3D Slots Facebook Game Review

3D Slots Facebook Game Review

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3D Slots is the kind of game where you start out thinking how could this be ANY more fun than regular casino slots game.  But as you play it, you find yourself killing hours and actually having fun playing.  There’s a couple of reasons for this.

3D Slots you won’t need special glasses for…

First, while not ‘true 3D’, the game animation is not bad and during game play there’s a lot of mini animation depending on what you spin with mini skits and segments in each unique theme that play out and get your more money.  You do get a chance to earn bonuses fairly frequently in the game.

Second, you have to keep playing in order to unlock more levels (ie. more themes).  This motivates you to keep playing.  The music and general gaming experience is pretty nice for slots.  It is a bit buggy in that I found loading problems with Internet Explorer (actually had to switch to Russian or Spanish language to trigger it to start).  Here’s a better run down below:


This is one of the best slot machine games out there. Every slot has it’s own special bonuses and themes. When you win, the symbols you win on become animated and 3D. For a facebook game, not to mention slot machine game, this game has pretty amazing graphics and a good ol’ fun factor – for slots that is.

The best way to gain a good overview is so examine each of the slot themes:

Mr. Vegas: A Vegas themed slot dealing with roullette, slots, show girls, and the such. It has a jackpot that can be hit. Get the Mr. Vegas symbol next to the Dice symbol and get free spins (amount based on the dice roll, double payout for doubles). Get 3 or more slot machines and get the mini slot machines bonus where you get a small 3 reel slot machine to spin. Get 5 pieces/chips of the money wheel on the top right corner of your symbols (1 per column) to unlock the jackpot wheel where you can win credits, the slot machine bonus game, free spins, or the jackpot. Get 3 Mr. Vegas symbols (columns 1 3 and 5) and unlock the roullette bonus game where you can’t lose no matter which numbers you pick.

Enchanted: This is a fairy tale themed slot featuring wizards, ogres, faries, magic hats, and the such. Collect 3 keys to unlock the doors bonus game in which you instruct the gnome which of the broken reels to fix. Get 2 or more crazy hat symbols and trigger the crazy reels bonus. Get 3 or more spell book symbols to trigger the free games bonus. Get the fairy to the left of the ogre to get the Save Feeras Birdie Bonus in which you have to hit the ogre on the head with magic spells. Oh yeah and there’s also owl symbols.

If you play this one you’ll have a HOOT (haha.. couldn’t resist).

Aztec Treasures: This is a sexy aztec themed slot. There’s huts, an aztec man and women, gems, gold coins, spears, lizards, and such. Get 3 or more hut icons to get the Love Hut bonus game where you pick 1 of 3 gifts and give it to the 2 aztec women. They then take you in the hut and as nicely as I can think to say it here you get some aztec action (nothing graphic, don’t worry.. but definitely implied by the rockin’ hut!).

Collect all of the different colored stone gems to get the Secret Room bonus game where you take your 3 collects gems 1 by 1 and place them in front of the 5 doors thus revealing the coin prizes behind the 3 doors you choose. Get 3 or more Gecko icons and get the free spins bonus where for every gecko that appears on the screen during the spins you get another free spin. Get 3 or more gold coins and get the ‘choose me instant win bonus’ where you select one of the coins for an instant coin prize of up to a max of 20,000 credits. Get the curly haired chick then the aztec man to the right of her then the straight haired chick to the right of him to unlock the Kiss Me bonus where he expands to become a wild column and you get to spin and get the winnings from it. Get any amount of spears on the screen and they will be tossed at other squares thus turning the symbols they hit into wild spaces.

MammaMia: This is an Italian chef themed slot. It requires you to spend 100 facebook credits in order to unlock and play it, but you can play it on www.3d-online-slots.com for free. There’s chefs, wine, newspapers, food, and such. Get 3 or more pizza symbols and get a free spins bonus at which point the reels temporarily turn to pizza toppings. 3 or more cover symbols triggers the Food Cover Click Me bonus where you click one of the food covers for an instant win. Using the special spin button and you can lock your wilds in place, although your bet price is determined by how many wilds you have on the screen at that time. Get 3 or more menu symbols on the reels and get the Critic bonus round where you help decide which dish to serve.

Gold Diggers: This is a gold miners themed slot. There’s gold rush signs, dynamite, lanterns, axes, mine carts, miner people, and such. Get 3 or more dynamite symbols and they will blow up the symbols above them will fall and give you more odds to get winning combinations. Get 3 Gopher symbols to get the Gopher A Dig bonus game where you click the click me bonus symbols and the gopher digs and you get credits. Get 3 or more gold rush sign icons to get the Gold Rush bonus game where you choose rocks for the miners to break, thus revealing your winnings.

The SlotFather: It’s a godfather mobster themed slot naturally. There’s mobsters, guns, cigars, cars, money, and the such. Get the skinny guy and the case of money next to him to trigger the Sneeky Instant Win feature. Get the mobster holding the gun next to the Tommy Gun symbol on lines 1 2 or 3 to get the Multiplier Mob Free Spins feature. Underboss scatter too hard to explain, but it exists. Get 3 or more SlotFather symbols for a Bonus Round where you choose 3 businesses to place the SlotFathers slot machines in after which you get transported to his hang out where he pays you.

Paco and the Popping Peppers: A Mexican themed game (somehow). There’s a ton of fruits and vegetables for symbols (not quite sure how that’s Mexican besides the onions and chili peppers) and then there’s a pinata which is the wild symbol. When you get a winning combination your winning symbols POP and the symbols above fall causing possible other winning combinations. Each time that you get a winning combination and they pop your multiplier increases for the next combination up to x10. 3 or more hut symbols triggers a high/low bonus game where you have to determine if the next card is going to be higher or lower than the previous card.

Ned and His Friends (Ned and the Rats): A rat themed slot. It requires you to spend 100 facebook credits in order to unlock and play it, but you can play it on www.3d-online-slots.com for free. There’s a Ned symbol, rat symbols, and a door symbol. Get 3 or more of this one rat symbol (hard to describe) and get free spins and you can get more free spins for getting more symbols during the free spins. Get 3 or more rat hole symbols to get the click me bonus where you choose one for an instant win. Get 3 or more of the female human symbols and get the Ratty Rat Doo-Wop bonus where Ned’s girlfriend passes out and you have to choose one of the rats to sing to her until she wakes up. My god is this one funny.

You’ll have a TAIL to tell your friends after you play this slot (oh god, I’m getting worse at this.).

Viking Age: Viking themed slot machine. There’s vikings, axes, boats, and such and a sexy Viking chick cheering you on. Get 3 of more of what looks like a fox type thing symbols and get the Runestone Doors bonus where you choose a door and get either free spins, instant credits, or instant access to the bonus round. Get 3 of the Viking lady symbols triggers multiplier free spins during which pillars rotate with the reels and can multiply your winnings by a certain amount based on what pay line and pillar they match up with. 3 or more arm symbols triggers the bonus round choose 1 or the 2 Vikings and compete in an arm wrestle.

Gladiator: A gladiator themed slot (duh). There’s gladiators, shields, horses, tigers, flags, and such. Get a lady symbol on the top row on any column and she will throw rose petals below her turning the whole column into a 2x wild which means any winning combination that has one of those wilds in it will pay 2 times the normal payout. Get the gladiator without the horns on his helmet anywhere on reel 3 and reel 3 will be turned into a wild.

Get 3 or more door symbols to unlock the click me feature where you click one of them until you get the collect. Coliseum is a scatter which pays instantly. Receive Hero, Coliseum, and Villain symbols consecutively on reels 1 2 and 3 or 2 3 and 4 to get the Gladiator Battle bonus game where you choose a gladiator and watch them fight and you earn credits from attacks, blocks and KOs

RockStar: A rock star themed slot. There’s rock stars, alcohol, magazines, and such. Get 3 or more guitars in a winning combination to get the epic solo bonus game. Gold record multiplies by 2, platinum record multiplies by 5, combination of the 2 multiplies by 10. Get 3 or more gold tickets in a winning combination to activate the bonus round which is kind of like the rock band game where you have moving things on a belt and you have to hit them at the right time.

True Illusions: A magic themed slot. It requires you to spend 100 facebook credits in order to unlock and play it, but you can play it on www.3d-online-slots.com for free. There’s a hat, crystal ball, dove, chest, and such. Get 3 wilds on the center reel to lock them there for a number of spins up to 7 total. Get 3 or more magician symbols to get free spins mode where winning combinations will vanish and the symbols will fall down for more possible winning combinations. Get 3 or more card symbols to get the bonus game where you pick a card to get instant credits.

A Night in Paris: A Paris based slot. There’s a cop, thief, lovers, Eiffel tower, art, and such. Thief badge cop or cop badge thief in those 2 orders pays an instant prize multiplies by total bet. Get 3 or more painted picture symbols to trigger the Caught in th Museum bonus round where you select 1 or 3 items for the thief to steal and then get caught while trying to steal it.

Royal Reels: A royalty themed slot. Apparently a Facebook special, because it’s not on www.3d-online-slots.com. There’s 10, J, Q, K, A, Cherry, Plum, Diamond, and such. 3 or more consecutive crowns starting from the far left column triggers the bonus round where you choose a crown to win instantly. 3 or more consecutive gemstones starting from the far left starts the click me feature where you get to select one of the gemstones for an instant win. Diamonds are wilds.

House of Fun: A haunted house themed slot machine. There’s people, a cat, a gargoyle, a mirror, a painting, and such. 3 or more  boxes triggers the Jack Free Spins feature where the center reel is wild. 3 or more of the magician looking dude symbols on paylines 1 2 or 3 triggers the mad click me feature where you click until you get collect. 3 or more door knocker symbols triggers the Escape bonus round where you click doors until you escape… the goal is to NOT escape even though they are trying too… as ironic as that sounds.

2 Million B.C.: A caveman themed slot. There’s a cave woman, stone wheel, gem, painted pot, and such. Get 3 or more fire symbols to earn free spins during which more free spins can be won. Collect 3 acorn symbols to trigger the Saber Attacks feature where you knock the sabertooth out for instant credits. Get 3 or more diamond symbols in a winning combination to get the diamond bonus where you choose how to distract the saber to steal the diamond.

Barbary Coast: A pirate based slot. There’s treasure chests, jolly rogers, gold, cannons, compasses, guns, maps, and such. 3 or more Parrot symbols triggers the free spins feature and gives you an instant win bonus also. Get the cannon symbol on the center reel to trigger the explosive wild reel feature where the center reel turns to wild and stays that way through your next spin. 3 or more pirate dude symbols triggers the Dashing Sawyer Click Me Feature where you click to win instantly.

3 or more Captain Blackbeard symbols triggers the fight bonus where you fight blackbeard in a sword fight to earn instant credits. Get 3 or more of the guy carrying the keg symbols to initiate the Grog Challenge where you choose heads or tails which determines who drinks. When someone has finished 3 drinks they are too drunk and the game ends.

The Glam Life: A rich person theme. There are boats, fancy cards, fancy watches, and such. Has jackpot which can be won by getting 5 yacht icons on max bet. 3 or more mansion icons triggers the Travel Around The World Bonus where you select 3 landmarks to travel to on your private jet and then collect the winnings. 3 or more Jet symbols activates free spins. 3 or more necklace cases triggers the pick me bonus where you choose one and instantly collect. 3 or more perfume bottles triggers the match bonus where you need to find 3 matching stones.

Heist: A bank thief themed slot. There’s blue prints, diamonds, guns, money, and such. Get 3 or more glass cutter symbols on a pay line to trigger the glass cutter feature where you select one of them to win either free spins, credits, or instant access to the bonus round. Get the C4 symbol in the middle of the center reel to reveal a 2x wild reel and may sometimes be locked for the next spin. Get 3 or more drill symbols anywhere to trigger the Drill Scatter instant payout. Get 3 or more vault symbols on an active payline to trigger the bonus round where you choose your method of breaking into the vault to get credits.

Arrival: This is an alien/outer space themed slot. There are aliens, space ships, planets, and such. 3 or more Ray Gun symbols actives the click me feature where you click until you get the collect symbol for instant credits. 3 or more Brain Alien symbols triggers the Abduction Wild Reel Bonus where on random reel becomes a giant wild. Get 3 of the chick in a row to get the bonus game where you push buttons to try and overpower the force field to win.

Mad Scientist: A science related slot. There’s microscopes, chemicals, equations, danger signs, and such. Get 3 test tube symbols to activate the bonus symbol where you 1 by 1 choose all 4 items and turn them into gold. Get Tesla Coil symbols (the green electricity things) on reels 1 and 5 and paylines 1, 2, or 3 to activate the wild’o’cution bonus which makes the whole row that the symbols are on into a giant wild. Get 3 to 5 biohazard symbols from the left end to the right or the right end to the left on an active payline to activate the bio pick me bonus. 3 or more switches pays scatter prize.

Once Upon A Time: Well it’s another one of those fairy tale themed slots. There’s a princess, turkey, dragon, catapult, sword stuck in rocks, and such. Receive the dragon symbol on position 1 of reel 3 to trigger the fire starter wild reel. If the gold/jewels symbol shows on the reels while the wild reel is active the wild reel will be held over until the next spin. Get the knight and princess symbols next to each other on paylines 1, 2, or 3 to receive the ‘how she loved the knight’ instant credit bonus.

Get 3 house symbols on any active payline to trigger the those crazy goblins free spins mode where you can earn more free spins during it if more tree house symbols appear. Get 3 sack of gold symbols anywhere to trigger the greedy goblins repeating click me. 3 or more goblin symbols on an active payline triggers the goblin treasure bonus round. Get 3 or more knight symbols to trigger the save the princess bonus round.

Three Wishes: Kind of an Aladdin type themed slot. There’s a princes, camel, swords, rubie, fruit, money, magic carpet, and such. Receive a monkey in position 2 of reel 3 for the click me crazy bonus… click until you get the collect symbol. Carpet icon is wild. Receive carpet icon on reel 1 to receive 4 bonus credit payouts. Get 3 or more treasure chest icons to trigger the three wishes free spins feature. Get 3 or more lamp icons on an active payline to trigger the 3 wishes bonus round where you choose between wealth, fame, everlasting love, travel, wisdom, and long life. Choose 3 of the 6 to collect your bonus winnings.

Tycoons: Tycoon themed slot… hard to explain. There’s different people, money, cars, wine, briefcases, and the such. Get 5 briefcases on a max bet spin to get the progressive jackpot. Receive the small fs on any winning combination of 3 of more people symbols to trigger free spins, during which either reel 2, 3, or 4 will become a wild reel. All people symbol wins that match the originally triggering person symbol win double the credits. Get the gold, money, and check book symbols in any order on payline 1, 2, or 3 to trigger the instant credit click me. Get 3 or more card symbols to trigger the bonus round where you predict which tycoon will win the hand.


It’s an online slot machine where you can’t win real money. Therefore, there are no rules governing the payouts on it. These games are completely random for when they pay and when they don’t pay. With this specific game I’ve noticed if you’re winning a ton it could last for a while but then will all of a sudden just stop cold. Then when it’s losing you will lose for a really long time until it hits again.

My advice would be to bet low unless you see yourself hitting bonus after bonus after bonus and then go back to low once you haven’t seen a bonus for a little while. The lower you bet, the longer your credits will last. Some games seem to pay better than others. Try every game and find one that you like and stick with it. If you’re not at least having fun while you’re losing, then what’s the point right?

Hopefully that’s not the case though. Also, make sure you set your coin low but go all the way and play all 30 lines.  You want to max every possible way to win with each spin.  Frequent winning will keep you playing longer and better your chances for a jackpot.  No guarantees of course, but ideally you need to build your credit stash and then play higher amounts to exponentially raise your winnings.

You should go out there, win big, and give em hell. Good Luck


Don’t forget to collect your bonus credits. Bonus credits can be collected every 2 hours.

Send credits to your friends in the hopes that they will be nice enough to return the favor and send you some back.

Watch the 2 advertisements that you normally get to watch every day in order to earn a few extra credits.

As always avoid paying for credits it’s a waste of money (especially with this game). Purchasing credits on this game does help you level up by giving you more credits to work with, but if your just getting the credits to have fun, then you’d be better off going to www.3d-online-slots.com in order to play for free. If you’re at www.3d-online-slots.com and you run out of credits on your favorite slot game, then all you have to do is exit and slot and reenter it or refresh your browser screen.

Doing free offers on facebook without spending money is a great way to earn free credits for games. I would suggest doing this on a game where you can get facebook credits for it instead of game credits though, because facebook credits are usable on all games, well the game credits are usable for just that one game. Use facebook credits/free offers wisely, because normally they are linked between all games. If you complete an offer on one game, then you won’t be able to on another game.

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