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Buggle Facebook Game Review

Posted July 16, 2012 by in Action Arcade
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Bang For Buck

Total Score

2.5/ 5

Facebook Game Overview

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Addict Potential:

The Good:

easy to grasp, lots of levels, full layout seen

The Bad:

poor graphics, frustrating unfair obstacles, simplistic
Andrew D. Grabber Says

I didn’t like this game – and I usually love bubble games. The biggest frustration is in the seemingly intentional rotation of the bubble that made levels with a set amount of bubbles available impossible to pass. You end up retrying the same level over and over just ready to buy more kicks at the can. Feels amateur. There’s better bubble games out there (and reviewed here too!).

by Andrew (Admin)
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    How do you switch balls in the cannon? With my phone I tap the cannon and it switches, if I do that on my computer it shoots the ball…I don’t see a tutorial anywhere to explain how to play the game. Help please! Thank you!!!

      Andrew (Admin)

      Hey J. Valentine,

      Ah, the frustration of the Buggle ball switch. Seemingly simple enough yet not disclosed anywhere! Ready for it? The space bar. Yup.. hit the space bar to swap Buggle balls/balloons.

      Thanks for visiting DataGrabber.org! 🙂


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