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Birdopolis is a game that aims to have you create a backyard that entices various birds to visit, and then requires that you to interact with those birds, feed them, and give them the things they need to thrive.

Birds + Megalopolis = Birdopolis

Players begin the game by choosing whether they want to focus on either Western or Eastern United States – the area you choose governs the birds you can expect to see.  In a sense you could have two very different bird species experiences with two Facebook profiles!  And that means… wait for it… you could kill two birds with one stone!   Aren’t you glad you read that?

Birdopolis - OVERVIEW

Facebook Game Review Birdopolis

This simulation game does a good job of balancing a fun and socially interactive game with an educational theme. People will not be overwhelmed with bird information, but they do learn interesting facts relating to the birds that make appearances in their “yards”. As you move through the game, you learn which birdfeeders and food combinations attract certain birds, which birds don’t get along with other birds being nearby, and you learn to keep your yard clean by clearing trash.

As this is a social game, you can interact with friends, sharing products and also visiting their birds. If your friend chose the opposite half of the US, you will be able to learn about their birds’ preferences and lives. The birds that nest in your yard all have names, will develop relationships with you and with other birds, and may even reproduce, making this a very unique game experience.

The graphics in the game are lovely – the birds are detailed, so you can tell them apart easily. Taking pictures of the birds once you have interacted with them enough can be fun (they will even dance and sing for you!). One of the more irritating parts of this game is the need to use ‘binocular vision’ when you first spot a new bird; you see a limited amount of the screen at a time and you must follow the bird. The only way to avoid this is to spend your earned coins.

Overall, this is a very interesting and fun game. You can play this game nicely without having to worry about putting in any of your own cash. Players easily earn more coins to purchase bird food and keep their yard stocked. Bird-lovers will enjoy this game, of course, but those who get a sense of satisfaction from organizing things and receiving positive feedback are also likely to enjoy Birdopolis. For those people, I suspect this could be a somewhat addictive game. In my case, it’s for the birds.

Birdopolis - STRATEGY

Follow the arrows – whenever there is an arrow to click, a new bird is likely not far behind. These arrows also show you when certain types of birds need to be fed. Also, click on any bubble you see above a bird’s head.

When a bird is dancing for you to take a picture, wait as long as you can – the stars along the right hand side let you know the quality of the picture you can expect to take.

You can make wishes at your friends’ wishing wells (you can wish for more coins and more energy, among other things). This is always a good way to power up when you need it.

Remember to interact with your birds (click on them, to have personal time). Every time you do, you earn friendship points and these will translate into more energy.

Birdopolis - TIPS, HINTS & CHEATS

If you find the binocular vision to be overly irritating, you can purchase different binoculars for 600 coins.

You can add your own money if you want to purchase premium items – these can help attract new birds and new articles for your yard that cannot be purchased through coins that you earn in game play. This option is for the most serious of players only.

The full yard is not visible on the screen. Hold your cursor down and move side to side, up and down to see the full expanse you can work with. Remember that any bird feeders you put out of the main range will have to be manually checked for food – you won’t be able to see pop-up reminders for them.

Your menu on the bottom right hand side allows you to purchase products whenever you need them. You do not have to wait for the birds to prompt you.
The birds will give you hints if they do not like birds that you have placed nearby.

When you visit a friend’s wishing well, you may earn the ability to move two objects; if this happens, be sure to move the feeders for these birds far from one another to keep the harmony in your yard. Better feng shui means more points for you. 

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