DataGrabber UPDATE – Dec. 3, 2010

Greetings DataGrabbers,

It’s been another busy and productive few days.  The traffic to this site has grown considerably as have our new FORUM member (now over 200!), VIP Newsletter subscribers, and hits/visits to the site.  The only reason for the success of this website is that people just like you discover and use the information on this website.  I’ve heard from so many of you who are playing more and more to chase down all the levels of the game(s).  Our own internal research shows that our site is actually helping to build an even larger playing base for The Price Is Right and Family Feud.  So we’re happy and glad to contribute to the games’ success!

It’s important to realize that this site simply combines all the data that you – the members – have contributed.  For those arguing that is somehow on a mission to destroy a popular Facebook game due to making the data open and freely available, I vehemently oppose that view.  About 90-95% of the data that’s on our combined list pages, can be found in the FORUM from the hundreds of members who posted their notes, as well as the website comments (before the FORUM was added).  And there are other FORUM sites with similar posted information.  This data is freely posted, and freely available for anyone to use.  Freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental human right.  So if a person chooses to post their answers in a forum post, there is nothing wrong with that, nor with combining all the forum posts into a list.   I seem to get the occasional angry email hurling abuse and accusations, so I always like to set the record straight and provide an appropriate ‘big picture’ view.  It’s amazing to me how polarizing this issue is — and how it brings out the absolute worst in people.  Bottom line is:  these are just games.  Have fun!

That being said, there were a lot of updates which I’ll try to summarize below:

  • The site underwent a major structural change to properly categorize the data based on the Facebook Game and subsequent sub-pages off the main header pages.  Please update your bookmarks if you’re not able to get to the data with your old links.
  • All the pages with lists have been adjusted a bit to format them a little nicer – visually.  More work needs to be done here.  But, understandably, my priority has always been to make the data open and available first, then worry about aesthetics.
  • launched its first contest.  Everyone has donated so much time and energy volunteering to this site, I couldn’t think of a better way to reward one lucky winner (and hopefully more in future).  If you haven’t entered yet, all you need to do is sign up to the VIP Newsletter.  And yes, I bought the prize and will ship it out on my tab.   Although if there’s anyone who would like to sponsor a prize for a future contest or promotion, contact me for sure!  🙂
  • Launched a new homepage introduction to the site.  It’s a bit weak, I know, but once there is more diversity in the site, there will be more to add in the homepage.
  • Drafted and launched a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that helps explain this site, it’s purpose, and addresses the concerns of the very few who think we are immoral heathens.
  • There’s some excellent tips, and guides coming to you via the VIP Newsletter future emails – so definitely sign up if you haven’t and stay subscribed if you have (and don’t worry, your email is kept private only to me – the mods don’t even have access.  I also will not sell, distribute, or swap your email information.  I value your privacy and remain committed to maintaining that trust).
  • The Family Feud main answers list has grown significantly thanks to some great work by two dedicated volunteers.  One volunteer donated his notes/data generously to help get the list up.  In total we now have over 750 entries.  Considering it was barely 100 less than a week ago, this is a resounding success.  Keep it up!  We welcome your submissions!
  • Family Feud Fast Money answers are coming shortly as well as soon as we collect more data
  • General Family Feud Strategies & Hints page has been added to the site – more content to come here in future.
  • From the responses we are getting both publically and privately, it looks like the majority of players would like to see a Wheel Of Fortune list in future.  I’m setting up some prelimiary work on this.  If you’d like to assist or send us some screenshot answers for us to build data from, we’re open to that right now.
  • I’m looking for some more volunteers, specifically to help with our Family Feud list.  We’re getting data in faster than we can process.  If there’s anyone who has any daily time they can dedicate to the cause, you’d have our eternal gratitude and the gratitude of all the members!  Just email me if interested.

I keep thinking I’ve made my longest Update Post each time I do this, and yet I seem to always surpass it.  I’m probably still missing some updates here, but I’m sure there will be more in the next edition.  That’s it for now, folks!

Keep Playing.  Keep Noting.

Andrew (admin)
[email protected]

PS.  Yes, that is my picture as is my avatar in the FORUM.  I’m told a young black man is impersonating me on some TPIR games as the creator of  While I’m flattered and wish him well, I thought I should clarify that I’m actually just an average pasty white guy… 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. I played today and told them about and all of a sudden my site has been shut down so that i can’t play price is right on my facebook. Lucky for me that I use more than one but I think they are shutting us out. could this happen? Are other people having that problem?

    1. This is the first I’ve heard of this… but I would probably stay low-key about datagrabber for now… I usually don’t advertise the site unless someone asks or I offer to PM them with the URL… Otherwise, it’s akin to ‘spammin’ on the chat…

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your site I particularly loved your piece about TPIR, Till now I did not even know about the game was available.

    Thank you for showing me a new way to enjoy Facebook!

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