Zombie Slayer Facebook Game Review

Zombie Slayer Facebook Game Review

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Like any good homage to the zombie genre, the game begins with the premise that the world has turned into a wasteland, overrun with flesh-eating zombies.

Nom-om-nom-om-nom… mmm.. brains.

As a fan of anything zombie, I hate to admit that this game did not pique my interest.  Why?  Well, for starters… it’s overly complicated, with a dashboard that makes your head spin.

But if you want to try and figure it out (as I’m thinking you probably do if you’re reading this far!) read on…

Zombie Slayer - OVERVIEW

Zombie Slayer Facebook App

On the surface, what could be more fun than killing zombies! The concept of this game is to go to areas with outbreaks and fight to eradicate the zombie presence. In order to fight you need to earn money, and with that money you need to purchase properties to keep earning the ability to fight the zombies. Properties pay money out every hour, so the more properties you have, the longer and more varied the game play. Properties can be upgraded, earning you more money.  Sounds like Monopoly meets Zombieland?

You can choose the location of outbreak (over 20 countries are represented) and you can also choose your weapons of choice. Like many Facebook games, there are social elements embedded into play – you can invite your friends, make new ones, borrow tools and ask for help from others. You can also make “squads” from your friends and new acquaintances and make your team into a fighting machine. These options allow players to personalize the game, a great benefit that may keep the game interesting.

Unlike most Facebook games, there is very little guidance on where to go when you are playing. Gone are the usual flashing arrows and step-by-step instructions which I have always found irritating; in this case, however, a little guidance would be welcomed. I often found myself floundering around, wondering what to do next and getting instruction only when I tried to do something but did not have the available energy. The dashboard is a mess with too much going on.

To be fair, I did try to get some advice from other players and those who love the game really seem to love it, but I was certainly not alone in my confusion and there were many frustrated players being vocal about the difficulty in engaging with this game. Though it has great graphics and a lot of different options, I could not get into this game at all and found the inability to navigate through the game a deal breaker.

Zombie Slayer - STRATEGY

Playing this game well does require some strategy.  Be sure to purchase property whenever you can. It is important to keep your energy up and this is the most expedient way.

Log on every day to get your daily gaming points and daily rewards. Daily play increases your stamina and your ability to play over the long run. Experience points count in this game and this is the best way to earn them.

There are three different types of boss fights: the single boss fight that you can fight on your own, coop boss fights where you ask for help from friends or acquaintances, and the world boss fights that happen at various dates (but you can see a countdown letting you know when they are happening) and there is no limit to how many people can play.

You need to continue to level up in this game. Remember to invest in property, gain experience, and learn new skills as your game play develops.

Zombie Slayer - TIPS, HINTS & CHEATS

  • Add as many squad players as you can find – you can never have enough to ensure you win the battles. The larger your squad, the greater your access to gifts, squad contracts and bosses.
  • You can put a “hit” out on other players you want to ‘take out’ of the game. The hit-list cost, or bounty, is determined by how many points the player has earned and how many others have tried to have that player “hit”.
  • You can also fight against other slayers by various methods including ambushing them and booby trapping. You can only ambush people who have tried to initiate a fight with you in the last 24 hours. Use booby traps to surprise those who seem to be out to get you. If they hit-list you, it backfires and takes them out of the game. Remember though, that someone might choose to booby trap you too!
  • Fight every coop boss that you can and remember to do only enough damage to win as others will want to join in on the fun.
  • You can only ask for help from your friends every 22 hours. Choose this time wisely.
  • If you go into a negative account balance, you must start selling off assets. If you don’t, your assets may be repossessed, giving you no choice on what items you will be forced to give up
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