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Fruit Ninja Frenzy started out as an iOS game, and thanks to Facebook gaming has really hit the mainstream. It’s a fast-paced action game that could very well be the new “Angry Birds” with its action-packed format and simple challenge.

Could well be the new “Angry Birds”!….

It’s an arcade game that challenges your dexterity and ability to think quickly. Even from the title you can probably guess what it’s about – pieces of delicious-looking fruit (hence the “fruit” part) are flung across the screen (“frenzy”) and it’s your job to slice them swiftly with your katana (“ninja!”).

Sounds good? It really is!

Fruit Ninja - OVERVIEW

fruitninjafrenzy1There are extras and combos that you can go for more points, and then there are obstacles that can take away your points. There are weekly tournaments available for skilled players and power-ups available for purchase through both soft currency (your score points, aka “juice”) and premium in-game currency (premium currency also known as “starfruit”). You can use one power-up slot for free and unlock the other two using starfruit.

The greatest thing about Fruit Ninja Frenzy is that there are ways of getting starfruit without spending Facebook credits. The one thing that is a bit less of a draw to playing on Facebook is that the interface works better on a touch-screen, like on an iPhone. It’s not that it isn’t as functional (it is one of the most dependable games on Facebook when it comes to loading), it’s just that the “swipe” motion that is the entire point of the game makes more sense when it comes from the swipe of your finger and not your mouse cursor.

Every day when you return to Fruit Ninja Frenzy, you are greeted with the Sensei’s Wheel, which you can spin a few times for more points or more starfruit. You can also gain additional spins on the wheel, so you can actually be at the wheel for a very long time. It’s not quite as addictive as Fruit Ninja Frenzy itself, but it’s a nice little in-betweener challenge that’s far more exciting than a slot machine or other in-between game tactics that other games use.

It has over four million monthly users – and I am now one of them!

Fruit Ninja - STRATEGY

So the best thing to do to attain a high score in “Fruit Ninja Frenzy” is to just hold your mouse down and swipe around, right? Actually, blind swiping is probably the worst thing you can do. Good eyes and quick fingers are necessary to be a Fruit Ninja Master.

Try to swipe in clean lines, not zig-zags or random patterns.

Keep your eyes peeled for bombs, as well. Bombs immediately subtract ten points from your score, but in the long term you actually lose more, because they destroy all nearby fruit and cause a lull in the fruit-tossing, so you have fewer opportunities to slice.  The best, most fun thing about “Fruit Ninja” is the bananas. Bananas, on top of being delicious, are the “special” fruits in the game. The bananas are easily recognizable by their vibrant striped colours, and offer different score enhancers.  Some bananas “freeze” the screen and cause the fruits to slow down, whereas other bananas might give you a “frenzy” – a whole bunch of fruits at once! And of course, there are those power-ups that you can buy with smoothies.

Power-ups vary greatly in price, and they’re always worth what you pay for. Some power-ups will result in twice the load of fruit from frenzies, some will deactivate the bombs, some will double your bonus points.

The levels progress at a pretty natural rate – sometimes it can feel a little slow, but there’s not really much else that can be done in a game like this. Just more fruit! So your dexterity must sharpen as much as your sword with every new level.

Fruit Ninja - TIPS, HINTS & CHEATS

  • Fruit Ninja Frenzy is one of the easiest games to complete without spending any money. For one thing, it is perfectly possible to win – and not just by an “off-chance” – without your power-ups. But obviously, power-ups help you do better. You can only just do way better with the power-ups.
  • The second and third slots are unlocked with starfruit. So you have to pay for starfruit, right? Wrong. Starfruit can be earned through completing specific challenges in the level, through cashing in your juice or, more likely, through the Sensei’s Wheel. The Sensei’s Wheel, unlike other similar games, actually spins at a speed based on how hard to pull it instead of a predetermined speed.
  • Try to clear as many fruits in one linear swipe as possible – you’ll get a higher combo score than if you clear them from zig-zagging around.
  • Getting several of the same fruit in a row also pays off.
  • If you’re going to invest real money in “Fruit Ninja Frenzy,” make sure you’re aware that backgrounds and, surprisingly, new blades, are just aesthetic choices. They don’t enhance the game in any way other than the visuals.
  • In the end, “Fruit Ninja Frenzy” is not a complex game. Yes, there is a tournament component, but even then it is just a “score higher than everyone else” goal.
  • At its core (pun completely intended) “Fruit Ninja Frenzy” is meant to be a visually stimulating, fast-paced game that is addictive because it is so easy.
  • There’s no strategy, there’s no built-upon storyline, just flying fruit!”
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