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Facebook Game Review - Hello Adventure!

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Hello Adventure! is one of The Facebook games that aims a big high with the exclamation mark in its title.  However, it’s not really a bad game.

Adventure call!  And it says… Hello.

Hello Adventure! is, as the name suggests, an adventure role playing game where you are sent on different quests.

You choose your gender, your look, and essentially make an avatar before you begin your first quest. Along the way you can continue to fuel up on various objects like food, weapons, and gems that can be traded for other objects of value. You can interact with your Facebook friends, asking for items that can help your game and picking up new friends as well through your journey…

Hello Adventure - OVERVIEW

Hello Adventure! Facebook Game App

This game is easy to begin – like many Facebook games, arrows point your route through the game, and windows often pop up to tell you where you should go next. When you battle “monsters” to move through quests, you are simply getting close to them and hitting them by clicking your mouse – the goal is to hit them more times than they hit you. Moving is easy (point and click) and clues are set up along the way making it very easy to know your next step.

This game progresses very logically. You begin at base camp – this is where you come back to refuel, where you can refer to your guidebook to see your stage in the current quest, and where you can contact friends (or make new ones) if you need to trade tools so you can continue.

Monsters you are likely to encounter include zombies-looking creatures, bird monsters and spiders. The graphics are decent, the sound options allow for variability (which is important) and the game is surprisingly addictive – you just want to see where it is taking you next!

Unfortunately, there are a number of annoying pop up ads, and the game continuously tries to get you to add friends. Though you can still progress through the main stage of the game without adding or making new friends, you are limited in what you can do until you get others on your side. The only other option would be to purchase life, so you will find you either add friends, pay money, or wait until another day to play (once your health has restored).

Overall this game is a more good than bad. It is really easy to begin, stays interesting as you move along, and is very enjoyable. There are unique elements to the game – such as growing food for strength, some unusual upgrades in weapons, and adorable, playful graphics, all adding to the charm of the game.

Hello Adventure - STRATEGY

You must roll your mouse over any items you win in order to collect them. They will expire so be sure you do this when they are visible on your screen. It doesn’t move your avatar there unless you click, so just pass your mouse pointer over any new items.

Anytime you see a sign with an exclamation mark, click it! Likewise, if you see anything that appears to be shimmering, find a safe route to it and click it to see what it has to offer.

Whatever you need, you go back to base camp by clicking the map on the bottom right side of the screen. You click this same button when you want to venture back to the game; it gives you a map of your possible destinations.

Once you have added friends, an icon appears at your base camp that says “Friends’ Camps” and this is where you interact.

Remember to check your backpack to see if you have any remaining items that you can use to help increase your health (such as food to cook and eat, or food you can plant).

Hello Adventure - TIPS, HINTS & CHEATS

Set up your cooking times strategically. Some foods will be ready for eating in as few as 3 minutes and others in many hours. You must weigh the coin cost, the cooking time and the energy you receive once consumed and time out what you need.

Always make sure you have something cooking over the fire, and both gardens planted and growing for sustenance. Once you have consumed one, be sure to plant or begin cooking another.

Your health regenerates after time, but also when you level up. If you are close to leveling up, wait until you are completely generated instead of using your stored tools.

Look for any new weapons you may have picked up. When you get one, you are asked if you want to use it – wait for the right time! There are also some neat weapons like throwing daggers; you should hold onto these until you see archers (because you can throw the daggers from 3 spaces away, before the archers can hit you with their arrows).

No matter how far you have managed to go, always remember that you can re-do levels. Your first level, the “Into the Wilderness” gave you a lot of food (or increased health) so go back and play this when you need to re-fuel!

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