EDIT:  January 6, 2011: I’m thrilled to announce our first ever Contest winner!  The winning entry was chosen at random from all current email newsletter signups.
The prize was an Official The Price Is Right Electronic Game.  And the prize goes to…. ….



I’ve already contacted the winner and she will receive her prize by mail in the next 10-14 days.  Now the exciting news!  I actually have 2 The Price Is Right Electronic Games!  I just wanted to see if this contest would be a success or not before making another announcement!  So, watch for details soon as I will be giving another one of these away!


So, I’m super excited about this.

I happened to spot The Price Is Right Electronic Game which looks totally awesome.  It’s like a miniature of the real thing with a Big Wheel as well.  I couldn’t resist, so I bought it.  I immediately thought of all the amazing people who come to and share in the forums and promote this awesome site and resource.  So I thought “what the hell”, I might as well raffle this off in a DataGrabber contest to a lucky member.

To make it super-easy, all you have to do is make sure you are signed up to the VIP Newsletter and remain a member.  If you already are a current member – you’re already entered in the contest!

On Jan 3rd, 2011, I’ll pick a random winner and contact them via email to claim the prize!  I’ll ship it out to the winner on my tab so you really don’t need to do a thing (except make sure you are an existing member of our VIP Newsletter.  If the chosen winner doesn’t respond to my contact in 48 hrs, I’ll pick another winner.

My plan is to be able to run more contests in future, specifically rewarding those who’ve contributed the most to DataGrabber – either via submissions, discussion posts in the FORUM, or donations to the site.  I think it’s cool and fun to get free stuff.  So where ever I can manage it, I’d like it to be a regular thing and hopefully reward a lot more people for people loyal to

This of course largely comes out of my pocket, but if you have related items, prizes to donate, or contest ideas, or  sponsor a contest/prize for members of this site and FORUM, contact me via email ([email protected]) to discuss.

For this prize, the winner will have to disclose the mailing address they’d like me to ship the prize to.  I don’t mind springing for shipping unless you live in a tiny remote area that costs a zillion dollars to ship to.  In that instance, I’ll give you the choice of paying for part/all of the shipping to claim your prize.   Also, only one email sign up per person please.   You don’t have to do anything else to enter.  If you’re already an email member, you’r in the ‘pool’ already!  🙂

I suppose I should have a disclaimer here that prize(s) can be withdrawan at any time (ie. if my cat pees on the box or something.. lol), and we accept no liability in awarding and shipping the prize.  Basic common sense stuff.   My aim is to keep it simple.

Anyhow, thank in advance, and keep making this site awesome and great!  🙂

Keep Playing.  Keep Noting.

Andrew (Admin)

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    1. 🙂 Good Luck!!!

      Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more contests in future too! I love making people happy and spreading the holiday cheer! 😉

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