Longer Car 44 Clothes 29 TV 15 House 7 Haircut 3
What Type Of Pet Might A Person Have If They Live In A Small Apartment CAT FISH BIRD DOG HAMSTER
2 Name A Place You Would’t Want To Be Alone At Night Alley 37 Graveyard 16 Woods 16 Park 16 Home 12
2 Name A Word that people Yell At The TV While watching A Football Game Go 39 Run 25 Touchdown 13 Foul 5 Idiot 3
What Do You Do To Help Out The Less Fortunate At The
Give Money 44 Donate Canned Goods 24 Serve Meals 12 Donate Toys 8 Invite To Dinner 4
1 Name Something You’d Expect To Pay For At Disneyland Food 38 Admissions 28 Souvenirs 6 Toys 5 Parking 2
2 Name Something That Can Be Easily Be turned Off Lights 45 TV 36 Oven Radio 6 Radio 6 Partner 5
Name Something Kids Must Be Forced To Do, But Adults Love
Sleep Eat Take A bath Read
2 Name A reason Why A Dog Barks Stranger At Door 43 Hungry 18 Sees A Cat 16 Hears A Loud Noise 10 Sees Another Dog 7
2 What Might You See On The Side Of The Road Roadkill 40 Garbage 16 Hitchhiker 14 Trees 13 Sign 8
What Does A human Have That A Robot Doesn’t Heart Brain Blood Emotions Skin/Hair
2 Tell Me A Reason You Like To Shop On Line Easy 35 Cheaper 27 No lines 18 Faster 10 Stay At HOme 6
1 When Shopping For A New Pair Of Jeans, Name Something that Never Fits Quite Right Waiste 34 Length 28 Backside 20 Hips 7 Thighs 6
2 Name Something Every College Freshmen Will Spend Money On Books 41 Food 21 Beer 17 Computer 8 Tuition 3
2 Name A Household Chore That You Do Less Frequently Because It’s Barely Noticeable When It’s Done Dust 39 vacuum 25 Sweep 13 Mop 1 Wipe Windows 10
2 What occupation Might Someone Have That Makes You Think They’d Have A Flair For Romance Wedding Planner 19 Match Maker 18 Actor 16 Dancer 16 Writer 15
Name Something That would Keep You From Sleeping On An Airplane Noisy Kids Bad Weather Baby Crying Knees In The Back ??
Besides Food, What Else Do You Buy At A Supermarket Magazines Detergent Toilet Paper Newspaper ??
2 If There Was No Speed Limit, How Fast Would You Drive On The Way To Work each Morning (Round To Ten)? 100MPH 30 80 MPH 29 70 MPH 19 90 MPH 11 60 MPH 8
Name Something That Makes A Startling Sound CAR HORN 43 GUN SHOT 18 THUNDER 17 SIREN 12 ALARM 7
2 Name A Place Where It’s Okay To Be Loud Concert 48 Outdoors 16 Bar 14 party 11 Athletic Event 9
2 Name Something Naughty That A Grandpa Might Secretly Let His grandson get Away With Looking At girls 26 Sipping Beer 22 Eating Sweets 21 Staying Up Late 20 Bad Language 8
Name Something You Use To Cover Up Bad Smells In Your House Air Freshener 48 Candles 38 Perfume 6 Incense 3 Baking Soda 3
Name Something A Man Might Do In The Beginning Of A Relationship That He Won”t Do After About A Year BUY FLOWERS 47 OPEN DOORS 29 KISS 9 HOLD HANDS 7 BE NICE 5
Name A Celebrity Who Sells Products On Infomercials Suzanne Somers George Foreman Dionne Warwick Linda Evans Billy Blanks
2 Name A Reason You May leave A Blind Date Without Saying Goodbye Not Attracted 35 Rude 29 No Sparks 16 Bad Breath 14 Boring 4
Tell Me Something A Woman Might Do To Spoil Herself (More Specific Than “Spa” Shopping Cart 38 Manicure 24 Hair Salon 20 Massage 11 Bubble Bath 6
Name A Place Where You Can See Teachers Relaxing TEACHERS LOUNGE 58 BARTENDER 12 HOME 9 LIBRARY 8 CAFETERIA 6
Name A Place Where You Can See Teachers Relaxing Teachers Lounge Bar Homework Library Cafeteria
Name Things That Are Part Of The American Dream Money House Freedom Apple Pie Car
Which Part Of Hotel Room Furnishings Is Often Tacky Bedspread Curtains Couch Art Carpet
2 name Something restaurants Have In Them To Appear Fancier Table Linens 33 Fancy Food 28 Candles 20 Wine List 9 Chandelier 8
2 Tell Me A Food That Goes Great With Beer Pizza 40 Nuts 22 Pretzels 17 Chips 14 Chicken Wings 4
2 Who Would A Bride Not Want To Show Up Unannounced At Her Wedding? Ex 33 Enemy 22 Boss 16 Affair 12 Cops 4
Name A Card Or Board Game That Many Families Play Together Monopoly Scrabble Clue Spades Cranium
2 Name A Specific Task Restaurant Staff Does For You, That You’d Be Surprised To Get Charged Extra For Bring Water 51 Refill glasses 27 Serve Food 10 Clear Table 5 Dishes 5
2 Name Someone Who’s Known For Inventing Something Albert Einstein 32 Thomas Edison 32 Ben Franklin 18 Alexander Graham Bell 13 Eli Whitney 3
2 Name Someone You’d Hate To Show Up Late At Your Wedding Groom 36 Bride 35 Clergy 17 Best Man 6 Father 5
Tell Me Something Nerdy You Had In High School Photos But Not In Photos Today Glasses Braces Big Hair Acne Flashy Background
2 name Something Every Woman Should Take With Her On A Blind Date Cell Phone 44 Money 21 Mace 12 Own Transportation 4 Friend 4
2 Why Might A Bride Or Groom Back Out Of Wedding At The Last Minute Cold Feet 69 Cheating 13 Not In Love 9 Not Ready 4 Had A Fight 3
2 Name Something You Might bring Home With From The Mardigras Beads 53 Mask 24 Pictures 8 Food 7 Hangover 6
Name A Place On The Body That Women Tattoo But Men Usually Don’t Lower Back/Bottom Ankle Chest Foot Hip
Name Something A MAn Asks His Friends For A Second Opinion On His Live Life Buying A Car His Career His Outfit His Finances
2 Name Something A Lot Of Movie Stars Have More Than One Of Cars 65 Houses 12 Spouses 11 Affairs 5 Kids 4
Name Something Kids Are Afraid To Get From Their Teacher Bad Grade 43 Detention 25 Homework 17 Test 6 Letter Sent Home 6
2 Name One Word You’d See On The Cover Of A Women’s Magazine, But Probably Not On A Magazine For Men Sexy/Hot 33 Makeup 25 Diet 24 Fashion 8 Love 7
Name Something You Can Do With A Pumpkin Once Halloween Is Over Make Pie Smash It Throw It Away Toast Seeds Make Soup
2 Name Something People Use To Smell Good, But You Wouldn’t Use To Eliminate You Dog’s Odor Perfume 41 Deodorant 39 Lotion 9 After Shave 6 Mouth Wash 3
2 Name Something People Juggle Balls 38 Bowling Pins 23 Fruit 16 Job and Home/Duties 8 Multiple Dates 4
Name Something Every Newlywed Hopes Their Mother-In-Law Will Be Quiet 16 Good Cook 10 Not Nosey 8 Lives Far Away 5 Nice 5
Name Something Every Woman Should Take With Her On Blind Date Cell Phone Money Mace Friend Own Transportation
What One Thing Would You Most Hate To Forget To Pack On A Trip Clothes 34 Toothbrush 30 Money 21 Camera 9 Passport 4
2 Name Something About Peter Pan That Is Different From The Average Boy He Can Fly 65 Wears Tights 13 never grows Up 10 Small 3 Pointy Ears 3
What Is The Best Way To Spend A Snow Day Sleeping 41 Sledding 28 Skiing 16 Watching TV/Movies 6 Reading 6
Name Something Associated With Jimmy Carter President Peanuts Amy Carter Habitat For Humanity Roselyn Carter
Name Something Associated With The 50’s Hula Hoop Barbie Yo Yo Mr Potato Head Slinky
2 What Might You See In An Email That Would Make Yo Think A Teen Wrote It Internet Acronyms 41 Slang 31 Misspelling 13 Swearing 7 Smiley Face 5
2 Name something People Try To recite Lines From Movies 31 Poetry 22 Play 19 Religious Scripture 14 Songs 12
2 Name Something A Person trying To Quit Smoking Might Put In Their Mouth Chewing Gum 75 Candy 10 Pencil 4 Nicorette 4 Straw 2
2 Name Something In A Person’s House A Burglar Wouldn’t Want To Steal Pet 31 Food 21 Underwear 19 Laundry 16 Trash 11
Which Superhero Would You Trust To Babysit Your Children Batman Incredible Hulk Spider man Superman Wolverine
2 What Do cats Have the We Don’t Have? Tails 28 Claws 25 Fur 22 Paws 16 9 Lives 7
NameSomething Associated With Melanie Griffith Movies Actress Antonio Banderas Don Johnson Blonde Hair
Name Something Men Put In Their Shirt Pockets Pen/Pencil 59 Money 12 Handkerchief 6 Glasses 5 Cigarettes 5
What do you get at the dentist that makes going worthwhile Toothbrush Candy Sticker Laughing Gas Clean Teeth
Name Something You Might Do In Front Of A Doctor, But Not In Front Of Most People You’ve Just Met Undress 55 Cry 17 Discuss Heavy Issues 8 Stick Out Tongue 7 Cough 6
Tell Me Something That Many People Are Too Shy To Do In Front Of Others Kiss Sing Speak Try On Clothes Dance
Name Something A Gardener Does A Lot Of On The Job Cut Grass Watering Painting Pulling Weeds Digging
Name A Food kids Love To Eat For Breakfast Cereal Pop Tarts Waffles Pancakes Eggs
If You Want To Read A Book Without Paying For It, Where Might You Spend Too Much time Library Book Store School On Line Friend’s House
Besides Ice Cream And Popsicles, Name Something You Need To Be A Neighborhood Ice Cream Man Ice Cream Truck 59 Music 19 Cones 9 Freezer 8 Friendly Personality 5
While eating at a restaurant,name something the waitress comes back to the table to do Refill Drinks Take Order Clear Dishes Check On You Give The Bill
2 Tell Me A Name People Use To Describe Someone Who Talks To Much Babbermouth 39 Big Mouth 31 Motormouth 23 Chatterbox 4 Gossip 3
Name A Type Of Sandwich A Kid Might Take To School Peanut Butter/Jelly Cheese Bologna Salami Ham
Tell Me A Breakfast Item That Only Tastes Good If It’s Crispy Bacon 46 French Toast 29 Cereal 18 Waffles 3 Hash Browns 3
Name A Place On The Body That Women Tattoo, But Men Usually Don’t Lower Back/Bottom Ankle Chest Foot Hip
2 Name A Sport Where You Might See A Lot Of Athletes Football 61 Basketball 14 Baseball 11 Soccer 10 Hockey 2
Name Something For Which A Police Officer Might Give You A Ticket. Speeding 53 Parking 28 Running Red light 6 No Seatbelt 4 Jaywalking 3
Name something you associate with Richard Simmons Exercise Weight Loss Curly Hair Short Shorts Kissing People
Whats The Best Thing About Going To The Drive-In Kissing Stay In Car Privacy Big Screen No Standing In Line
2 Name A Halloween Costume You See On Babies, But Rarely See On Their Parents Pumkin 67 Bunny 12 Clown 6 Angel 5 Princess 4
Name something that people pitch Baseball Horseshoes Ideas Movie Sales Pitch
Name a beverage you can buy at a gas station Soda Water Alcohol Coffee Slurpee
What will a friend do while eating that would make you want to move to another table Smoke Burp Sneeze Mouth Open Smack
Tell Me Something You Avoid When You Are Sick Other People 34 Other People 29 Eating 25 Alcohol 5 Smoking 5
Tell me something on TV that people make predictions while watching Weather Sports Game Game Show Crime/Mystery Show Soap Opera
Name Something Parents Tell Their Kids To Do So They Don’t Get Sick During Flu Season Wash Hands Dress Warm Eat Vegies/Fruit Get Vaccine Take Vitamins
Living Or Dead, Name A Man Named Ted Ted Bundy Ted Kennedy Ted Turner Theodore Roosevelt Ted Koppel
Name Something Warn As A Part Of A Movie Theatre Uniform Hat Vest Name Tag Jacket Tie
Besides Food, Name Something You Buy At A Supermarket Magazines Greeting Cards Derergent Newspapers Toilet Paper
Name Something An Athlete Wouldn’t Do The Night Before A Big Game Drink Have Sex Stay Up Late Eat Too Much Tough Work Out
On A Dating Website, What Activity Do People Often List As A Pastime Reading 43 Sports 19 Dancing 14 Hiking 10 watching movies 5
Which Physical Characteristics Would Tell You That Someone Was Part Alien? Big Eyes 29 Green Skin 26 Big Head 18 Small/Pointy Ears 17 Antenna 7
Name An Occupation In Which People Often Use Their Middle Name Or Initial. Doctor 51 Lawyer 25 Actor 15 Politician 5 Author 4
Which Website Would You Go To First If You Want To Find Out More About Something Google 56 Yahoo 20 Wikipedia 10 Ask.com 8 Bing 3
Name Something Annoying That Cats Do. Meow 42 Scratch 41 Lick Themselves 8 Shed 4 Bite 3
Name Something Associated With Melanie Griffith. Movies 36 Actress 21 Antonio Banderas 20 Don Johnson 14 Blonde Hair 7
Name Something That Might Take Place In A Large Tent. Circus 51 Party 17 Wedding 14 Church 11 Camping 7
Name Something Associated With Garth Brooks Country Music Guitar Cowboy Cowboy Hat Country Accent
Name A Way People Choose The Lottery Numbers They Play. Birthdates 74 Quick Pick 10 Social Security 4 Random 4 Dreams 2
Name A Website Everyone Has Heard Of Google Facebook Yahoo Amazon Ebay
Name Something Some Siblings Have In Common That Others Don’t Parents Hair Eye Color Last Name Facial Features
Name Something A Bankrobber Wants To Get Rid Of Quickly, So It Isn’t Used As Evidence. Weapon 32 Mask 29 Car 15 Bags Of Money 13 Gloves 8
Tell Me Something A Wife Likes To Hear From Her Husband. I Love You 65 Compliments 23 Missed You 2 Want Breakfast In Bed 2 I Got A Raise 2
Name Something A Parent May Grill Their Daughters About Age Job Curfew Education Intentions
Tell Me A Way In Which Your Office Is Kind Of Like A “Soap Opera.” Gossip 46 Sleeping Around 34 Drama 9 Bickering 4 Jealous 2
Name Something That Expands In The Microwave. Popcorn Bag 48 Bread 13 Hot Dog 13 Plastic 13 Marshmellow 11
Name A Place Where The Average Person Wouldn’t Last A Day. Jail 43 Desert 24 Military 13 Frozen Tundra 11 Outer Space 6
Name Something Teenagers Stress Out About. School 38 Acne/Looks 23 Dating 17 Friends/Clique 14 Parents/Rules 6
Name Something Important That You’re Careful Not To Misplace When You Move. Keys 42 Passport 25 Wallet/Money 18 Jewelery 8 Phone 5
Name An Occupation Where The Workdays Are Made Worse By Nasty Weather. Construction 41 Mail Carrier 27 Traffic Cop 16 Bus/Truck Driver 11 Pilot 3
What Kind Of Bread Would Be Horrible For Making A Sandwich? Banana 33 Garlic 25 Cinnamon Raisin 19 Cornbread 11 Pumpkin/Zucchini 6
Name Someplace Couples Went On Dates In The Fifties They Don’t Usually Go Anymore Drive In Movie Soda Fountain Diner Lovers Lane Sock Hop
Name Something You Might Find In A Tennis Bag. Tennis Balls 62 Racquet 32 Towel 5 Tennis Shoes 3 Socks 2
Name A Vegetable That They Make Baby Food Out Of. Carrots 41 Peas 39 Beans 8 Corn 4 Spinach 2
Name An Organ People Might Have Removed. Kidney 43 Appendix 26 Gall Bladder 12 Lung 8 Spleen 5
Name a Famous Mystery Writer Agatha Christie Arthur Conan Doyle Dashiell Hammett Raymond Chandler Sue Grafton
Name Something You Might Find In A Spook House Ghost Skeleton Spiderwebs Monsters Witch
Name Something That Keeps You From Finishing A Jigsaw Puzzle. Missing Piece 46 Time 33 Difficulty 7 Kids 6 Boredom 5
Name Something That Happens To The Furniture Of A Person Who Owns Pets. Many Scratches 30 Strong Smells 28 Hair All Over 25 Lots Of Stains 4 Chewed Up 4
Name Something That A Waitress On Roller Skates Would Say Is Her Mortal Enemy. (More Specific Than Food/Drinks) Rocks 32 Wet Floor 26 Hot Coffee 18 Cracks/Bumps 13 Condiments/Dressing 7
Name Something You Buy In A Larger Size If You Have A Large Family. Groceries 29 Toilet Papaer 27 Car 20 House 15 Couch 4
Name Something You Might Change When Moving Into A New House. Paint/Wallpaper 34 Carpet 23 Contact Information 17 Locks 16 Curtains 9
Name Something That Gets Described As Festive Party 45 Holiday 36 Food 9 Carnival 4 Decorations 3
Name Something On Everyone’s Driver’s License. Birth Date 34 Name 25 Address 18 License Number 13 Description 10
Name A Salad That’s Not Green. Pasta Salad 47 Potato Salad 33 Fruit Salad 9 Taco Salad 5 Egg Salad 4
Name Something People Turn On Just Before They Get In Bed. Alarm 50 TV 24 Lamp 12 Radio 7 Electric Blanket 4
Name Something You Might Ask A House Sitter To Do While Staying At Your Place Clean 36 Water Plants 33 Feed Animals 8 Take Out Trash 8 Get Mail 7
Name A Specific Item That A Man Carries Around That He Might Secretly Wish He Could Just Put In A Purse. Wallet 63 Keys 14 Phone 12 Comb 5 Glasses 3
Name A Place Where It’d Be Rude For A Man To Go Without Wearing A Suit/Tuxedo. Wedding 48 Funeral 21 Prom 12 Place Of Worship 11 Job Interview 3
In One Word, What’s The Best Thing About Being Married? Love 44 Intimacy 34 Companionship 10 Money/Security 6 Kids 3
What Might You Find Out About A House That Would Make You Back Out Of Buying It. Haunted 38 Termites 28 Mold 18 Price Went Up 6 Leaky Roof 5
Tell Me Something That Can Momentarily Blind You. Sun 52 Bright Light 30 Camara Flash 11 Pepper Spray 4 Love 3
Name Something That Love Gets Compared To In Pop Songs. Flower 24 Candy 23 Battlefield 19 River 18 Music 10
Name Something A First-Time Parent Would Need To Do Before The Baby Was Born. Buy a Crib 39 Buy Clothes 23 Buy Diapers 21 Baby Shower 7 Parenting Classes 5
Name Something In A Woman’s Purse That A Man Would Never Ask To Borrow. Lip Stick 43 Tampons 36 Compact 7 Eyelash Curler 4 Perfume 4
Name A Job Where You’d Need Great Vision. Pilot 31 Doctor 25 Driver 21 Umpire 16 Police Officer 7
Name Something You Might Pay Extra For When You Get Your Car Washed. Wax 48 Vacuum 37 Detailing 6 Dry Car 3 Polish 3
Name A Game Show That Gives Away A Lot Of Money. Millionaire 57 Sunscreen 20 Wheel Of Fortune 9 Family Fued 8 Price Is Right 6
Tell Me What Kids Hate Most About School. Homework 78 Teachers 7 Getting Up 4 Math 3 Principal 2
If Someone Is Talking Too Much, What Might You Offer Them In The Hope Of Keeping Them Quiet? Food 41 Gum 26 Money 17 Drink 6 Reading Material 5
Name A Place Where You Sit Until Your Name Is Called. Doctor’s Office 34 DMV 30 Court 20 Classroom 9 Restaurant 5
Name Something A Plane Can’t Fly Without. Wings 56 Engine 15 Fuel 13 Tail 8 Rudder 5
Name Something You’d Find In A Boy’s High School Gym Locker Room. Towels 25 Clothes 23 Lockers 19 Jock Straps 13 Shoes 10
Name Something You See At A WWE Match You’d Never See At A High School Wresting Match. Blood 26 Violence 26 Characters 12 Costumes 12 Throwing Chairs 9
Name Something You Might Do On A Date In The Park. Kiss 38 Picnic 35 Walk 16 Hold Hands 6 Use Playground 3
What Might A Flower Gardener Name His Daughter? Rose 39 Daisy 33 Lily 17 Iris 5 Violet 5
On A Dating Website, What Activity Do People Often List As A Pastime? Reading 45 Sports 20 Dancing 15 Hiking 10 Watching Movies 5
Name Something In A Casino That May Give You A Headache. Noise 39 Smoke 28 Flashung Lights 15 Slot Machines 13 Alcohol 3
Name something for which people shop around before buying Car 58 Clothes 12 House 11 TV 9 Appliances 6
Name A Breakfast Food You Could Prepare Using Just One Hand. Toast 39 Eggs 28 Cereal 23 Waffle/Pop Tart 3 Bacon 3
Name A Game That Would Be Inappropriate At A Company Party. Spin The Bottle 41 Strip Poker 32 Twister 11 Truth Or Dare 11 Beer Pong 3
Name something you might be “on top of”. The World 33 Work/School 26 Mountain/Hill 16 Your Game 12 Bills 4
Besides A Book, Tell Me A Good Gift For Someone Who Loves To Read. Mag./Subscription 35 Book Light 23 E Reader 21 Bookmark 7 Book Shelf 3
Name A Place Where You Would Find An Usher. Place Of Worship 30 Wedding 26 Movie Theatre 22 Funeral 13 Concert 7
Name An Indoor Activity You Spend Much More Time Doing In Winter. Watching TV/Movie 42 Reading 34 Playing Games 9 Sleeping 8 Cooking 3
Name An Animal That A Person With Large Teeth Resemble. Beaver 34 Horse 22 Rabbit 18 Tiger/Lion 14 Donkey 10
Name A Character In The Wizard Of Oz That Would Require The Most Elaborate Costume. Tin Man 41 Lion 29 Scarecrow 11 Wicked Witch 8 Dorthy 7
Name Something An Airline Passenger Might Find There Isn’t Enough Of On The Plane. Food 39 Leg Room 25 Seats 16 Pillows/Blankets 12 Drinks 8
Name Something You See Trained Monkey’s Doing In Sitcoms And Movies. Dancing 38 Talking 22 Eating Bananas 18 Smoking 15 Driving 5
Name A Place Where People Don’t Want To End Up Jail 52 Dead 22 Hell 17 Homeless 2 Dumpster 2
Name A Way You Know Your Teacher Is Having A Bad Day. Yells A Lot 36 Grumpy 22 Extra Homework 19 Gives Punishments 16 Facial Expression 3
Name A Specific Stunt That Most Action Movie Heroes Probably Don’t Do Themselves Fly 42 Jump From Building 29 Car Crash 17 Endure Fire 5 Flips 3
Name A Really Big State. Texas 62 California 24 Alaska 6 New York 4 Florida 2
What Might You Draw On A Picture Of Someone’s Face In Order To Make Them Look Silly? Moustache 63 Beard 12 Big Nose 11 Horns 7 Glasses 6
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Play A Game Of Water Polo. Pool 49 Ball 28 Swimsuit 12 Net 4 Goggles 2
Name A Reason A Teenaged Boy Would Have For Wearing A Suit. Wedding 43 Church 24 Prom 15 Funeral 11 Graduation 5
What Line Of Work Should You Get Into If Your Hairstyle Is Stiff And Plastered With Hairspray? Politician 30 Model 25 Newscaster 20 Actor 15 Hairdresser 4
Name Something You’d Hate To Forget On A Ski Trip. Skis 55 Coat 21 Gloves 13 Boots 5 Hat 4
Name A Famous Animal From A Comic Strip. Garfield 33 Snoopy 29 Marmaduke 13 Heathcliff 11 Hobbes 11
Name A Type Of Business In Which You Might Have To Work Over THe Holidays. Retail 33 Police Officer 26 Medical Profession 15 Postal Work 13 Hotel Industry 8
Name A Method People Use When Deciding What Lotto Numbers They’re Going To Play. Birthday 85 Address 3 Random Numbers 3 Anniversary Date 2 ID Card Number 2
Name A Place On Your Body That Might Be Sore After A Day Of Shoveling. Arms 41 Back 35 Hands 10 Shoulders 7 Legs 3
Name A Class that Parents Enroll Their Kids In Before They Turn 3 Years Old. Swimming 40 Dance 34 Art 10 Gymnastics 8 Music 3
If You’re A Parent, Name something You Take Into Account When Moving Schools 47 Yard 23 Bedrooms/Bathrooms 13 Neighborhood/kids 10 Near Playground 4
Name A Reason Why Kids Might Have A Weekday Off Of School. Public Holiday 38 Snow Day 27 Sick 26 Teacher Conference 4 On Vacation 3
Name Something That’s Expensive To Replace If You Lose It. Jewelry 44 Watch 20 Cell Phone 17 House 7 Pair Of Glasses 6
Name An Article Of Clothing People Get Fitted For. Suit 35 Tux 26 Wedding Dress 16 Jacket 15 Pants 8
Name An Article Of Clothing A Restaurant Might Require Its Customers To Wear. Shirt 36 Shoes 19 Tie 17 Sports Coat 15 Pants 8
What Might Someone Leave Out Of A Personals Ad, That Would Make You Think They Were Hiding Something? Age 44 Weight 36 Marital Status 6 Gender 6 Photo 5
Name Something A Pro Athlete Might Do To Prepare For A Game. Stretch 42 Warm Up 35 Meditate 9 Eat Well 4 Plenty Of Sleep 4
Name An Occupation That Thinks Their Time Is More Important Than Yours. Doctor 47 Lawyer 25 C.E.O. 13 Banker 6 Police Officer 3
Name Something You Wish You Had In Your Backyard Swimming Pool 61 Garden 13 Playground 10 Hot Tub 6 Pond 4
Name Something That People Have A Desire To Smash. Corsage 32 Broach 26 Button 20 Name Tag 15 Ribbon 5
If You Had No Teeth, Tell Me A Food You Couldn’t Eat Anymore. Corn On The Cob 35 Apples 23 Steak 18 Candy 12 Ribs 10
Name A Reason Why It Takes You Forever To Get Out Of The Grocery Store. Long Lines 54 Shopping With Kids 16 Crowded 13 Chatting 10 Sales 4
Other Than A Belt, Name Something That Can Have A Buckle. Shoe/Boot 47 Car Seat 28 Bag/Purse 11 Coat 6 Suit Case 5
Tell Me An Article Of Clothing That People Who Live In Warm Climates Are Likely To Have Several Of. Shorts 48 Swim Suits 30 Flip Flops 9 Tank Tops 7 T Shirts 4
Name Something Embarrassing That You Don’t Want To Do While Asleep On A Plane Ride Snore 44 Drool 29 Pass Gas 12 Jerk/Fall Over 9 Talk In Sleep 3
Name Something That A Secretary Never Wants To Run Out Of At The Office. Paper 41 Pens/Ink 23 Coffee 12 Staples 11 Time 7
Name Something A Hair Dresser Might Complain About A Customer. Dirty Hair 31 The Tip 27 Always Moving 14 Late 13 Too Picky 9
Name Something People Check At Least Once A Day. E Mail 37 Time 31 Mailbox 11 Hair 10 Voice Mail 6
What Do Fast-Food Employees Have To Do, That 5-Star Wait Staff Don’t? Cook 34 Clean 31 Work Drive Thru 20 Use Cash Register 6 Wear Uniform 4
Name A Noise That Causes Your Dog To Bark When He Hears It On TV. Doorbell 29 Dogs Barking 23 Cat 22 Siren 14 Whistle 6
Name something you wouldn’t want to discover in a hotel bed when checking into your room. Bugs/Rodents 46 Other Peoples’ Stuff 32 Dirty sheets 10 Hair 6 A person 3
Name something you might put on top of a salad. Dressing 45 Croutons 24 Cheese 22 Fruit 5 Bacon 4
Name something a man might try to keep covered during a first date. Tattoo 37 Acne 27 Bald Spot 19 Wedding ring 7 Belly 5
Name something a person might be picky about. Food 58 Clothes 19 Hairstyle 9 Dating 5 Car 3
Name something that house cleaners clean more often than you do(More specific than a room) Toilet 39 Windows 21 Floor 21 Stove/Oven 10 Ceiling Fan 6
Name a way that a man’s voice might change when talking to his love interest. Deepens 33 Softer 33 Nervous stutter 16 Higher pitch 7 Crack 6
Name a place in their home that people hide money. Under mattress 49 Dresser drawer 24 Cookie jar 9 Closet 7 Freezer 5
Name a small creature who can be very noisy. Cricket 38 Bird 28 Chihuahua 15 Cat 11 Frog 5
Name something risky that most people do at least once in their lifetimes. Skydive 40 Fly 27 Get married 15 Bungee jump 7 Gamble 6
Name a sign your girlfriend might be turning into a mermaid. Grows tail 39 She swims often 20 Getting scales 15 Always in water 12 Gills 8
Name something men try to cover up. Affair 59 Baldness 15 Lies 8 Bills/Money 8 Gray hair 4
What body part is most important for a star to maintain? Face 46 Stomach 34 Legs 6 Butt 5 Hair 4
Name something that shines at night. Stars 42 Moon 36 Streetlights 9 Fire Flies 4 Headlights 3
Name something the world’s dumbest bank robber might leave at the scene of the crime The Loot 33 ID 22 Fingerprints 20 Wallet 14 His gun 5
Name a cartoon character who’s always getting hurt. Wile E Coyote 44 Daffy Duck 18 Tom/Jerry 17 Tasmanian Devil 8 Itchy & Scratchy 7
Name an activity you might do while on a Hawaiian honeymoon. Surf 41 Swim 29 Snorkel/scuba dive 10 Hula dance 9 Luau 6
Name a job title someone might have in a big company. CEO 39 President 29 Vice President 16 Supervisor 8 Manager 3
Name a topping you’d put on both a pizza and a taco. Cheese 44 Beef/Sausage 23 Tomato 20 Olives 6 Onions 4
Name something everyone says they’re good at when at a job interview,even if it’s a lie. Computers 31 People skills 29 Punctuality 17 Multitasking 15 Organization 5
Name something everyone says they’re good at when at a job interview,even if it’s a lie. Computers 31 People skills 29 Punctuality 17 Multitasking 15 Organization 5
Name an activity people like to do at a lake. Fishing 45 Boating 19 Swimming 14 Water ski 13 Picnic 3
Name something you might find on a miniature golf course. Golf ball 54 Windmill 23 Cup 6 Putting green 6 Putter 4
Name something a kid with a broken arm would have a hard time doing at school. Writing 57 Playing sports 18 Carrying things 7 Going to bathroom 4 Raising hand 3
Name something a manicurist needs to do her job. Nail File 60 Fingernail Polish 26 Buffer 6 Cotton Balls 5 Scissors 3
For what reason might you suspect that the person you’re dating is in the mob? Carries a gun 44 Lots of money 23 Italian accent 20 Black clothes 7 Secretive 4
Name a piece of kids’s play equipment that adults would probably hurt themselves using. Monkey bars 35 Slide 28 Swing 27 Merry go round 5 Seesaw 3
Past or present,name a presidential couple whose dinner conversations you’d love to eavesdrop on. The Clintons 36 The Obamas 30 Bush Jr. and Laura 13 The Reagans 10 The Kennedys 6
Name something your partner might do first thing in the morning that wakes you up. Shower 42 Kiss me 26 Brush teeth 12 Ignore alarm 9 Turn on light 6
If you just ran a marathon,what would you need to do after the race was over? Drink water 49 Rest 34 Shower 9 Stretch 4 Use bathroom 3
Tell me something that makes you mad when you’re watching TV. Commercials 30 Background noise 28 Phone rings 18 Bad reception 15 Violence 7
Name something you might see a picture of on a postcard from Hawaii. Palm trees 29 Beach 27 Water 17 Hawaiian Woman 15 Volcano 7
What kind of nut butter could you use if you were allergic to peanuts? Almond 52 Hazelnut 17 Soy 10 Cashew 9 Walnut 9
Name an animal that can live in the cold. Polar Bear 62 Penguin 22 Seal 5 Wolf 4 Walrus 2
We asked 100 Women: At what age is a man most handsome?(NUMBERS ONLY) 30 37 40 30 25 17 35 6 20 4
Name A Kind Of Pyramid. Egyptian Pyramid 42 Food Pyramid 31 Pyramid Scheme 10 Cheerleaders Pyramid 9 $100,000 Pyramid 5
Name Something A Woman Would Be Foolish To Apply Makeup Before Doing. Swimming 34 Showering 28 Going To Sleep 14 Washing Her Face 12 Aerobics 7
Name Something A Pizza Delivery Person Hates About Their Job Bad Tips 47 Dogs 16 Driving 14 Finding House 14 Bad Areas 8
Name The Article Of Babies’ Clothing That Grown Adults Are Most Shocked By When Seeing Its Tiny Size. Shoes/Booties 59 Diapers 17 Onesie/Pajamas 11 T-Shirt 7 Bib 3
What Are Some Things That People Send By Email That They Used To Send Through The Mail? Letter 37 Pictures 23 Cards 16 Invitations 10 Bills 8
Name Something You Associate With The Dallas Cowboys. Cheerleaders 60 Football 26 Troy Aikman 3 Champs 2 Blue Star 2
Name Something People Burn In Protest. Flags 61 Bras 21 Draft Cards 7 Signs 6 Books 2
Name An Article Of Clothing Some Women Try To Wear As Tight As Possible Jeans/Pants 60 Shit/Sweater 13 Skirt/Dress 11 irdle 6 Bra 5
Name Something Stressful That Couples Do Together Argue/Counseling 29 Manage Money 27 Raise Kids 21 Plan A Wedding 12 Buy A House 8
Name Something Associated With Zorro Mask 42 Sword 30 Z 14 Horse 5 Cape 4
Name A Type Of Professional Who Might Overcharge If You Don’t Know Any Better. Mechanic 42 Lawyer 23 Doctor/Dentist 19 Plumber 6 Car Salesperson 5
If you were a celebrity for a day,name a place or event you’d try to get into. Awards show 62 The White House 14 VIP Nightclub 10 Concert/Backstage 8 Celebrity party 4
Name Something People Know About Richard Nixon Watergate 41 Resigned 28 I Am Not A Crook 8 Went To China 8 Checkers Speech 8
Name Something An Employee Sitting In The Cubicle Next To You Might Do That Annoys You. Talks Too Loud 35 Tap Pen/Pencil 29 Sings 14 Cough 10 Chew Gum 6
Name Something A Kindergarten Teacher Wears To Work That A Banker Never Would Jeans 43 Apron 34 Tennis Shoes 9 T Shirt 5 Colorful Seater 3
Name A Place You See A Lot Of Green Grass. Golf Course 45 Park 21 Farm 15 Suburbs 7 Country 6
Name A Comfort Food That Has Cheese In/On It. Pizza 47 Mac And Cheese 21 Grilled Cheese 10 Nachos 9 Crackers 9
What Thanksgiving Dish Would Do The Least Damage If Thrown At You IN A Food Fight? Turkey 41 Stuffing 22 Mashed Potatoes 19 Pie 8 Cranberry Sauce 7
Name A Movie With The Word “Dr.” In The Title. Doctor Doolittle 32 Doctor Zhivago 26 Doctor Who 15 Dr. No 13 Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde 12
Name A Way You Can Tell A Storm Is Coming Dark Clouds/Sky 61 Lightning 18 Wind Changes 5 Smell 4 Drizzling 3
Tell Me Something That Causes Skin To Turn Red. Sunburn 37 Rash/Allergy 25 Embarrassment 18 Alcohol 11 Exercise 6
If you were to open “Heartbreak Hotel,” name something you’d offer your brokenhearted guests. Chocolate/sweets 35 Love/company 23 A drink 15 Tissue 12 Flowers 6
Name A Reason Why A Particular Kid Might Be Popular In School Good Looking 29 Good Athlete 28 Rich 18 nicely Dressed 16 Friendly 3
Name Something That Has A Lock On It Door 67 Safe 13 Car 8 Locker 3 Gate 3
Name A Country That Usually Does Well In The Olympics. United States 73 Russia 15 China 5 England 4 Germany 3
Name something a teenager would hate to be the last of their friends to do. Drive 38 Date 30 Graduate 13 Hit puberty 11 Get a phone 5
What Might You Do On Family Feud, That Makes Your Family Upset With You? Give Wrong Answers 54 Lose Fast Money 23 Yell 8 Swear 5 Give No Answer 4
Name Something You Use To Decorate Your Face For Halloween Paint 64 Mask 19 Fake Blood 5 Clown Nose 4 Glitter 3
What Might A Health Inspector Find In A Restaurant That Causes It To Get A Poor Score? Rodents 41 Bugs/Roaches 27 Dirty Dishes 16 Mold 5 Hair 5
Name Something People Serve With Biscuits. Gravy 56 Butter 24 Mashed Potatoes 6 Jelly 5 Honey 5
Name A Piece Of Information You’d Include In A Personals Ad But Not On A Resume. Age 57 Height 13 Marital Status 12 Weight 11 Horoscope Sign 4
Name Something Specific That People Flip Coin 44 Pancake 26 Burger 13 Hair 8 House 6
Name A Famous Howard. Howard Stern 61 Howard Hughs 14 Howard Cosell 8 Howard johnson 6 Howard The Duck 5
Name Something That Would Make You Suspicious If Your Date Said He Didn’t Have Any. Money 47 Friends 21 Family 15 Exes 8 Identification 6
Name Something Peoiple Subscribe To By Month Magazine 54 Newspaper 28 Cable 7 Gym 5 Internet 3
Name Something A Baby Doesn’t Have That Most Adults Do Teeth 49 Hair 34 Car 7 Money 4 Job 3
Name a profession that would help you be good at solving crossword puzzles. Teacher 58 Writer 17 Librarian 13 Editor 8 Journalist 4
Name Something You Wave In The Air. Hands 39 Flag 24 Sign/Banner 13 Kite 11 Lighter 6
Which Piece Of Playground Equipment Has Probably Resulted In The Most Injuries? Swings 36 Jungle Gym 30 Slide 23 Seesaw 4 Merry Go Round 4
Name An Animal That’s Usually Not Dangerous, But Many People Are Afraid To Touch Dog 45 Snake 36 Skunk 6 Frog 5 Mouse 5
Name Something You Need When You’re Moving. Moving Truck 44 Boxes 33 Dolly 12 friends To Help 6 Movers 4
Name An Appetizer You Might Find Served At A Bar Peanuts 36 Chicken Wings 21 Pretzels 19 Popcorn 9 Nachos 9
Other Than A Canvas, Name Something That You Put Paint On. Wall 39 House/Building 33 A Face 13 Porch/Fence 8 Nails 4
Name A Reason You Might Have To Get A Change For A Dollar Make A Phone Call 47 Vending Machine 38 Parking Meter 5 Bus Fare 4 Newspaper Machine 3
Name A Member Of The Celebrity Elite Who Is Famous For No Apparent Reason. Paris Hilton 38 Kevin Federline 18 Donald Trump 16 Kim Kardashian 14 Nicole richie 12
Name Something A Driver Might Do When He Sees A Police Car. Slow Down 67 Pull Over 10 Put Seat Belt On 9 Run The Other Way 7 Panic 5
Name An Office Supply That You’d Be Surprised To See On Your Kid’s List Of School Supplies. Computer 35 Stapler 27 Copier/Fax 18 Envelopes 5 Paper Clips 5
Besides Your Plane Ticket, Name Something You Can Spend Money On At An Airport Food/Drink 44 Magazine/Paper 27 Souveniers 11 Luggage Fee 9 Parking 6
Name Something You Tap. Foot 34 Table 16 Fingers 16 Drum 12 Pencil 12
What Would You Be Surprised To See A Child Do At A Bowling Alley? Get A Strike 66 Smoking 12 Drinking 10 Sleeping 6 Perfect Game 3
Name A Door That You’d Hate To Leave Unlocked Accidentally Front Door 37 Car Door 35 Bathroom Door 13 Safe 7 Pet 5
What Does A Businessman Use When Making Speeches, But Pastors Don’t During Their Sermons? Note Cards 55 Chart 14 Pointer 11 Powerpoint 11 Projector 7
Name Something Kids Look Forward To Vacation 41 Christmas 29 Birthday 13 Gifts 5 Recess 5
Name A Piece Of Information That Might Be On A Dog’s Tag. Name 42 Address 22 Phone Number 21 Owner’s Name 11 Reward 2
Name A Specific Occupation Where They Wear Sneakers. Basketball Player 55 Coach 15 Tennis Player 14 Nurse 6 Runner 4
Name Something A Pet Might Do To Its Owner’s Shoes. Chew/Bite Them 54 Relieve Thenselves 28 Hide Them 7 Drool/Lick Them 7 Smell Them 3
Name Something About You That Has Not Changed As You’ve Gotten Older Personality/Attitude 41 Eyes 34 Name 11 Sense Of Humor 6 Smile 5
If You Were Designing An Airport, Name Something You’d Make Sure There Was A Lot Of. Bathrooms 30 Runways 24 Chairs 22 Computers 10 Smoking Areas 8
Name Something That Might Be Carved Into A Christmas Ice Sculpture. Angel/Religious Fig. 39 Tree 24 Santa/Reindeer 15 Penguins/Animals 8 Snowflake 5
Name A Reason Why A Man Might Delay Proposing To His Girlfriend. Nervous 38 No Money 33 Not Ready 17 Unsure 6 Someone Else 5
Name Something A Deejay Needs To Play A Gig. Music 34 Turntable 23 Microphone 16 Laptop/Ipod 12 Sound System 9
Name A Job From Which You Would Come Home Smelling Really Good. Baker 41 Perfume Seller 32 Florist 14 Chef 9 Spa Employee 3
Name Something People Do With Pennies. Save Them 68 Throw In A Fountain 12 Roll Them Up 9 Throw Them Away 3 Spend Them 3
Tell Me A Reason You Might Be Low On Sleep. Overworked 44 kids/New Baby 26 Can’t Sleep 13 Sick 6 Studying 5
Name Something Oprah Winfrey Has That The Average Woman Admires. Money 49 Talk Show 15 Self Esteem 12 Charisma 11 Style 8
What Might A Bankrobber Wear In Order To Keep His Identity A Secret? Mask 58 Gloves 13 Wig 10 Hat 8 Sunglasses 5
Name An Expensive Food That You Wouldn’t Serve At A Kid’s Birthday Party Caviar 31 Filet Mignon 27 Lobster 24 Shrimp 8 Sushi 7
Name A Department Store Where People Shop During The Holidays. Wal Mart 38 Macy’s 37 Sears 13 J C Penny 5 Target 2
Name Something You Should Always Carry Extra Of When Flying By Plane. Money 38 Change Of Clothes 23 Snacks 17 Gum 10 Tissue 7
What Might You Find In Your Food That Belongs To The Cook? Hair 46 Ring 23 Fingernail 17 Bandage 5 Tooth 3
Name A Type Of TV Show That You Wouldn’t Want To See Your Grandma On Reality TV 33 Talk Show 33 Dating Show 14 Romantic Drama 9 True Crime 5
Name Something People Take Along To Make A Long Car Ride Go Faster. Music 38 Reading Matereal 27 Games 14 Snacks 10 TV/Movie 5
Name Another Word For “Ugly.” Gross 25 Hideous 23 Homely 18 Nasty 15 Unattractive 14
Where In Your House Do You Look For Something That’s Been Packed Away For Winter? Attic 41 Closet 32 Basement 15 Garage 6 Under Bed 4
When Living In An Apartment, Name Something You Can Often Hear Your Neighbors Doing. Fighting 51 Talking 24 Watching TV 12 Partying 5 Vacuuming 3
Name A Service A Hotel Provides That You With You Had At Your House. Room Service 42 House Keeping 33 Massage 13 Laundry 7 Valet 5
Name A Way People Get To Work In The Morning. Car 44 Public Transportation 20 Carpool 15 Bike 10 Walk 5
Name Something That Farmers 100 Years Ago Did By Hand, But Now Do With Machines. Plow The Field 36 Plant Seeds 24 Milk Cows 23 Harvest Crops 11 Water Crops 5
Name A Sport Where Players Lose Teeth. Hockey 49 Boxing 33 Football 10 Baseball 4 Wrestling 2
Name A Patriotic Song Star Spangled 35 God Bless America 25 Born In The USA 15 Amer The Beautiful 12 Yankee Doodle 7
Name Something People Put On The Outside Of Their Car. Wax 29 Sticker 28 License Plate 15 Cover 15 Antenna 5
Which Traditional Dish Would You Prepare For Somebody Learning About American Culture? Hamburger 39 Fried Chicken 20 Pizza 17 Hot Dog 13 Apple Pie 8
If Your Cat Learned To Speak, Name Something It Would Ask For Food/Milk 43 Pets/Scratches 25 Clean Litterbox 10 Catnip 7 Attention 4
Name A Reason Why A Student Might Be Moved To The Front Of The Class Poor Vision 46 In Trouble 23 Teacher’s Pet 23 Hear Better 5 Attractive Teacher 3
Name An Activity Some Men Do With Their Buddies Where Wives Aren’t Invited Play Poker 35 Go To Bar 30 Watch Sports 12 Golf Outing 11 Bachelor Party 6
Name Something People Do With Their Dogs That They Don’t Do With A Pet Goldfish. Walk 40 Pet 31 Play Fetch 16 Groom 5 Bathe 3
Name A Minor Ailment You Can’t Stop Your Body From Doing, But Would Dread Having Happen At Your Wedding Ceremony. Hiccups 30 Coughing/Choking 21 Pass Gass 19 Sneezing Fit 13 Bloody Nose 12
What Might A Girl Wear For The First Time To Her Junior High Dance? Formal dress 39 High Heels 26 Makeup 17 Coursage 11 Bra 4
Tell Me Something A Woman Might Do To Spoil Herself (More Specific Than “Spa”). Shop 38 Manicure 24 Hair Salon 20 Massage 11 Bubble Bath 6
Name A Movie About Baseball Players Angels In Outfield 29 League Of Their Own 18 Field Of Dreams 17 The Natural 16 Bull Durham 14
Name A Baby Farm Animal That A Child Would Probably Want To Keep As A Pet. Piglet 37 Lamb 24 Chick 19 Kid/Goat 9 Bunny 8
Name Something In Your Wallet That Might Be Used For An ID Driver’s License 55 Social Security 25 School ID 9 Credit Card 6 Business Card 3
Name A Way That People Spoil Their Pets. Give Them treats 31 Feed Too Much 20 Sleep With Them 15 Buy Them Clothes 12 Buy Them Toys 9
Other Than An Alarm, What Do People Use To Wake Them Up? Cell Phone 38 Radio 22 Rooster 21 Sun 11 Cat/Dog 6
Name A Type Of Sauce That You’d Never Put On Pasta Apple Sauce 30 Hot Sauce 26 Ketchup 16 BBQ 13 Chocolate Sauce 12
Name An Occasion Or Place Where You Would Not Admit That You Don’t Like The Food. Wedding 38 Family Dinner 28 Birthday Party 12 On A Date 6 Church Picnic 3
Name A School Supply That You Haven’t Used Since You Were Young. Crayon 38 Ruler 25 Pencil/Eraser 18 Paste/Glue 11 Compass 5
Name A Specific Food That’s Hard To Cook Well, Without Burning Steak 31 Eggs 26 Toast 19 Chicken 11 Cookies 8
Other Than Sleep, Name Something You Do While Lying Down Read 36 Watch TV/Movie 27 Make Love 19 Sun Bathe 6 Exercise 3
Name A Word That Starts With “F” That Best Describes Your Cat Furry/Fluffy 38 Fat 31 Funny 13 Fast 8 Frisky 3
Name Something A Kid Might Do To Get Out Of Taking A Bath Cry/Tantrum 40 Go To Bed 21 Fake Sickness 15 Run 12 Hide 9
Name Something Ugly That Can Grow On Your Feet Corn 38 Athletes Foot 30 Wart 19 Bunion 7 Ingrown Toenail 6
Name Something About Wonder Woman The Average Woman Might Envy Body 60 Power 19 Strength 9 Looks 5 Invisible Plane 3
Why Might Someone Who Doesn’t Like Reading Go To The Library? Use Computer 36 Study 31 Meet People 13 Research 10 It’s Quiet 5
We Asked 100 Husbands: If Your Wife Had A Personal Assistant, Name Something They’d Be Asked To Do. Cook 39 Clean 25 Laundry 17 Shop 12 Make Coffee 4
Name A Famous Male, Real Or Fictional, Who Wears Tights Robin Hood 35 Superman 27 Peter Pan 13 Batman 10 Mikhail Barishnikov 9
Name A Beverage That’s Not Sweet Coffee 28 Water 25 Tea 19 Beer 17 Milk 8
Name Something People Go To That Might Be Sold Out Concert 47 Movies 25 Sports Event 11 Theatre 9 Musical 3
Name A Reason Why Parents Say That Childhood Is Better Than Adulthood. No Bills 53 No Work 19 No Worries 12 More Fun/Playing 9 No Resposibility 6
Name A Fruit That Starts With The Letter “P.” Pear 28 Peach 25 Pinapple 17 Plum 15 Papaya 9
Name A Way That You Wish Your Life Was More Like Your Cat’s Life Sleep All Day 38 Have 9 Lives 22 Pleny Of Food 19 No Job 15 Plenty Of Play Time 5
Name Something You Do To Your Lawn That You Would Never Do To Your Wall-To-Wall Carpet. Water It 39 Cut It 36 Fertilize It 13 Plant Flowers 4 Rake It 2
Name Something People Do While Telling A Lie That Gives Them Away. No Eye Contact 38 Stutter 25 Sweating 15 Smile/Nervous Laugh 11 Red Face 5
Name Someone You Might Tip At A Hotel Bellhop 67 Doorman 14 Waiter 7 Maid 5 Room Service 4
Tell Me Something You Would Let Your Dog Do, But Not Your Child. Pee Outside 31 Lick 24 Drink From Toilet 17 Eat Scraps 15 Run Loose 9
Name Something That You Could See On An Alaskan Cruise That You Probably Wouldn’t See On A Caribbean Cruise Iceberg 37 Snow 29 Polar Bear 21 Whale 6 Seal 4
Name Something That Comes In A Bottle Soda 29 Beer 24 Perfume 20 Milk 12 Shampoo 9
Tell Me An Activity That Some People Are Told To Do More Of, And Others Are Told To Do Less. Exercise 44 Eat 35 Talk 8 Work 8 Sleep 3
Name A Specific Quality That Would Make Your Buddy A Bad Wing Man Very Shy 36 Too  Handsome 22 Drinks Too Much 15 Bad Hygeine 12 Smokes 5
What Did 100 Wives Say Their Husbands “Always Think They’re Right About” In An Argument? Money 34 Raising Kids 26 Romance/Relationship 11 Cars 8 Sports 6
Name Something That Superstitious People Believe Will Bring Bad Luck. Black Cat 65 Breaking A Mirror 18 Walk Under A Ladder 9 Number 13 3 Step On A Crack 3
Name A Way You Might Be Able To Tell What Someone Just Had For Lunch. Breath 68 Burp 15 Stains 7 Crumbs On Teeth 4 They Vomit 4
Name Something That Has Springs In It. Bed 57 Couch 17 Chair 12 Pogo Stick 8 Trampoline 5
Name Something That Might Cause A Real Life Family Feud Among Neighbors. Noise 33 Money/Property 26 Dogs/Pets 15 Naughty Kids 14 Unkempt Yard 9
Name Something People Do On Ice Skate 70 Play Hockey 9 Fall Down 8 Ice Fish 7 Walk 3
Name Something You Might Do After Your House Has Been Robbed. Call Police 62 Get An Alarm 16 Move 11 Cry 6 Yell 5
Name Something A Teenage Boy Might Ask His Dad For. Car 61 Money 30 Advice 2 Bike 2 2
Name Something That Gets Rolled Out. Red Carpet 40 Dough 35 Yoga Mat 10 Sleeping Bag 5 5
How Many Days Does A Cold Last? 7 36 3 25 5 17 4 10 6 6
Which North Pole Resident Is Most Likely To Become Jealous Of Santa’s Power? Elf 45 Jack Frost 31 Rudolph 14 Mrs. Claus 8 11
Tell Me How Fast Most People Drive On The Freeway. (Numeric Only) 70 33 75 31 65 14 80 12 60 7
Name Something You Do When Approached By A Salesperson At A Store. Avoid Them 45 Ask For Help 18 Smile 17 Say Hi 10 “Just Looking”
When Traveling Overseas, Tell Me The Ideal Amount Of Time To Be Away From Home 2 Weeks 24 3 Weeks 20 1 Week 13 1 Month 5 10 Days 4
Name A Controversial American President George W Bush 33 Richard Nixon 29 Bill Clinton 25 John F Kennedy 3 Abraham Lincoln 3
Name An Occupation Where You Have To Be Really Smart Doctor 41 Lawyer 28 Scientist 13 Engineer 6 Accountant 6
Name A Profession Where Neatness Counts Doctor/Nurse 35 Maid 23 Teacher 16 secretary 14 Accountant/Banker 9
Name Something Your Spouse Does To Let You Know They’re “In The Mood For Love.” Kiss/Touch 44 Touch 18 Turn On Music 12 Undress/Change Clothes 10 Acty Flirty 5
Name Something A Person Might Change After Breaking Up With A Partner. Phone Number 37 Hair 21 Name 18 Locks 12 Address 6
Name Something A Firefighter Needs A Lot Of Water 75 Strength 9 Rest 4 Ladders 4 Air 2
Name Something A Reality Show Is Incomplete Without. Drama/Fighting 53 Contestants/Celebs 24 Romance 12 Camaras 6 Alcohol 4
Name A Way In Which Sitcom Characters Are Typically Different From Real People Funny 43 They’re Acting 16 Always Happy 13 Rich 11 Always Look Good 11
Name Something People Might Buy For Their New Goldfish. Food 46 Tank 26 Some Rocks 14 Castle 5 Another Goldfish 4
Name A Sound You’d Hear At A Boxing Match Bell 75 Cheering 10 Booing 5 Punching 3 Applause 2
Name A Fruit That You Might Accidentally Swallow The Seeds Of. Watermelon 47 Grape 24 Cherry 15 Orange 8 Apple 4
Name Something Your Physician Asks That Would Be Strange To Ask A Person Who You Just Met. Weight 61 Age 17 Date Of Last Cycle 11 High Blood Pressure 5 Are You Pregnant 4
What Part Of The School Day Might A Kindergartener Look Forward To? Recess 42 Lunch 23 Nap Time 18 Going Home 9 Art 6
Name Something A President Probably Has With Him Everywhere He Goes? Secret Service 51 Cell Phone 21 Money 10 First Lady 9 Assistant 5
Name A Profession You’d Shoot For If You Wanted To Be Famous. Actor 54 Musician 26 Model 7 Politition 6 Athlete 4
If You Were Turned Into A Bird, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do Fly 86 Build A Nest 5 Eat Worms 4 Sing 2 Avoid Cats 2
Name An Occasion Where You Might Send Out Invitations. Wedding 57 Birthday 22 Party 10 Graduation 6 Baby Shower 5
Name Something You Would Do In Front Of Children, But Would Be Embarrassed To Do In Front Of Other Adults Sing 33 Pass Gass/Burp 26 Dance 20 Play 13 Baby Talk 6
Besides Your Mother, Name A Female Who Told You What To Do While You Were Growing Up Grandmother 32 Aunt 30 Teacher 19 Older Sister 15 Babysitter 4
Name Something A Shoe Salesman Might Complain About. Stinky Feet 78 Ugly Feet 7 Returns 3 Big Feet 3 Backache 2
Name Something Karaoke Singers Use For Help, But A Real Singer Shouldn’t Need. Lyrics 55 Alcohol 15 Microphone 9 Music 8 Backup Vocals 4
Name Something You Know About Shaquille O’Neal. Tall 38 Basketball Player 32 Raps 13 Officer 7 Bad Actor 6
Name A Type Of Event That Adults Dress Up To Go To But Kids Would Find Boring? Opera 36 Broadway/Play 22 Wedding 15 Symphony 14 Ballet 9
Name A Chain Store That’s Put A Lot Of Mom And Pop Stores Out Of Business Wal Mart 61 Starbucks 15 Home Depot 7 McDonald’s 6 Barnes & Noble 5
We Asked 100 Wives: Name A Place In The House Where Your Husband Spends More Time Than You Do Bathroom 43 Garage 26 TV/Living Room 19 Bedroom 7 Basement 3
Name A Situation Where You Wouldn’t Want Someone Looking Over Your Shoulder. Test 46 Office 20 In The Bedroom 18 ATM 9 Bathroom 3
Name Something You Can’t Be Afraid Of If You Want To Become A Vampire Blood 72 The Dark 8 Cross 7 Neck Bites 4 Bats 2
What Do You Do If You’re Eating At A Friend’s House, And Don’t Like The Food? Eat It Anyway 33 Pretend To Eat It 28 Excuse Yourself 14 Say “Not Hungry” 10 Be Honest 9
Name A Place Where Everyone Seems To Be In A Good Mood. Place Of Worship 25 Bar 24 Amusement park 22 Party 15 Beach 8
Name Something A Goldfish Might Complain About Dirty Water 40 No Food 37 Bowl Too Small 10 Not Enough Water 3 Beat Up By Other Fish 3
Besides Books, Name Something People Read. Magazines 49 News Papers 43 Road Signs 4 Poems 2 Billboards 2
Name Something Dogs Are Trained To Find Illegal Substance 47 Criminals 18 Bones 15 Missing People 11 Birds 3
Tell Me Something You Would See In A Blues Brothers Movie. Sunglasses 38 Dancing 16 Hats 15 Musical Insruments 13 Black Suits 12
Name Something People Do To Their Hair That Makes Them Look Silly. Dye It 64 Mohawk 14 Get A Bad Haircut 6 Curling 5 Bleach 5
Name The Last Thing You Read On The Internet That You Wish You Hadn’t. News 53 Email/Spam 18 Gossip 11 Bills/Accounts 8 Blog/Comments 4
In Order To Solve A Crime, What Does An Investigator Need To Find? Prints 36 Weapon 34 DNA 17 Suspect 5 Blood 5
Name A Sport That Can Only Be Played Outdoors In The Winter? Ice Hockey 34 Skiing 30 Ice Skating 15 Snowboarding 13 Bobsledding 6
Name Something Cindy Crawford Is Known For Mole 35 Modeling 31 Beauty 23 Aerobics 7 Body 3
Name A Famous Past Or Present Couple Who You’d Hate To Live Next Door To. The Osbournes 38 Brad & Angelina 29 Jon & Kate 13 Addams Family 9 Bonnie & Clyde 6
Name Something People Eat With Chili. Crackers 52 Cheese Sauce 29 Hot Dogs 8 Chips 4 Bread 2
Name Something A Bird Watcher Carries With Them Binoculars 79 Camara 11 Bird Book 4 Notepad 3 Bread 2
Name Something People Do To Make Their Breath Smell Good. Brush Teeth 44 Mints/Gum 30 Mouthwash 13 Floss 4 Breath Spray 3
Name Something Specific That Must Be Really Hard For Astronauts To Do While In Space. Eat/Drink 29 Use The Bathroom 28 Move Around/Exercise 20 Sleep 16 Breathe 3
Name Something You Might See In A Museum About The Old West. Gun 31 Pictures 24 Covered Wagon 16 Stagecoach 14 Buffalo 12
Besides A Waiter, Name A Job At A Restaurant. Chef 66 Host 8 Dishwasher 8 Cashier 7 Busser 6
Name A Part Of The Body That’s Often Sore After Exercise. Legs 41 Arms 31 Back 17 Stomach 5 Butt 4
When You Were A Little Kid, Where Did You Think Babies Came From. Stork 56 Mother’s Stomach 23 Heaven 7 Already Knew 6 Cabbage Patch 3
Name A Feature TV Sets Have Today That They Didn’t Have 50 Years Ago Remote Control 58 Color 30 Video player 4 Video Jacks 3 Cable 2
Name Something That Might Have Nuts In It? Candy 33 Cookies 21 Brownies 18 Pies 15 Cake 9
Name Something A Student Might Turn On When They’re Studying. Radio 44 Light 23 TV 12 Computer 11 Calculator 5
Name A Creature That, Until It Moves, You Don’t Know Its Head From Its Tail. Snake 33 Worm 26 Turtle 16 Ant 13 Caterpillar 5
Name Something You Can Test In The Store Before Buying It Perfume 38 TV 26 Clothes/Shoes 12 Computer 11 CD 8
Name Someone Who Might Work At A Mansion. Maid 45 Butler 37 Cook 5 Gardener 5 Chauffeur 2
Name Something That Can Make An Ordinary Dinner Romantic. Candles/Lighting 35 Wine 28 Flowers 21 Music 9 Chocolates 3
Name A Specific Bowl Game That Takes Place During The Holidays Rose Bowl 38 Orange Bowl 20 Cotton Bowl 17 Sugar Bowl 11 Citrus Bowl 9
Name Something A Housekeeper Uses As Part Of Her Job Vacuum 38 Broom 21 Mop 21 Dust Cloth 9 Cleaner 5
Name Someone Who Might Make A Speech At A Wedding. Best Man 43 Parent 28 Bridesmaid 14 Bride/Groom 9 Clergy Member 5
Name A Reason Parents Might Want Their Kid To Go To A Particular College. Alma Mater 43 Better Academics 19 Reputation Of School 16 The Cost 12 Close To Home 9
Name Something A Person Sits Next To On A Hot Day Fan/Air Conditioner 45 Swimming Pool 20 Ocean/Lake 12 Tree/Shade 11 Cold Drink 9
Why Might A Person Refuse To Remove Their Shoes At A Party? Smelly Feet 37 Dirty Floor 33 No Socks 11 Ugly Feet 10 Cold Feet 4
Where Were You The Last Time You Had A Bit Too Much To Drink. Bar 52 Home 16 Holiday Party 15 Wedding 8 College 7
What Can You Consult For Directions When You’re Lost? Map 55 GPS 27 Gas station Attendant 8 Police 6 Compass 3
Name Something Your Mom Told You Was The Key To A Happy Marriage Love 39 Trust 33 Healthy Love Life 11 Communication 10 Compromise 3
Name An Image That’s Often Used In Ads At Thanksgiving. Turkey 44 Family Dinner 24 Pilgrims 17 Native Americans 10 Cornucopia 5
Name A Magazine Teenagers Buy. Seventeen 37 Teen 26 Tiger Beat 17 Teen People 8 Cosmogirl 7
Name A Place Where Someone Might Practice Driving For The First Time. Parking Lot 68 Driving School 11 Field 8 Driveway 8 Country Road 3
Name An Occasion That It Would Not Be Fashionable To Arrive Late To. Wedding 42 Funeral 30 Work/Meeting 13 Job Interview 7 Court 5
Name A Place Where You Would Not Be Allowed To Chew Gum. School 60 Church 25 Library 4 Singapore 3 Court 3
Name Something People “Run” For. Office 53 Marathon 23 Health 16 Their Life 3 Cover 3
Name Something You Might Need If You’re Eating A Lobster Butter 30 Bib 29 Fork 19 Napkin 8 Cracking Tool 8
Name A Reason Why Basements Are Often Less Cozy Than The Rest Of A House Cold 33 Dark 23 Cement Floors 17 Damp 14 Creatures Live There 8
Name A Type Of TV Show That You Can’t Imagine Having An Audience Laugh Track. News 43 Soap Opera 26 Reality TV 14 Talk Show 9 Crime Drama 4
If Peter Pan Had A Phone, Name Someone He’d Probably Have On Speed Dial. Tinker Bell 55 Wendy 34 Captain Hook 6 Lost Boys 3 Croc 2
Name Something Snoopy Does That Your Dog Would Not Talk 34 Fly/Pilot 27 Sleep On House 16 Read/Write 13 Dance 8
Name Something A Rock Musician Might Do During A Concert That Would Look Funny For A Classical Musician To Do. Scream 32 Smash Instrument 26 Jump Around 19 Take Off Shirt 9 Dance 8
Name Something That Would Cause You To Quit Your Job On Your First Day Rude Boss 44 Too Stressfull 27 Bad Pay 14 Long Hours/Schedule 8 Dangerous 5
Name Something The Government Knows About You, But You Wouldn’t Talk To A Co-Worker About. Income 31 Tax Information 26 Social Security 21 Criminal Record 15 Debt 5
Name Something You Spray On Yourself That Would Sting If It Got In Your Eyes. Perfume 34 Insect Repelant 26 Hairspray 19 Sunscreen/Tan 15 Deoderant 4
Name Something People Use Pins For. Clothes 35 Sewing 34 Hold Papers 10 Hair 8 Diapers 5
Name Something An Auto Racer Hopes Won’t Happen To Him During A Race. Crash 62 Engine Trouble 12 Runs Out Of Gas 10 Flat Tire 10 Die 6
Name Something That Might Get You To Watch A New TV Show Advertisement 50 Stars 20 Appears Funny 10 Win Money 9 Different 6
Name Something That Has Bubbles In It. Soda 35 Champagne 27 Bubble Bath 20 Soap 11 Dishwashing Liquid 4
What Might A Celebrity Do That Causes People To Criticize Him? Party 55 Cheat 17 Drive Carelessly 9 Get Arrested 8 Divorce 5
Name A Public Place Where You Undress Dressing Room/Store 32 Beach/Pool 29 Restroom 15 Locker Room 13 Doctor’s Office 8
Name A Piece Of Information That Can Be Found On A Prescription Bottle. Patient Name 33 Directions 30 Date/Expiration 16 Drug/Ingredients 11 Doctor/Contact 8
Name Something Kids Insist On Doing By Themselves Even If It Takes A Long Time. Tying Their Shoelaces 30 Getting Dressed 28 Eating 24 Taking A Bath 4 Doing Their Homework 3
Name A Talk Show You Might Go On To Tell About Your Disaster Wedding. Oprah 36 Jerry Springer 36 Maury 17 Tyra Banks 4 Dr Phil 4
Name Something Doctors Are Always Telling People To Stop Doing Smoking 69 Eating Too Much 15 Eating Junk 8 Too Much Salt 4 Drinking Alcohol 2
Name Something That Would Prevent A Person From Becoming A Pilot. Bad Vision 56 Fear Of Flying 17 Fear Of Heights 13 Criminal Record 6 Drinking Problem 6
In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment, Which Disney Character’s Name Would Be Hardest To Say With A Straight Face Goofy 40 Mickey Mouse 24 Donald Duck 14 Dopey 11 Dumbo 8
Name A Place A Baby Sticks His Fingers That He’s Not Supposed To Socket 39 Nose 21 Mouth 18 Light Switch 9 Ear 8
What Kind Of A Weather Event Makes The Front Page Of The News? Hurricane 32 Snow/Blizzard 31 Tornado 28 Flood 4 Earthquake 3
Name Something That A Circus Performer’s Parents Would Cringe At Seeing Him Perform. Tight Rope 43 Trapeze 28 Taming Lion 12 Sword Swallowing 9 Eating Fire 7
Name Something Specific People Put Salsa On Chips 63 Tacos 22 Enchaladas 4 Burritos 3 Eggs 2
Name A Place On Your Body That You Can’t Scratch When It Itches Back 44 Bottom 24 Foot 13 Throat 10 Eyes 8
What Is The Most Used Room In Most Homes? Bathroom 30 Living Room 27 Kitchen 25 Bed Room 14 Family Room 3
Why Might A Person Use Stairs Instead Of The Elevator? Exercise 61 Fire 20 Elevator Broken 6 Fear Of Small Spaces 6 Faster 3
Name Something You’d Wear To A Roaring ’20s Themed Party. Hat/Headband 34 Flapper Dress 25 Beads 16 Wig/Bob 14 Feather/Boa 9
Name Something You Order At McDonald’s That You’d Never Order At A Fancy French Restaurant. Hamburger 45 French Fries 27 Chicken Nuggets 10 Milkshake 8 Filet O Fish 5
Name Something You Might See In A Hunting Lodge Mounted Animal Heads 55 Guns 20 Hunters 9 Antlers 5 Fireplace 5
Name Something Boy Scouts And Girl Scouts Both Learn To Do Start Fire 38 Door To Door Sales 27 Camp 24 Community Service 6 First Aid 3
Name A Good Occupation For A Woman Who Was Head Cheerleader. Dancer 33 Coach/Teacher 28 Model 16 Motivational Speaker 12 Fitness Instructor 9
Name Something You Might Use A Flashlight While Doing Camping 42 Searching For Something 27 Reading 11 Hiking 11 Fixing A Car 7
Name Something That Supermodels Would Rather Do Without. Food/Diet Food 38 High Heels 18 Camaras 16 Makeup 13 Flaws 9
Name Something At Your Company Holiday Party That Could Lead You To Embarrass Yourself. Open Bar 45 Dance Floor 22 Karaoke 12 Mistletoe 9 Free Food 7
Name Someplace That Kids Need Their Parents To Drive Them School 41 The Mall 20 The Movies 15 Clubs/Practice 12 Friemd’s/Party 10
Tell Me A Smell Most People Hate. Skunk 37 Rotten Eggs 15 Ammonia 8 Onion 8 Garlic 7
Name A Foreign Language That Is Not Usually Offered In High School Japanese 29 Chinese 23 Latin 21 Russian 18 German 9
Name A Heavy Animal That A China Shop Owner Wouldn’t Let Into Their Store. Bull 47 Elephant 24 Bear 16 Lion 6 Giraffe 5
Duct Tape Can Fix A Lot Of Things, But Name An Expensive Item That It Would Probably Be Useless To Fix. Car/Tires 37 TV/Electronics 26 Ring/Jewelry 16 Frige/Appliance 13 Glass/Window 6
Name Something A Real Estate Agent Needs To Do His Job. Homes For Sale 53 Car 16 Clients 11 Advertisement 8 Good Attitude 6
Name A Word That People Use To Avoid Swearing. Darn 38 Shoot 29 Dang 15 Fudge 8 Gosh 5
Name Something You Might Pay Extra For When Renting A Car Insurance 53 Better Stereo 13 Milage Fees 12 Bigger Car 10 GPS 7
Name A Food That’s Made From Corn. Popcorn 29 Corn Bread 26 Tortillas/Chips 20 Cornflakes/Cereal 9 Grits
Name A Public Place Where You Might Be Spotted Wearing Less Clothing Than Usual. Beach 43 Pool 31 Nightclub 10 Spa 6 Gym 5
Name A Reason Why You’d Wake Your Spouse Up In The Middle Of The Night Heard A Noise 41 “In The Mood” 17 Snoring 16 You’re Sick 9 Had A Nightmare 5
Name A Weather Condition That Is 4 Letters Long Snow 41 Rain 35 Cold 13 Wind 6 Hail 3
Name Something A Cheerleader Has Lots Of. Energy 37 Pom Pom 25 Spirit 24 Cheers 5 Hair 2
Name A Type Of Party That’s Bound To Get A Little Out Of Hand. Bachelor(ette) Party 36 College/Frat Party 24 House Party 14 New Years Eve 10 Haloween/Costume 8
Name A Part Of A Boxer’s Body That Might Be Swollen After A Match Cheeks 29 Eyes 27 Nose 16 Lips 10 Hands 5
Name A Specific Way That You Wish Your Life Were Like A Hollywood Movie Have Lots Of Money 44 Find True Love 22 Live In Nice House 20 Lots Of drama 9 Happy Ending 4
Name Another Word Or Phrase People Use To Say Good-Bye See You Later 40 So Long 21 Adios 20 Ciao 9 Hasta La Vista 5
Name Something You’d Learn To Do In Your First Swim Class Float 68 Hold Breath 13 Doggy paddle 6 Blow Bubbles 4 Head Under Water 3
Name Something You Might Lose As You Get Older. Memory 41 Hair 27 Teeth 11 Eye Sight 9 Hearing 6
Name A Type Of Wave That You Can’t Ride On Tidal 39 Hand 24 Sound 16 Radio 11 Heat 4
We Asked 100 Husbands: If Your Wife Is Staring At You Over A Holiday Dinner, What Might She Be Telling You With Her Look I Love You 38 Your In Trouble 23 Let’s Leave 13 Stop Talking 10 Help Out/Dishes 9
Name Something That People Often Write On The Back Of Postcards Name 30 Address 26 With Love 16 Miss You 14 Hi/Hello 11
Name A Mountain Range Known For Skiing Rockies 35 Swiss Alps 32 Sierras 8 Appalachian 6 Himilaysa 4
Name A Room That You’d Find In A Mansion, But Not A Regular House Library/Study 40 Game Room 22 Pool Room 18 Parlor 9 Home Theatre 8
On “Family Feud,” Name Something The Host Asks Players About. Family 52 Name 17 Job 17 Age 7 Hometown 4
Name Something A Shy Man Might Wear To Hide His Face. Hat/Headband 45 Glasses 24 Facial Hair 16 Scarf 9 Hood 4
Name Something You Wear That Covers Your Ears. Ear Muffs 50 Hat 35 Headphones 5 Scarf 4 Hood 3
Name Something A Teen Might Take Off Before Going To Grandma’s House For Dinner. Makeup 38 Hat 32 Piercing 13 Shoes 9 Hoodie 3
Name A Fictional Character With Two Identities Superman 35 Jekyll & Hyde 33 Batman 17 Spiderman 5 Hulk 3
Name A Person You Wouldn’t Want To Get Tipsy In Front Of. Parent 42 Boss 41 Pastor 7 Police Officer 4 In Laws 4
Name Something You’re Better Off Spending Too Much Money On Than Too Little. Car 35 House/Home Repair 23 Food 20 Gifts 11 Insurance 9
Name Something That’s “As American As Apple Pie.” Baseball 36 Flag 21 Hamburger 13 Chevrolet 11 Jeans 4
Name A Drink People Put Ice In. Tea 47 Soda 24 Alcohol 14 Water 8 Juice 7
Name Something Mick Jagger Does A Lot Sing 56 Dance 10 Yell 10 Tour 9 Jump 7
Name A Specific Part Of Your Body That The Doctor Might Say To Take Better Care Of Heart 51 Back/Spine 24 Feet 6 Eyes 4 Kidneys 4
Name A Product Door-To-Door Salesman Used To Sell Vacuum Cleaner 46 Cosmetics 28 Encyclopedia 11 Bible 5 Knives 4
Name A Product Door-To-Door Salesmen Used To Sell. Vacuum Cleaner 46 Cosmetics 28 Encyclopedia 11 Bible 5 Knives 4
Name Something People Drink A Lot Of In The Summer Lemonade 36 Iced Tea 25 Water 19 Beer 10 kool Aid 5
Name A Downside To Being The Youngest Child In The Big Family. Hand Me Down Clothes 61 Treated Like A Baby 18 Picked On 7 No Respect 5 Lack Of Attention 4
Real Or Fictional, Name Someone Who’s Associated With A Lamb Mary 71 Jesus 8 Little Bo Peep 6 Shepherd 5 Lambchop (puppet) 4
Name Something Twins Might Always Share. Looks 40 Parents 27 birthday 24 Genes 5 Last Name 3
Name A Type Of Business That’s Convenient To Have In Your Neighborhood Market/Conv Store 48 Gas Station 33 Bank 8 Restaurant 4 Laundromat 3
Which Occupation Would You Expect A Guy Named Poindexter To Have? Scientist 41 Accountant 22 Computer Programer/Tech 19 Teacher 6 Lawyer 6
Other Than Cotton, Name A Material Many Clothes Are Made Out Of. Polyester 32 Silk 30 Wool 19 Nylon 10 Leather 7
Name Something That Might Be On A Toothpick Inside A Fancy Drink Olive 59 Cherry 18 Umbrella 7 Lemon 6 Lime 4
Name A Gift That A Very Practical Woman Would Not Be Impressed By Receiving From A Man. Flowers 38 Jewelry 27 Perfume 13 Candy 12 Lingerie 7
Name A Famous Phrase From The Wizard Of Oz? Off To See The Wizard 28 No Place Like Home 23 Follow Yellow Brick Road 23 I’ll Get You My Pretty 13 Lions Tigers & Bears
Name Something People Do In The Woods That Probably Annoys The Animals Living There Hunt 36 Relieve Themselves 33 Camp 16 Cut Down Trees 7 Litter 4
Name Something A Job Ad Should Tell You About The Job. Pay 45 Title 25 Hours 16 Duties 9 Location 3
Name Something That Is Personalized License Plate 47 Watch/Jewelry 23 Polio/Work Shirt 19 Towel Set 6 Luggage Tag 3
Name Something A Boss Might Ask His Secretary To Remind Him Of. Appointments 54 Wife’s Birthday 21 Anniversary 12 Calls 8 Lunch 5
Name Something Of Yours That A Snoop Might Try To Get Access To. Diary 54 Bank Account 20 Computer 9 Password 8 Mail 6
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Look Like The Grim Reaper. Black Hood & Cape 43 Sickle 20 Skeleton 13 Mask 11 Makeup 8
Name Something Naughty That Children Living In The White House Would Never Be Able To Get Away With Sneaking Out 31 Shoplifting 25 Skipping School 14 Smoking/Drinking 12 Making A Mess 9
Name An Extracurricular Activity That Parents Say Is Good For A Child. Team Sports 36 Music Lessons 22 Dance Class 21 Theatre 12 Martial Arts 3
Name A Food That Can Be Molded Into A Shape Jello 47 Dough 28 Cheese 9 Meatloaf 5 Mashed Potatoes 5
Name A Professional Who You Hate To Call Because The Bill Is To Expensive? Plumber 35 Lawyer 29 Doctor 24 Electrician 5 Mechanic 4
Name Something You Are Always Tempted To Steal From The Doctor’s Office. Gloves 39 Magazine 26 Band Aids 12 Pen 11 medicine 7
Name A Type Of Profession Where You’d Be The Most Surprised To See Someone With A Tattoo. Doctor 44 Religious Leader 32 Lawyer 8 Teacher 7 Model/Actor 6
Which Type Of Creatures Is Often The Villain In Fairy Tales? Wolf 49 Ogre 16 Dragon 13 Witch 9 Monster 7
Name Something Football Players Wear For Protection. Helmet 43 Cup 25 Shoulder Pads 19 Knee Pads 5 Mouth Guard 3
Name A Word Or Phrase That Begins With The Word “Mouth.” Mouth Wash 36 Mouth Off 23 Mouth To Mouth 16 Mouthful 12 Mouthguard/Piece 10
Name A Place Where There’s Often A Line For The Women’s Restroom. Bar 29 Concert 26 Mall 19 Restaurant 13 Movie Theatre 11
Name Something That You Can Adjust The Volume On TV 39 Radio/Stereo 31 Computer 10 Phone 9 MP3 Player 7
Name Someone In Her Life That A Woman Might Have A Crush On? Teacher 36 Boss 26 Friend 21 Doctor 11 Neighbor 3
Name Something A Boy Scout Wouldn’t Need To Start A Fire, But You Do Matches 46 Lighter 25 Gasoline 12 Kindling 11 newspaper 4
What Words Do Kids Usually Use To Describe Something They Like? Cool 51 Awesome 18 Yummy 14 Good 9 Nice 5
Name A Reason You’d Go By A Nickname Instead Of Your Full Name Shorter 44 Dislike Full Name 31 Friends/Family Insist 12 Rare Name/Hard To Say 7 Nickname Sounds Cool 5
Name Something Every Newlywed Hopes Their Mother-In-Law Will Be Like Quiet 33 Good Cook 20 Not Nosey 16 Lives Far Away 10 Nie 10
Name Something You’ve Come To Realize You’re Too Old To Put Up With. Kids 34 Drama/Gossip 29 Dating 15 Noise 12 Nightlife 8
Tell Me A Reason Why A Kid Would Not Go Swimming All Summer Long Can’t Swim/Afraid 31 In Cast 23 Grounded 17 Cold Weather 11 No Pool 5
Name Something You Would Buy A Lot Of When Hosting A New Year’s Party. Drinks 54 Food 27 Decorations 11 Utensils 4 Noise Makers 3
Name A Sign You Might See Posted In A Restaurant. No Smoking 78 Restrooms 7 Wait To Be Seated 5 No Shirt No Service 2 Not Resp. For Items 2
Name A Food That You Rinse Off Of A Dish Immediately Or It Becomes Hard As A Rock Egg 31 Cheese Sauce 29 Pasta 18 Mashed Potatoes 12 Oatmeal/Cereal 8
Name Something You’d Find On The Cover Of A Novel. Authors Name 44 Title 38 Blurb 8 Picture 6 On Best seller List 4
Name Something At A Rock Concert That You Don’t Pay To See, But See Anyway. Fights 31 Drinking/Drugs 29 Crowds 19 Skimpy Outfits 13 Opening Band 6
Name A Movie Involving An Elephant. Dumbo 48 Tarzan 19 Jungle Book 17 Jumanji 7 Operation:Dumbo Drop 4
Name A Place Where It’s Always Rainy. Seattle 50 Rainforest 22 London 14 Florida Everglades 4 Oregon 4
Name A Shakesphere Character Who Most People Have Heard Of. Romeo 56 Hamlet 20 JulietteJuliet 15 MacBeth 3 Othello 3
Name Something Construction Workers Wear Hard Hat 67 Tool Belt 14 Boots 8 Orange Vests 4 Overalls 4
Name Something A Couple Might Worry About Having Less Of Once They Have Children Money 60 Intimacy 16 Time 13 Privacy 5 Partners Love 5
Name A Food Item A Restaurant Might Offer As “All-You-Can-Eat.” Chicken 32 Salad Bar 26 Shrimp 21 Crab Legs 7 Pasta 6
Name Something That A Game Show Host And A Good Teacher Have In Common Good Speaker 35 Smart 33 Sense Of Humor 19 Personality 8 Patience 3
If You Were The Incredible Hulk, Tell Me What Part Of Your Day Would Most Likely Turn You Into A Monster. Shopping 30 Work 25 Driving 19 Cleaning 14 Paying Bills 9
Besides Passengers, Who Might You See At A Subway Station? Police 42 Conductor 33 Homeless Person 11 Ticket Takers 5 Performer 3
Name Something A Woman’s Doctor Might Advise Her Not To Wear. High Heels 45 Pantyhose 23 Makeup 12 Girdle/Corset 9 Perfume 4
Name Another Word For “Little.” Small 39 Tiny 15 Miniature 5 Mini 3 Petite 2
Name The Best Thing That Is Now Available Digital, But Hasn’t Always Been TV 35 Clock 20 Canara 19 MP3/Music 14 Phone 10
Name A Type Of Book That You’re Not Expected To Read All Of. Bible 36 Dictionary 28 Encyclopedia 15 Text Book 10 Phone Book 8
Name A Good Occupation For Someone Who Likes To Be The Center Of Attention Actor 47 Singer 27 Teacher 12 Model 6 politician 4
In Order To Seem Like A “Regular Guy,” Name A Place Where A Politician Might Hang Out. Bar 38 Bowling Alley 27 Diner 23 Rock Concert 6 Pool Hall 5
Name A Business That You Wish Stayed Open Later. Bank 27 Restaurant 24 Bar 24 Supermarket 13 Post Office 9
Name Something That Politicians Would Be Better Off Without Big Promises 29 Money/Donors 27 Scandal 25 Media 8 Power/Control 5
What Topic Would You See In A Women’s Magazine That’s Never In A Men’s Magazine? Make Up 37 Period 29 Fashion 12 Cooking 10 Pregnancy 10
Name Someone Bart Simpson Would Block From Becoming His Friend On Facebook. His Dad/Homer 33 His Sister/Lisa 30 His Mom/Marge 15 The Bully/Nelson 6 Principal Skinner 3
Name Something A Caveman Might Do To Impress A Cavewoman Kill Dinosaur 36 Beat His Chest 21 Make Fire 14 Bring Her Meat 14 Pull Her By The Hair 9
Name Something You Might Drive Over That Would Cause A Bumpy Ride Bumps 39 Pot Holl 27 Gravel Road 12 Rocks 11 Railroad Track 4
Name A Place Where You Can Always Find A Taxi New York 47 Airport 35 Hotel 5 Breathe 4 Railway Station 2
Name Something You Might Have To Put Up With An At Outdoor Cafe That You Wouldn’t When Eating Indoors Bugs 31 Wind 21 Cold Weather 16 Sun 15 Rain 12
Name A Fruit They Put In Ice Cream Strawberry 49 Peach 18 Strawberry 13 Banana 10 Raspberry 4
Name A Place Where It’s Hard To Talk Because Of All The Background Noise Concert 53 Bar 21 Sports Game 10 Mall 5 Restaurant 5
Name Something You Cut With Scissors. Paper 68 Hair 10 Clothes 9 Nails 5 Ribbon 3
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Probably Go Through A Lot Of Sunscreen. Lifeguard 45 Road Construction 20 Land Scaper/Gardener 14 Farmer 11 Roofer 8
Name An Actor Who Also Has A Rock Band? Keanu Reeves 33 Kevin Bacon 24 Bruce Willis 17 Jack Black 14 Russell Crowe 7
Name Something At A Restaurant That Might Keep Getting Refilled Drink 58 Ketchup 13 Bread Basket 11 Salp/Pepper 11 Salad Bowl 3
Name A Instrument That Can Sound Whiny Violin 40 Flute 28 Clarinet 19 Guitar 6 Saxiphone 4
Name Something People Know About Spiders. 8 Legs 37 They Bite 26 Make Webs 17 Poisonous 12 Scary 4
Name Something You Take A Deep Breath Before Looking At Blood/Injury 42 Finances 2 Your Weight 16 Grades 10 Scary Movie 7
Name A Two-Word Term That Starts With “Secret.” Secret Service 34 Secret Agent 20 Secret Admirer 19 Secret Santa 14 Secret Garden 7
Name An Occupation Where Women Are Often Portrayed As Sexy? Nurse 33 Dancer 25 Model 17 Waitress 13 Secretary 7
Tell Me An Occupation In Which It Could Be Disastrous To Fall Asleep On The Job. Truck Driver 43 Airplane Pilot 28 Machinist 10 Bus/Taxi Driver 8 Security Guard 6
Name Something A Costume Character May Have To Remove Their Head To Do Eat 56 Get A Drink 17 Talk 12 Breath 9 See 5
Name Something You Buy To Go With A Guitar. Pick 32 Case 28 Strings 18 Amp 16 Sheet Music 6
When Wading In A Lake, Tell Me Something You Feel Against Your Feet Pebbles 31 Sand/Mud 24 Fish 20 Seaweed 18 Shells 5
Name Something A Knight Needs For A Jousting Match Horse 52 Sword 19 Armour 16 Lance 4 Shield 3
What Is The First Thing People Do If They Encounter A Bear In The Woods? Run Away 55 Scream 21 Freeze 16 Hide 4 Shoot It 3
Name A Habit That Would Be Impossible To Hide From Your Spouse Smoking 64 Drinking 12 Biting Nails 7 Gambling 7 Shopping 4
Name Something A Boy Might Wear That Is Likely To Get Him Kicked Out Of Prep School. Hat 27 Dress/Skirt 23 Blue Jeans 18 Piercing 17 Shorts 9
Name Something You Do On Christmas And Your Birthday Gifts 41 Eat Sweets 21 Party 15 Time With Family 13 Sing 5
Name Something A Family Might Do On Vacation At A Winter Lodge. Ski 52 Sled 21 Ice Skate 9 Snowboard 8 Sit By Fire 5
Name Something Parents Let Their Kids Do In The Past, That Would Make Them Seem Like Bad Parents Today No Seatbelt 33 Unsupervised Play 24 No Bike Helmet 22 Walk To School 11 Sit In Front Seat 8
Besides Video Games, Name Another Kind Of Game You Can Play At An Arcade. Pinball 44 Foosball 16 Air Hockey 15 Basket Ball 14 Skee Ball 11
Name A Sport Whose Athletes Wear Hats. Baseball 45 Golf 30 Tennis 12 Swimming 8 Skiing 3
Tell Me Something That Kids Ride With Ease, But An Adult Would Be Afraid To Ride. Bicycle 35 Roller Coaster 33 Skate Board 15 Horse 9 Sled 6
Name Something A Baby Learns To Do Even Before It Can Talk Crawl 43 Walk 24 Eating Junk 12 Cry 10 Smile 4
Name Something You Hope Your Friend Doesn’t Do When House Sitting For You. Party 44 Steal 15 Use My Clothes 15 Make A Mess 8 Smoke 8
Other Than Drink Coffee, What Do People Do While At A Cafe Talk 33 Read 21 Eat 20 Use Computer 18 Smoke 5
Tell Me Something You Avoid When You Are Sick Other People 34 Work/School 29 Eating 25 Alcohol 5 Smoking 5
Name Something You Hope Doesn’t Happen When Holding Someone’s Baby. Have To Change diaper 43 Drop It 24 Spit Up On You 16 Cry 9 Snneze/Cough On Baby 8
Name An Article Of Clothing That Makes You Feel Like You Can’t Move Coat 30 Jeans 29 Girdle 20 Tights 10 Snow Suit 7
Name An Article Of Clothing That Makes You Feel Like You Can’t Move. Coat 30 Jeans 29 Girdle 20 Tights 10 Snowsuit 7
Which Item Of Clothing Will You Wear More Than Once Before Washing It? Jeans 57 Shirt 18 Coat 9 Bra 8 Socks 6
What Do People Start Having More Of In Their Car Once They Have Kids? Toys 38 Trash 28 Car Seats 15 Food/Drink 13 Spills 4
Name Something A Person Might Do With Chewing Gum That Other People Think Is Rude. Pop It 47 Smack 19 Blow Bubbles 13 Put Under Table 8 Spit It Out 8
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Dress Up Like A Cowboy. Cowboy Hat 62 Coyboy Boots 28 Toy Gun 4 Chaps 4 Spurs 2
Name Something A Bachelor Might Buy For His Bedroom To Make It More Romantic. Candles 35 Mirrors 25 Colored Lights 16 Silk Sheets 11 Stereo System 6
Name Something That Causes Your Spouse To Snore Worse Than Usual. Cold/Allergies 40 Alcohol 28 Exhaustion 21 Sleeping On Back 6 Stress 4
Name Something Kids Use For Fun, But Adults Use For Exercise. Bike 48 Ball 24 Jumprope 18 Trampoline 6 Swimming Pool 3
If A Person Is A Driver For A Living What Specific Type Of Vehicle Might He Drive? Semi Truck 34 bus 25 Limo 16 Race Car 11 Taxi 5
Name Something People Like To Drink At Bedtime. Milk 53 Water 27 Hot Chocolate 9 Juice 6 Tea 5
Name An Occupation Where People Are Paid To Tell Others What To Do (More Specific Than Boss). Doctor 28 Lawyer 27 Fitness Trainer 15 Accountant/Broker 13 Teacher 6
Name A Type Of Sport That Might Be Cancelled Because Of Rain. Baseball 72 Football 15 Golf 7 Soccer 4 Tennis 2
Tell Me The Worst Thing To Have Break If You’re Stuck In Bed On Doctor’s Orders Television 45 Remote Control 20 Phone 17 Furnace/AC 10 The Bed 5
If You Were Going To Be A Contestant On Jeopardy, Name A Specific Subject Area You’d Want To Memorize Beforehand. History 46 Geography 24 Movies 11 Current Events 10 The Bible 3
Name Something That Your Spouse Has Accused You Of “Stealing.” Money 54 Their Heart 24 Left Overs/Dessert 9 A Kiss 7 The TV Remote 4
Name A Kind Of Ticket People Wait In Line To Buy Concert 45 Movie 43 Amusement Park 3 Sports 3 Theatre 2
Many Hunters Wear Camouflage In The Woods, Name A Pattern You’d Be Surprised To See A Hunter Wear. Polka Dots 36 Stripes 33 Floral 12 Paisley 11 Tie Dye 5
Give Me A Person’s First Name That Rhymes With “Silly.” Billy 59 Willy 18 Lily 12 Millie 7 Tillie 3
Tell Me A Name That’s Common For Cats To Have. Fluffy 28 Felix 21 Whiskers 20 Morris 10 Tom 6
Name Something Specific Farmers Grow In Their Fields Corn 46 Wheat 17 Cotton 13 Carrots 6 Tomatoes 5
Name A Reason Why Some TV Commercials Are More Irritating Than Others. Loud Sounds 38 Played Too Much 22 Too Long 15 Catchy Song 15 Too Boring 6
Name Something Cats Can Chase All Day. Nice 38 Tail 25 Ball Of Yarn 12 Birds 10 Toy/Ball 9
Name Something You’ve Ridden On Only A Handful Of Times In Your Life. Horse 35 Airplane 33 Roller Coaster 21 Motorcycle 14 Train 4
Name Something You’d See At A Dog Show, But Not At A Beauty Pageant. Dogs 53 Leash 24 Poop 10 Collar/Tag 6 Trainers 5
Name Something A Camper Does While Camping That He Wouldn’t Do At Home. Build A Fire 35 Hike 18 Sing Campfire Songs 17 Sleep In A Tent 14 Use A Latrine 10
Name Something You See Cheerleaders Do That Would Look Strange To See People Doing Otherwise. Splits 31 Shouting 27 Cartwheel 15 Pyramid 13 Use Pom Poms 11
Name Something People Don’t Want To Do In Front Of Somebody They’re Dating, Until They Get Serious. Pass Gas 60 Show Affection 13 Eat 9 Undress 9 Use The Restroom 4
Name Something People Associate With Niagara Falls. Waterfall 74 Hioneymoon 11 Weddings 8 Barrels 5 Vacation 2
Name Something Cats Hate Dogs 54 Water 33 Grab Their Tail 3 Mouse 3 Vacuum Cleaner 2
Besides Chocolate Chip, Name A Popular Cookie Oreo 44 Oatmeal 22 Peanut Butter 17 Sugar 8 Vanilla Wafers 3
Name A Country To Which American Jobs Are Being Outsourced China 28 Mexico 27 India 21 Japan 14 Vietnam 5
Name Something You Might Know Your Partner’s Password For E Mail 40 Computer 23 Bank Account 20 Credit Card 7 Voice Mail 4
Name A Place Where People Are Asked To Rise Place Of Worship 44 Court 30 School 12 Sporting Event 10 Wedding 5
Name Something People Carry On Their Shoulders. Backpacks 43 Purses 33 Kids 12 Monkey 5 Weight Of The World 2
Name Something You Want To Know When You Run Into A Friend You Haven’t Seen In Years? Married? 31 How Are You? 29 Your Name Again…? 16 Have Kids? 12 What Do You Do? 9
Name Something In Your Car That Can Be Turned On And Off. Radio 28 Engine 26 Lights 23 Heater/AC 13 Wipers 5
Name A Reason A Person Might Wear A Disguise. Halloween Party 41 Robber/On The Run 27 Undercover Spy 12 Celebrity 10 Witness Protection 7
Name Something You Can’t Be Afraid Of If You Want To Become A Fisherman Water 49 Fish 21 Hooks 15 Boats 8 Worms 7
Name A Type Of TV Show A Man Might Be Embarrassed To Say He Watches A Lot Of. Soap Opera 61 Cartoons 13 Talk show 10 Game Show 8 Wrestling 5
Tell Me Something You’d Hear On The Radio That Would Lead You To Believe That The Host Is Inexperienced. Stuttering 39 Dead Air 31 Profanity 12 Belch/Cough 10 Wrong Song 6
Name A Place That Might Be Dimly Lit. Restaurant 42 Bar 31 Movie Theater 11 Basement 5 Alley 4
Name Something You Might Find Inside Of A Plastic Egg. Candy 63 Pantyhose 18 Toys 10 Money 5 Balls 4
Tell Me A Noise That Birds Make. Chirp/Cheep 38 Tweet 30 Caw Caw 14 Squawk 6 Cluck 5
Name something cars have today they didnt’ have 50 years ago Air Bags Seat Belt CD Player Cruise control Computer
Besides Mickey, name a character you’re likely to find on a t-shirt at Disneyland Donald duck Goofy Minnie Mouse Pluto Dumbo
A Young Person “Fights For Their Right To Party.” What Might An Old Person Fight For The Right To Do? Sleep 32 Vote 25 Retire 16 Keep License 10 Get Social security 8
Name A Reason Why A Child Might Not Want Long Hair. Hot 38 Tangles 24 Looks Like A Girl 19 Hard To Wash 7 In Their Eyes 7
Name something you do when approached by a salesperson in a store Avoid them Ask for help Smile Say Hi Just looking
Name A Drink That You Might Stir. Coffee 50 Tea 17 Martini 12 Chocolate Milk 8 Kool Aid 7
Name An Animal You See In The Woods That You Would Be Surprised To See In The City. Bear 38 Deer 29 Wolf 14 Fox 11 Mountain Lion 7
Other Than For A Passenger, Name A Reason A Cab Driver Would Stop The Car. Red Light 32 Accident 23 Traffic Jam 21 Police/Sirens 12 Needs Gas 8
Name An Article Of Clothing That Only A Neat-Freak Would Iron. Underware 47 Socks 29 Jeans 14 Tie 5 Nightgown 3
Name A Reason A Game Show Host Might Get Fired. Cursing 30 Intoxicated 25 Rude 19 Cheating 15 Not Funny 8
Name A Halloween Costume People Wear If They Don’t Want To Go All Out. Ghost 50 Witch 36 Pumpkin 5 Vampire 4 Pajamas 3
Name Something You’d Find In A Hospital Waiting Room. Magazines 58 TV 12 Pay Phone 10 Chair 9 People 6
If Fred Flintstone Was Your Neighbor, Name Something You Wouldn’t Ask To Borrow. Car 45 Clothes/Shoes 24 Food 15 Lawn Mower 8 Phone 3
Name An Occupation You’d Want Just For The Car. Limo Driver 32 police Officer 25 Racecar Driver 22 Taxi Driver 11 Pizza driver 8
Name An Exercise High School Gym Teachers Make You Do. Jumping Jacks 39 Run 27 Push Ups 23 Sit Ups 6 Pull Ups 3
Name Something That People With Roommates Do More Of In Their Bedroom Than People Without Watch TV 34 Talk On The Phone 18 Sleep 15 Eat 14 Read/Study 13
Name Something In An Office That Makes A Lot Of Noise. Telephones 40 Copier 26 Fax Machine 13 Printer 10 Shredder 5
Name A Specific Item That A Woman Might Not Want To Wear When She’s Pregnant. Bikini 42 Jeans 25 High Heels 17 Mini Skirt 7 Spandex 6
Name a vehicle that would be hard to learn how to operate Big Rig Airplane Tractor Bulldozer Tank
If You Moved To England, Name Something That Would Take Some Getting Used To. British Accent 43 Weather 18 Driving On Other Side 17 Culture 12 Time Difference 4
If Men Carried Purses, Name Something You’d Find Inside Them. Wallet/Money 34 Cell Phone 20 Cigarettes 17 Keys 15 Tools 12
Name Something That Kids Promise Their Parents They’ll Do If They’re Allowed To Borrow The Family Car Chores 29 Drive Carefully 27 Fill It Up 25 Make Curfew 11 Wash It 6
Name something that kids promise their parents they’ll do if they’re allowed to borrow the family car. Chores 29 Drive carefully 27 Fill it up 25 Make curfew 11 Wash it 6

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