DataGrabber UPDATE – Aug. 6, 2011

Greetings DataGrabbers,

As we turn the halfway mark for us Northern Hemisphere summer-enjoyers, I can’t help but wonder what the new year will bring.  Isn’t it funny that once you’re a parent, you view September as the ‘start’ of something new (or the unofficial “New Year”)?  As much as I enjoy summer, I’m anxious for new structure, routine, and productivity.  I want to squeeze more out of my days.  I feel like I’m not getting the same ‘bang-for-the-buck’ on my summer 24 hours versus the rest of the year.

Summer is no less busy for me, but it’s a different kind of busy once you have a family.  As a kid I LOVED summer and couldn’t wait for it to start and whined and complained as it ended.  But these days, I will be the first one who will be popping the champagne not on January 1st, but on September 1st!  Yes, I’ll miss the warm weather, but I’ll have my days back which is just fine by me.

Given the summer ‘schedule’, I have not been as frequent in updating the site data or my posts as I usually am.  I do apologize to the hardcore DataGrabbers out there (although taking a summer break away from your Facebook games isn’t necessarily a bad thing!).   It’s been an eventful month in my personal life moving locations again and settling more permanently in a new home/office.  This has ravaged my computer time forcing me to be selective in where and how frequently I updated   I’m also dealing with another round of computer attacks on the site which has become commonplace for a site as popular as this one.  Unfortunately, keeping the site up and running within this environment is tricky, time-consuming, and costly.  But I try my best to balance the spinning plates without dropping any (my attempt at a circus reference.. lol).

Finally, we’ve had a surge of new sign-ups.  I want to welcome all the new DataGrabbers aboard!  I encourage you to get involved in the Forums of our site, and spread the word, tell your friends, share the link on Facebook!   The more people who view and visit the site adds to the stability and future success and development of!  It’s in your hands.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I view as a community project and joint effort.  We all benefit from each other – as it should be!

Summer or not, there are some updates that I’m happy to tell you about.

Read on!

  • The DataGrabber Forums boasts over 1575 members to date!  We’re proud of each and every one of our members, contributers, voluteers, and yes, even lurkers!  If you’d like to join to discussion, post your own data, or offer any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or even meet fellow players and future friends… REGISTER NOW!  It’s litereally a one step process that gets you in there in 30 seconds.
  • Our free email VIP membership has grown to over 4100 members as well – welcome to the VIP Club!  🙂
  • We’ve removed the Amazon products advertising slider.  Most people didn’t mind it, but some people hated it as they felt it slowed the site loading time down significantly.  The last think I want to do is make it ‘harder’ to access data on… so your wish is my command – and I’ve eliminated it from the website.  🙂
  • During the past month, we’ve continued to add more updates to Family Feud, The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Facebook Game.  Thanks to all those submitters!
  • We split up the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire cheat charts to two from one.  So there is now a Round 1 and Round 2 chart.  That makes it easier to compile and organize the data.
  • If my wife would let me, I would plant big wet kisses (not in a gross way.. haha!) on our illustrious volunteers sheenar, mollygrun, and mindy.  You guys have been SUPER at updating the rapidly posted data and prepping it for the admin-side updates.  Without your efforts, the site would not be updated as frequently.  I know it takes some work to put this all together, and I hope everyone reading this is inspired by their volunteer efforts and amazing dedication.  Seriously, I’m humbled by your committment and never-waivering responsibility in ensuring the most accurate and updated data is ready for uploading.  Thanks a million on behalf of ALL datagrabbers out there.
  • I’ve received reports of some new members who purchased an eBay product that claimed to give away lists/cheat sheets for TPIR, and other Facebook games to winning bidders.  Once the bidder won the listing, they were simply given a link to  I have filed a complaint with eBay as have at least one of the parties victimized by this fraud.  Just to set the record straight, we DO NOT SELL OR CHARGE FOR ANY cheat sheets, data, hints, tips, guides, or anything related to Facebook game help.  Nor do we condone any of these actions by third parties.  We encourage you to report anyone who is selling our intellectual property and information through any forum, marketplace, auction, or selling service of any kind (including or
  • Last, please continue to send me your thoughts, feedback, compliments, complaints, death threats, whatever!  I love hearing from anyone reading this.  I promise I will try and respond to each and every one of you personally!  🙂

Our FORUMS make the DataGrabber community strong and vibrant!  Why not join today?

Keep Playing. Keep Sharing.

Andrew (admin)
[email protected]

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1 Response

  1. Haha you’re so welcome…the amount of data pouring out every week is overwhelming but wonderful so we can keep TPIR and Millionaire and WOF updated as much as possible! Thanks to those like priceisrightrules, reenakiran, almightyto-
    ra, and noahbain who study the TPIR lists intently and fix our fopas. And now that I’ve started my “graduate program,” it is much appreciated since I can now copy/paste more easily and not have to double check. I will try to get to each and every update but please, as I have said earlier, do not post more than a page a day so I can keep my sanity…:) and Andrew too cause he would hate to sift through hundreds of updates waiting for him.

    Thanks a bunch!
    Your TPIR/Millionaire Updater Volunteer

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