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Facebook Game Review - Treasure By Ryzing

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Just how exciting is digging for treasure?  Well, Treasure By Ryzing is hoping you’ll find it exciting enough to keep playing this simple-themed Facebook game application.  Let’s get real for a second.  You’re basically selecting areas of the screen to ‘dig’ for treasure utilizing coins in the process.

Can you dig it?  Get it? Dig? Haha…

Theoretically, you can win real money at this game, but the concept, chance of success, and held-interest are major… unfortunately, negative… factors affecting game play.

So, will you discover a digital version of the famed real booty left buried by famous Scottish pirate, Captain Kidd?  Only one way to find out… better start digging…

Treasure - OVERVIEW

Treasure By Ryzing - Facebook Game AppClaim your copper coins under your current copper coins amount listing. You can claim these every like 4 hours I believe. When you collect these you can get gold coins also.

Gold coins are what’s used for digging for real cash. You need 5 gold coins to dig once. Finding the real cash is difficult normally. Having friends who play this game religiously is a good way to get gold coins, but nobody plays it that much though.

Use your copper coins to dig on the regular islands. You can find gold coins buried on these islands to add to your total. You also find flags which have a number on them. This number signifies how much experience you gain. This experience helps you level up.

You also find pirates which steal copper coins and pirates with red no symbols over them, which block pirates from stealing your coins. You can find copper coins and also find multipliers that when you find copper coins it will give you that multiple of coins. You can find shovels in your digs which for a limited time will speed up how fast you can dig, which is kind of nice, but it makes you lose your copper coins a lot faster.

There are also the letters R, Y, Z, I, N, and G (who would have guessed) buried on the island. Every round (which isn’t very long) if the people playing that island (which never is very many) find all the letters, then you guys get like 5 gold coins per letter or something along those lines. On the real cash island this is much more likely, however I think there’s a difference in it on the real cash island.

I know that on the real cash island you have to be one of the people to have found a letter in order to get any of the gold coins. On the copper islands I believe it’s everybody who was digging during that round on the island.

Treasure - STRATEGY

Hmmm… alright or should I say Arrr-Arrr—right… …. strategies.

Obvious Strategy #1:
Avoid the pirates (yeah, like you have a choice).

Obvious Strategy #2:
Find the gold coins (yeah, like you have a choice in this either).

I will say however, that if you do happen to find a gold coin, then MOVE. You have no chance of finding 2 gold coins in the same area. You have to move a little ways away in order to start finding more gold coins.

You have just about as much luck at gaining a lot of money on this game as you do at finding a four leaf clover. This is one of those games where if you want to win real cash, but hate the game, you claim your dailies a few days in a row and then when you have thousands of copper coins to spend you hit it all in one day and cross your fingers that you find the gold coins and can manage to eventually win some real money.

If you can get a group of friends together to play the same copper island at the same time all at once, then go for it, because that will possibly give you a chance at getting the RYZING letters.


Alright… tips, hints, cheats…

Tip #1 – Don’t spend your real money on the offers in order to get gold coins to dig with, which will give you barely any money back.

Tip #2 – Playing this game without having a mass amount of friends who play it, is kind of pointless. Play Bingo By Ryzing or Booty Slots if you want to win real money. This game is way too boring and barely pays out anything at all. It takes forever to get enough gold coins to do anything. I’m assuming the higher your level, the higher amount of copper coins you get for your income, but I doubt it helps much.

Tip #3 – The higher level islands do have a higher amount of gold coins that can be found, but I haven’t noticed this to make that much of a difference.  Consider that a tip.

Tip #4 – You can complete FREE offers in order to earn gold coins, but you’re better off saving these free offers for other games like Booty Slots.

There’s not much else that can really be said about this game.

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