DataGrabber UPDATE – Apr. 14, 2011

Greetings DataGrabbers,

Have you ever dropped the F-bomb?  Or said something far worse in the heat of an argument or painful episode of clumsiness?  I got in trouble from my 4-year-old for saying something was “stupid”.  Apparently, his pre-school is teaching all kids not to say “stupid”.   While I think that’s noble and there’s some truth to its deragatory connotation, the reality is I’m probably not going to be able to prevent uttering this horrible word.  But for my son, I will try.  It was actually hard to justifiy why it was OK to use it – didn’t expect that.  But aside from all that, I have a word that is FAR worse.  Yes, this word will get you warned and even banned altogether from a certain popular online Facebook Game.   Yes it’s true.  Do not.. and I mean.. do NOT say/spell the word DATAGRABBER on TPIR.  Apparently, we’re just as bad as the F-bomb.  Go figure.  They certainly showed us!  It’s true.  It has been confirmed that DATAGRABBER is now a banned word.  SO, get creative in spreading the word about this site… I like hyphens and dot-dot-dots myself. 🙂

So it’s been a while.  My apologies for not updating sooner!  While I haven’t posted a blog update in a while, I do continue to update, maintain it, monitor and contribute to the FORUMS etc.  All I’m saying here is that I AM accessible.  The site continues to trudge along.  We are still growing – which is fabulous! – albeit at a slower pace but still onward and upward.  Our other pages with Facebook game hints, tips, and tricks that are non-Feud, TPIR, nor WoF related continue to grow in popularity.  We’ve also had a great and consistent run of data submissions which our trusty volunteers have properly vetted and added to the update queue.  Keep this up.  The site is ONLY as effective as the quality of contributions that come through the door.. er.. computer.  So thanks in advance and in God’s Name.. do NOT stop!  🙂

The big excitement is the frenzy over Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Based on the popular prime time game show, WW2BAM is blazing hot.  It’s a well structured and fun game to play on Facebook.  And normally that’s about all I’d say, except that YOU people.. the good folks who support, contribute and/or enjoy, decided we should start a FINAL ANSWER list for the questions in the game.  I had not intended on doing this, but you wanted it, so there it is.  I’m pleased to say we’ve launched a preliminary chart page for Facebook Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!  HOORAY!!  And the data is growing fast – keep it up!.  It’s amazing to me how solid a community we have here.  Spread the news and get more people on board! is here to serve FB game enthusiasts.  And I, along with our amazing stupendously awesome volunteers won’t stop serving you!  You guys are building and morhping this website to be all it can be.  So I thank you for that and pledge to continue to work hard on your behalf.

Don’t forget to check out Facebook Wheel of Fortune Solutions if you have not as of yet.  It’s growing gangbusters.  Check it out!

Finally, this has been a busy and hard month for our tireless volunteers.  The submissions you guys got through was awesome and always regularly updated without fail.  Thank you thank you thank you…

And now, on with the show…

  • In the worst kept surprise department, the DataGrabber Forum will hit  1200 members shortly which is really fantastic.  Unlike weeks past, there have been more posts than ever discussing general topics, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’s inclusion in addition to the data contributions.  Thank you for that!  Let’s keep the dialogue going!
  • Traffic on the site has remained consistent with a general upward trend.  Keep spreading the word about  I’m thrilled to see new members joining all the time.
  • Further updates have been completed fairly regularly on Family Feud, The Price Is Right, and Wheel of Fortune (which is also our fastest growing game data page).  Keep it up!
  • The unofficial launch of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire web page and data chart went from possibilitiy to reality – lightning fast.  Check it out in the main page (black header) navigation.  I’m most impressed at the 2-4 day intensive work by myself and all the volunteers that pulled this all together to launch it super-fast.  This is an incredible achievement and a testament to the power of collective contributions with a singular purpose.  So ENJOY the data and keep on submitting as much as possible so we can dominate the list.  NOTE:  You have the ability to chat in WW2BAM Facebook game.  Please take advantage and spread the word about  The more people who contribute to the site, the more accurate and plentiful the data will be.  So please – tactfully – post our site!  BAM!  You are all now Ambassadors of 🙂
  • The Price Is Right solutions lists underwent another major update combining a massive list contributed by an anonymous member!  Great work integrating it, Price. 🙂
  • The Family Feud survey answers lists are doing great in their “split” format.  Keep the contributions coming!  There happens to be A LOT of data for this game!

Thanks again for your love, support, and good words!  Keep the torch alive in the FORUMS! Over and out.

Keep Playing. Keep Sharing.

Andrew (admin)
[email protected]

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3 Responses

  1. Hey there… Not is datagrabber a bad word on TPIR we who use it are called cheaters!! Put it this way – if you are not smart enough to do what you need to win, then by all means be the looser you already seem to be…

    San Francisco, CA

  2. Just because your helpful website is out there you dont have to use it. I dont feel like its cheating when you still have to look for it. People just call us cheaters cause their not smart enough to look at your website. Keep up the good work i among alot do appreciate it

  3. I like when people get all bent out of shape in TPIR, it only makes me want to “cheat” more. This site is great.

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