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Welcome to Mystic Falls! Fans of the television show The Vampire Diaries are likely aware of the importance of the town’s history, and this importance is also exemplified in the game. The main goal of the game is to unlock all of the mysteries of Mystic Falls, and also some truths about the main characters.

Players become students at the Mystic Falls high school and are therefore peers of the main characters.

Vampire Diaries - OVERVIEW

Vampire Diaries - Get Sucked In - Facebook Game ReviewPlayers have the chance to meet all of the characters in the game, and are given different quests that must be completed in order to move to the next, more difficult level. Quests are interrupted with required Mystic Trivia quizzes and timed Mystic Pix comparisons. The trivia requires some knowledge of the show, but players can move on without being successful in the quiz portion.

The game does not require a great amount of skill. Characters pop up every time a new quest is set and they let you know where you have to go – there is a map that must be used to determine your next location and, once found, you have to “erase” fog (simply click on predefined hexagonal areas) from the landscape in order to find the tools for your quest.

In order to continue to erase the fog, players must have energy which can be picked up along the way. The problem is that players run out of energy rather quickly and the only way to continue playing is to pay money to purchase more life in the game. As erasing the fog is purely about luck (if you have 30 spots to erase but only 10 tries left, it is luck whether you find the hidden tools), it can really take away from the enjoyment of the game. Energy is renewed by one ‘shot’ every three minutes, however, it is not enough to keep playing. Most players will have to either purchase more playing time or wait 24 hours to begin the game again.

Fans of the show will really enjoy the high quality graphics that depict the characters and the trivia moments that allow an interaction with them. The characters pop up to give tips on where to go next and to remind players what they are looking for, however, those who are not fans of the show might find the nature of erasing the fog one click at a time somewhat boring.

Vampire Diaries - STRATEGY

Characters lead you in the direction you want to go. On the left hand side of the screen, a “Mission Journal” button exists that allows you to easily see the quests you have completed, and those that have been assigned. Players can choose to do the quests in any order, or can try to group quests together – if the quests are downtown you can complete those in a group, or use the map to travel to the town’s living area and complete the quests there.

Along the way you can collect water bottles – these will give you extra energy. As you progress through the game, the types of food or drink that you are offered begins to vary. In general, whenever a new symbol is uncovered, be sure to click on it. They will be stored in a backpack for later use. When you run out of energy, go to that backpack to see if any of the tokens you have collected can lengthen your game.

The quests often involve players collecting a group of items by clicking on the fog. The fog is in hexagonal shapes, and one click erases a defined amount. Though the game can be short for new players, as you continue to level up, your stamina increases allowing the game to last longer.

Vampire Diaries - TIPS, HINTS & CHEATS

If you can’t find items that you need to finish your quests, you can request them from other Facebook friends who also play the game.

Players can cash in the coins that they win to help with the game – add-ons like adding ten seconds to the length of time of your quiz, or having one answer given can help you progress through the game.

Inviting other friends when pop-ups appear can add stamina, extending the length of your game.

Purchasing stamina is also a possibility. Purchased stamina lasts longer than what is given for free during the game.

Antiques, food and nut collections can be traded in for vervain tea and lemonade.

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