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Buggle is about a hungry bear looking to a beehive in a big tree for honey.  Sound familiar?   Well, it’s not quite the famous cartoon bear you had in mind, but it is the premise in the arcade bubble style game on Facebook. 

It’ll be pretty obvious from my review that I didn’t like the game

There are strong points like its addictive nature (on the presumption that this is the only bubble game you’ve ever or will ever play).  But seriously, it’s got TONS of levels.  The developer seems keen to keep adding more levels which is really great.  I love to see a game supported by people who want to keep improving and enhancing the game experience.  Sadly, the actual game itself has some challenges.  But the best way to evaluate it is to play for yourself .  If my theory that poorly reviewed games get more interest and popularity than the gems, than Buggle’s gonna be a huge hit!


Facebook Buggle Play ScreenBuggle is not Boggle (in case you’re wondering). Buggle is actually a bubble popping arcade style game like many other similar games of the same type in Facebook. The premise is that you are a smack-talking bear who must stock up on honey before winter. But to climb the tree you must pass the all the levels getting you progressively higher to the honey bee hive.

The twist on this bubble game is that you basically only need to drop the “Wasp Bubble” which means you do NOT have to clear the board (for some levels at least). As you drop balls into the honey pots below, a sliding scale increases your honey reserves which provides opportunities for bonus points on large combination pops. Once you clear the level, the bear dances and your honey pours!  You also earn more reward coins based on how fully you complete a level (ie. 3-2-1 stars).

Levels also have different challenges. For example in Level 2 you only have 50 bubbles to shoot. As you progress, you obtain new items like Keys to unlock levels, bubble bombs, rainbow bubbles etc. You’ll lose lives pretty quick as the game is set up to look deceptively easy. The challenge is in the bubble budget – you will lose a lot of lives by running out of bubbles even when making all the right moves.  This slant in the game is common enough that it makes the game a frustrating affair.


Buggle’s twist is that many progressive levels poses new and different challenges. For example there’s a level with “”obstacle bubbles”” that once popped releases a wasp that flies around and interferes with your bubble shots or “”block”” bubbles that stay solid for 7 turns.

This is made all the more challenging by the fact that there is usually a bubble limit on these levels. My first piece of advice is to read the level intros carefully so you know what to steer clear from and/or what the target is. The intial stages are painfully easy. But that’s the trick. What will kill you is the combination of poor bubble dispensing coupled with the bubble budget or limit.

What I mean is watch out for a bit of uneven ‘randomness’ in bubbles to shoot. I once had 8 red bubbles in a row with nowhere to really put them or advance forward with.  Or another time I kept getting red and green several times in a row where all I had exposed on the play area was yellow, orange and dark blue.  This result is dwindling down  your allotment. I fired the rest of the bubbles perfectly but still lost the level because I ran out of bubbles.

While there isn’t much you can do in this situation, my strategy is simple: don’t make mistakes by wasting bubbles, and look for chain connections that you can break to:

1) expose more colors

2) reveal another large chain to break

3) release or lead to releasing the trapped bee.”


“Starting at Level 9 you start to get the ceiling dropping, so make sure if you’re struggling that you clear the lowest bubbles first before aiming for the bees.

Also try to use the sides to bank your shots to make larger bubble drops. Remember, the goal is free the bees, NOT to clear the board (unless the challenge on that level IS to drop all bubbles too). With falling ceilings, definitely use the SPACEBAR to switch bubbles if it makes sense to do so.

Randomness – The bubble budget and coincidence of all the wrong bubbles appearing near the end of the level seem deliberately designed for you to fail and use up a life (presumably so you can buy more when you run out). Or maybe I’m just venting my frustration at losing certain levels. But in either case, the key tip here is to save your bubbles and always make sure you’re clearing as many as possible in each shot which also exposing as many colors as possible so you avoid wastage.

Squeezing – You can’t really squeeze bubbles through on Buggle. If you’re even a little bit too close, it will stick to the first bubble it grazes past.  I have been able to get the odd squeeze in, but not consistently – and I’m a pro at bubble games.  Maybe it’s too much honey in there.

Shooting Aim Guide – Don’t trust this. You can aim through bubbles right to the top of the playing area, but unlike other bubble games, the ruler just shows you the bubble’s angle or trajectory making no allowances for obstacles. If you’re not sure how this will affect you, see ‘squeezing’ above.

Good Luck! You’ll need it the way a good blackjack player needs it when betting against the house.


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12 Responses

  1. How do you switch balls in the cannon? With my phone I tap the cannon and it switches, if I do that on my computer it shoots the ball…I don’t see a tutorial anywhere to explain how to play the game. Help please! Thank you!!!

    1. Hey J. Valentine,

      Ah, the frustration of the Buggle ball switch. Seemingly simple enough yet not disclosed anywhere! Ready for it? The space bar. Yup.. hit the space bar to swap Buggle balls/balloons.

      Thanks for visiting DataGrabber.org! 🙂

  2. Has anyone else run into the problem of purchased honey not loading? This happens far too often. And the game developer refuses to refund or reply. Facebook doesn’t do anything at all. Except to forward the complaint to Cook Apps, the developer. This game is so addicting. Yet frustrating.

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