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Bingo was his name-o!  Remember that old camp song?    Bingo is not only a senior citizen’s obsession, it’s a fun game that can be played by all ages.  Sure, you won’t win a toaster or a gift certificate to Cap’n Tom’s Fishhouse… but there’s no reason why you can’t bring the fun of bingo into a Facebook game application.

Okay, so it’s bingo… duh.

In that spirit, let’s take a peek at Ryzing’s introduction of Bingo for Facebook.  Hold onto your dabbers and markers!  Is it worth playing?  Find out if you have what it takes to get the “bingo”.

Or find out if Ryzing has what it takes to pull off the perfect Bingo game application for the world’s biggest social network.

To be fair, I should note that Bingo By Ryzing is still in ‘beta’ mode at the time of this review…

Bingo By Ryzing - OVERVIEW

Facebook Game Review - Ryzing BingoWell, what else is there to say, it’s bingo… dug.

You have a choice between having it automatically marking the numbers for you or having it let you manually mark the numbers and call bingo. Bingo Bucks are used to play the around the world section to try and complete collections. Once a collection is completed you gain a higher Bingo Bucks income for your following daily credits.

Completing collections also allows you to open more consecutive day daily treasure chests (up to 10 chests for 10 days of play in a row). These chests need keys to be opened, which you can win during bingo. These chests will also supply you with a little extra for your daily credits. You win collection items and keys on the cards when you bingo on them.

Based on what position you bingo in, you can win a lot of Bingo Bucks and bingo cards to use on the real money games. Silver and Gold cards can be used to play real money games, the gold in which pays out higher. Some locales may not be able to collect real money though, because their laws don’t allow it.  People who can win real money are not allowed to cash out until they have at least $1 in real cash winnings.

Overall it’s a pretty simple game and there isn’t much too it, although at first it can be a tad confusing as to where you’re supposed to play.

Every day at 8 PM  Central Standard Time they hold a game in the Sunny Money room. In order to play in the Sunny Money room you must have played a certain amount of regular bingo games that day. The sunny money room guarantees at least one person to win $50 and a few limited other smaller cash prizes (out of the 700+ people you normally get playing it, your chances are really low).

There’s also an amazon room, where you spend 100 Gold Cards to enter and they draw one number every like 4 hours or something like that. The person who gets the first bingo wins a $100 gift card. This game takes FOREVER, but you don’t have to be present in the game in order to win.

Bingo By Ryzing - STRATEGY

As far as strategies go, there aren’t really any strategies for playing bingo. The game is all based on luck and whatever their applications algorithm has written in it for when to pay out the real cash prizes.

Sure would be nice to win one of the $1,000+ Grand Prizes in the gold/silver card rooms though.

The only strategy I can really think of, is that if you need an item to complete a collection you can ask other people if they have one to give you or trade to you. Completing a collection fast will get you higher Bingo Bucks for your dailies, which will also help you level up faster.

You need to level up 10 times in between each different world location. I’d suggest not playing the Beach Slots slot machine that they have below the bingo cards unless you’ve run out of Bingo Bucks to buy at least one card. Most of the time, these slots will just steal your Bingo Bucks. If you have all of the worlds completed and are done with the current alphabet puzzle that they have out, then go for it and spend all you want on the slots, but don’t expect to hit those triple suns, because they never show up.

Bingo By Ryzing - TIPS, HINTS & CHEATS

Turn off your sound and go into the automatic room, so that you don’t have to manually mark your cards or call bingo.

While the game is playing click the gold/yellow present box and watch the advertisements. You will earn Bingo Bucks, Gold Cards, and Silver Cards from these advertisements and you can watch them non-stop for as long as you want. This is a good way to get stuff to play with and with your sound off, you don’t have to listen to those annoying ads.

The smaller the amount of people in the room, naturally the higher your chances of winning will be.  On the other hand the less people there are playing, the lower the payout will be also.

In Bingo Around the World it’s a good idea to play all 4 cards if you can.

In the gold/silver card rooms it’s best to play like half of the cards instead of the max amount. I, however, do play the max cards on the biggest payout game. If you’re sitting back watching T.V. or something right next to your computer and you aren’t doing anything on your computer, go to the high stakes room. Every like 1 of 6 or something like that games in the High Stakes Room is a Jackpot Entry Pass game. This game costs a measly 4 Bingo Bucks and gives you a chance to win an entry ticket into the Jackpot room. I’m not sure what the payouts are in the Jackpot room, but I heard that it used to be cash, but that they switched it to Bingo Bucks.

If you get into the room though, you’ll be one of very very very few people playing in it and you have a chance to win a large amount I’m guessing. I’ve never been able to win the Jackpot Entry pass myself, but have seen people win it.

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8 Responses

  1. Bingo by Ryzing is a joke these days. They took Roy’s Room which is what was the BEST thing about that game. Now it’s the same people over and over winning the grand and 1st place’s all the time. And not that they win every game, they win Grand, 1st, 2nd and Runner Up in the same game.. every game. It’s such a rip off now. The slots hang on until it’s way up there and 1 person wins.. well hello?? let more people win at lower amounts then you will have less complaints. Also..what the heck is with that tie crap?? why tell you that you tied and lost??? there is no sence in it. If you tie, you should split it with the person that also got the same number as you did. And last but not least… when you have won money and click to claim, they need to put the option in to just turn your winnings in and purchase BB’s right then and there. Why waste the time to cut a check just for people to turn around and purchase BB’s with it. DUH people! Whew… I feel better now LOL

    1. Susan I think you’re just having a bad day lol I win lots on bingo by Ryzing, if if some of the collection pieces take ages to win. If they made it too easy it would be no fun.

      Also on your comment about letting people win smaller prizes. If any game is rigged to “let people win” then it is a rigged game and I wouldn’t play. Luck is luck, and all by chance. Some people are luckier on some days than I am, but on other days I am very lucky. I find life in general is like that, some days are the craps, and other days everything goes right for me. A bingo game, any bingo game should be no different. sometimes you’re going to win, sometimes now.

  2. @susan

    Never heard of Roy’s Room and I helped write the review for this game. As far as same people winning over and over… not true. I have won first like 3-5 outa 7 games before though, but it’s all luck. It rarely ever happens. Just the luck of the call and how many cards you play and how many people are playing in that room. As far as the Grand Prize goes… normally only 1-4 or 5 are hit every month… it varies, but it’s always a low amount… and I’ve never seen anybody hit it more than once. As far as winning more than once in a room for the same game… yes it’s possible and plenty fair… however in the Grand Gold Room when you are playing for REAL MONEY it’s single strike… so once you win, you cannot win again during the same game. As far as the tie crap, I completely agree with you… and as far as the turn your winnings into BB’s I’ve heard about it ages ago… never want to do it myself, but I agree it would be a good feature to let people have. (not sure if it’s been added as I haven’t cashed out recently… about to thought after my $50 win today) LOL

    1. I like bingo by ryzing and like you don’t find it to be rigged or always letting the same people win, unless of course there are only 3 people in the room or something. But in a full room, I get wins and so do others. Like you said it is all luck.

      Having said the above, the interface is clunky at best. The game hangs your computer eventually, forcing users to refresh on a regular bases to reclaim memory. The game also makes it much more difficult than it has to be to share collection items. For example I have to load your inventory to see if I can help you, but because I can’t see your inventory and mine at the same time I now have to write down what you need, and then go back to my inventory to see if I have any items you need so I can send them. Other sites like bingo blitz let me look at another player’s inventory and send them items directly from the same screen (downfall is with bingo blitz if you only have 1 yourself it will send that one, leaving you with none lol). but the process is a good one, making sharing easy, unlike bingo by ryzing.

      The chat windows on bingo by ryzing are awful. You can only type a short sentence before it cuts you off. Also the window itself is small so in a busy room it becomes impossible to keep up and follow your conversation with someone else. You end up having to have multiple private side chat windows open. A real pain when trading talks are going on.

      You’re comment in the review on the graphics looking 90’s is spot on. The whole site needs a major overhaul to bring it into modern times. I would imagine they lose a ton of users who load the site, say yuck, and move on.

      Finally, the Cities, where the majority of new users have to start in order to billed daily credits to play the bigger Special bingo games, are ghost towns. You go in there and see there are only 2 or 3 other players, and usually none of them chat, not even a good luck or hello reply. Just silence. If you can withstand the silence for long enough to build your points, you may be lucky enough to check out the Special bingo rooms, to discover that these rooms are packed with people, and lots of activity in trading and gifting. Ryzing would be smart to pay some long time players to hang in the city rooms and help new players through them. As it is right now the first impression of the site will not be a good one for most new arrivals.

  3. I have played about 2 1/2 years & ALWAYS COMPLETED ALL my rooms—now I have not won one thing for vin 2 & needed flux & gas to finish other room NOT FINISHED!!!!!!!!! Now can’t win bp or bus even if they are on cards (few & far between)!!!!!!! 🙁

    1. Karol, the V series of bonus rooms are hard, but not impossible. I have finished V1, V2, V3, in about 2 weeks of playing 3hrs a night after work. I did have to do some trading for the really hard to get items, but that’s par the course on any bingo site with collection items.

      Hang in there Karol, you’ll get what you need. Ask in chat if anyone is will to gift, or you can offer a trade. I do find that items that come easy to me are hard to get for others, and visa versa.

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