DataGrabber UPDATE – August 15, 2012

WTF! Stop With The Emails Already!

I know I’ve email you a LOT lately.  Please keep in mind that most of my emails are sent automatically as soon as a new post or review is published.  Sadly, building into a Facebook game review site is no easy and overnight process.  As we’re scrambling to beef up this new section with cool and original reviews, we know you’ve seen more than the usual amount of email notifications.

I’m really sorry if it’s too much.

All I can say is that it will end once we get to a critical mass in our reviews.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the reviews at most or delete them but remain subscribing members.  Whatever you do though, PLEASE don’t mark your emails from us as “spam”.  We’re not spam and we never send emails to anyone who has not confirmed their email signup with us in the first place.  If it’s really upsetting you, just unsubscribe.  It’s easy, simple, and full-proof. You’ll never get another email from us again unless you sign up again.  And because we protect all our member and former member emails, you’ll NEVER, EVER be solicited to by 3rd parties due to us.  NEVER.

BUT, if you mark our emails as spam (instead of simply unsubscribing), it may unfairly affect our ability to email you and other members in future – not to mention that it’s kind of insulting and unfair to liken us to those Cialis and Viagra male enhancements ads that flood inbox’s these days.  🙂

So, What’s New?

My last update post in July hinted at some of the changes.  I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve logged retooling the as part of this bold new direction.  As always, there’s still plenty more work to do and of course there are some bugs that we’ve had to fix along the way.  Many thanks to those who Facebook-ed me when having site connection issues.

What’s so awesome about the new  Well, for starters, we added a whole new and prominent Facebook game review section.  We’re going forward and reviewing today’s and tomorrow’s popular Facebook games with consistent criteria so that you can get a better assessment of [what could be] your new favourite game!

There’s around 20 reviews we managed to put out in just over a month with many more in the pipeline.  These are awesome snapshots of some cool new and interesting games and why you should or shouldn’t add them to your Facebook.  Unlike other review sites, we are thoroughly reviewing the game from an objective perpective (no BS! If I hated the game, I’ll tell you I HATED THE GAME) and add emphasis to specific strategies, tips, and tricks which we try and include as well.  If you haven’t checked out the reviews yet, DO IT NOW!  Informative, opinionated, and funny are just some of their characteristics.

Nothing has changed with regards to the cheat sheets, answer charts, game data etc.  The only major change was a page splitting of the Family Feud data.  There simply was too much data and too many charts to load all at once on one webpage.  So we split it out – but all of the data is there of course… and loads faster!

And.. Er.. Any More Goodies In Store?

Our New Submission Form – Click To Enlarge

I know a lot of you play other Facebook trivia games as well.  We’ve started collecting data for Press Your Luck (currently live on, You Don’t Know Jack (coming soon), and Jeopardy! (coming soon).  There is a LOT of data to collect on these particular games.  So we’ve added button links on the top right menu that you can click and submit your data an entry at a time via the online form.  It’s quick and easy and gets queued up automatically to our master data.  Please add your collected data!

There is more to come as we continue to grow and expand

Hey Where Did My Volunteer Go?

As always, as much as I’m the man-behind-the-site, I cannot do this without the help of my illustrious and industrious volunteers who have been consistently adding new data to the existing games and moderating the forum.  Thank you to the troops that continue to work tirelessly.

On a related matter, I also occasionally get requests from folks who want to volunteer.  I get super-thrilled and happy when people want to reach out and be a more active part of the community.  It’s, honestly, the most exciting and BEST part of my week when I get an offer to help.  Unfortunately, as quickly and reassuringly as my new volunteers come aboard, few seem unwilling to continue to help after about 1-2 weeks.  It breaks my heart and I don’t judge as I know real-life gets in the way.  But it’s always a HUGE let down to me not because they quit but because  I never end up learning why as the MIA volunteers simply refuse to communicate.

Keep in mind that volunteering with is not an unreasonable boot camp.  My expectations are always as much as whatever the volunteer can handle.  If you can help 1 hour a week or 40+ hours a week, we could use you in either case.  If data entry isn’t your thing, I’m willing to work with you to find some way YOU feel you can help us out! I’m super flexible, super appreciative and respectful of your time and life commitments.

I only ask they you remain open, honest, communicative and direct with me at all times.  I hope it’s not too much to ask!


So there’s August for ya! …  (Tip: Add DataGrabber to your Facebook and Twitter for fastest updates!)

Play. Note. Share.

Andrew D. Grabber (admin)
[email protected]

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