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Win real cash playing a Facebook game?  Yup, I’m proof  positive that you can win REAL money with Booty Slots on Facebook.  But there’s a catch… there alway is, isn’t there?  Ready the review below to find out if this game is worth a play or not.

Facebook Booty Slots is a cheap little slot machine game.  So, it’s not really designed for the 13 year old Facebook profile (regardless of gambling skill).  And seriously, it’s graphics are pretty 1990’s looking, but it’s still some fun to play.  Plus the allure of winning REAL money is the draw here …

Booty Slots - OVERVIEW

Booty Slots is a pretty basic digital slots casino game. Spin the slots and play the bonus games. Some of the bonus games let you collect permanent items to help you in them, these are sometimes tricky to get, but help in the long run. You can get real cash or bonus games by getting 3 of the same scatter symbol. Bonus games can pay out credits, real cash, and experience points. You can also get credits or real cash by getting 3 symbols in a row depending on the symbol – I’ve never gotten real cash this way though.

It’s a pretty decent game and you can win real money which is awesome, but once you reach the cash cap your odds of winning real cash go down drastically.  In this way it gets a tad boring, because it doesn’t seem like you can even win real cash beyond that point.

Some parts of the game don’t seem to work, but nothing too drastic. I’ve invited friends, but never got my invitation trophies. Either none of them end up joining or it’s jipping me from my trophies, which would earn me more credits. The game seems to still be in Beta (at the time of writing), which seems pretty strange, because they have the normal booty slots and then a classic booty slots. The classic booty slots is their older version. For them to have a new and old version of slots while still being in beta seems a bit strange.  But maybe it’s just me.

Booty Slots - STRATEGY

Start off by playing the normal slots, collecting the coins above your friends at the bottom who play the app, and play the high/low card game bonus (green button bottom right with picture of cards). You can play the high/low card game bonus every 3 hours (which is a bit long by real-time Facebook game standards) in order to earn credits to play with.

Continue on with the classic slots tab. Here you can play the Classic Slots (comes with it’s own separate credits to play with), or Parrot Flight (costs 150 credits), or play Watch The Way That Booty Moves (costs 100 credits, under construction at time of this being written)

Completing offers will increase your cash cap and allow you to win money faster.  IF you’re going to go down that route, I would suggest purchasing things you were already going to purchase if you’re going to do this, but try and get your cash cap up to $25, because you can’t withdraw your real money until you reach $25. This will greatly increase the speed at which you reach the $25 and are able to claim your winnings.

Booty Slots - TIPS, HINTS & CHEATS

Play the high/low bonus game every 3 hours to get credits.

Try to raise your cash cap to $25 by completing offers. Complete as many free offers as you can before going on to spend money.

Don’t forget to play both the newer version of the slots and the classic version as they have separate credits from each other for you to play with.

Whitebeards Ship: In this bonus game you want to find the deck of cards. This can only be achieved once you can break 6 barrels. Earn 40,000 Skelepoints from playing the game over time in order to get the ability to break that 6th barrel (this is one of the trophies you can get… see trophies tab). After you’re able to break 6 barrels, walk as far to the right on the ship as you can. Break the barrels that are in your way and move up the line. You’ll get to the top where a lady pirate is, at this point you want to just walk forward and fall off. You will then fall through the ships deck and end up on a lower deck. At this point you have a choice of one of 3 barrels. In one of these barrels is the deck of cards (mine was the top barrel when I found it… took me 3 tries… middle bottom then top). Note you only get to break 1 barrel so choose wisely. If you miss just redo the bonus game until you get it. Once you find it, you will unlock Booty Poker. At this point you should play that in order to try and get the map by winning 4 hands of poker (this took me a whole whopping single try). After you get the map, you get another trophy.

Skeleton Isle: I like this one the best as far as the bonus games go. You get to walk around and chop stuff up with your sword. You need to collect the stuff at the bottom of your screen. At first collecting the stuff seems kind of difficult, but it gets easy fast. Keep watch on the items at the bottom, because I collected stuff and hadn’t even known I had collected it. It’s very important to watch, because you can only find like 3 or 4 treasure chests without cutting vines or breaking rocks. In the top left you’ll notice a cracked rock, you need to skip this until you get the sword which will let every hit you do go +2 or something like that. After you get the sword and have your extra timers, breaking this giant rock wall will be possible and you can get a chest in there to your right. After you’ve collected all the land chests, you can open a gate and grab a giant treasure chest. This chest will give you flippers. You then have to swim to find 9 gold coins (this part is a freakin’ pain, good luck!). Kill or break 80+ things in one bonus game in order to achieve a trophy.

Wave race: There’s water coming from the left side of the screen and you have to run faster than it while collecting barrels and avoiding dead ends… not very fond of this one. Has a bonus for player who runs the farthest during the day in it. I can never determine if I should break the barrels for the items though or just try to run as far as I can for the leaderboard and leave empty handed.

Skeleton Shooting Range: Ummm yeah… no clue.  If you find it, let me know!  🙂

Booty Word Search: This can pay out up to $1 in real cash for finding all the words. (yeah if you’re under you cash cap… cough). Otherwise it does pay out good credits to play the slots with.

Booty Poker: Talk about lame. You start with 100 credits. You can walk away and keep them or you can play 1 game of poker for an attempt to be the winner. If you bet and lose, you walk with what you have left. If you win, you can win a decent amount.

If you ever get your cash cap really high, buying one of those unlimited bonus tokens for 24 hours packages might be worth it.”

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4 Responses

  1. Hello. Ok I was curious if there were any games on FB that paid real money — even if it was like a few cents a winning game. (I play bingo alot and it just would be cool to get something back from it… but the bingo games in the past I’ve played would have hundreds of players a room and only one person wins a 5 cent bingo…) Anyway I stumbled across this game and it’s a cute litte game that doesn’t take too long a day to play. BUT the island is snow and the fanpage was last updated December 30th 2012.

    So I was trying to find out if the game was still “active” or if it was abandoned.

    I don’t know what you mean by the cap. Does that mean when you first get to 25 – they pay you but then it’s harder to get to that again? (that would make sense – how are they making money? Through ads?) That would be ok – I don’t expect to get rich off it.

    But I admit I play enough games on FB that it isn’t worth my time to continue if I don’t get at least the starting 25 out of it. – if the game has been abandoned by the developers.

    Please let me know if you or people you know are still playing this game and if you know of a cash out recently. thanks.
    – Sharon

    PS – oh and many FB games say they are in “beta” and have been for years. I think it’s just a term they use to say “we are in beta so there will be bugs” as an excuse.

    When I was in HS and collage a REAL beta game was ONLY open to a small group of testers – not to everyone– so I feel the concept of “beta” has changed.

  2. No clue if it’s still worked on. I’m very close to the 25, but cannot manage to reach it. I’ve pretty much given up on this game. It seems near impossible to reach 25. As far as cash cap… you can reach like $15 pretty easily, but they expect you to buy credits to raise your $15 cash cap which allows you to win past $15 easier. Basically if you view your profile on it… it’ll show what your cash cap is. Basically you have better odds of winning money if you’re below your cash cap, but if you’re at or over your cash cap, it’s almost impossible to win money. Also as you near 25 it’s dang near impossible to win even if you are under your cash cap. It seems kind of like a suckers game. I’ve only heard of 1 person ever reaching 25 and they said that it wouldn’t even let them cash out. Not sure if it’s true or not, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting it.

    1. Curious too…I have been at $18.03 or something like that forever, and if I could, I would show you what my screen looks like. It doesn’t quite load. Things are squished into 1/4 of my monitor.I have so many free games…I just don’t play out of frustration.

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