DataGrabber UPDATE – Feb. 15, 2011

Greetings DataGrabbers,

Love is in the air!  It’s the Valentine’s Day season that lasts all of one day actually.  I prefer to think of it as a day to just share the love with family, loved ones, friends, co-workers, your cat… whatever!  If you’re a softie, don’t change!  If you’re the gruff-exterior type, soften up just a bit.  It feels great and apparently will help us live longer.  Mood really does affect lifespan.  I also believe in small RAKs  (Random Acts of Kindness).  I tipped a little more than I normally do at a restaurant.  I helped a guy struggling with his groceries get to his car.  And I gave my old couches and furniture away rather than selling it on craigslist or kijiji.  It’s nice to be nice.

But what about DataGrabbers?  Well I’ll spread the love there too!  3 words:  Wheel.  Of.  FORTUNE!  Ta-da-da-ta  Ta-ta-da-ta (Okay, it’s hard to type out the onomatopoeic theme song)

I’ve updated the site with the third most popular Facebook game based on a gameshow.  Yes, that’s right.  A new section devoted to Wheel of Fortune went live today.  It’s a work in progress with more content to come.  But the juicy part is the Answer Chart that everyone seems to know and love so well.   I added it to the site early in hopes that more of you will contribute data and help build the Wheel of Fortune Facebook game data repository.  The power of many is greater than the power of one.  So post in the Forums, and check out the data chart for Facebook Wheel of Fortune Answers!

I’m pretty excited and pumped for the Wheel of Fortune on  And I’m also thrilled to keep expanding the section profiling many other Facebook games.  The effect of growing content on is a need for greater planning and organization.  I’ve tried to structure the site and navigation to be clearer with a prominent focus on the main reason visitors come to while also making the other newer content readily available.  As a result, you’ll see some changes in navigation.  It might even mean some links/URLS may change – in which case you will have to update your bookmarks.  The Forum has also changed a bit too (thanks to the amazing work of moderator Dan – db336!).   It is cleaner, more targetted, and ready for expansion!

Okay here’s the goods:

  • We hit over 3000 VIP Email Newsletter members this past week.  This is a signficant milestone *APPLAUSE*.  The advantage of the email list inclusion is that you get real-time site updates, news, tips, extra insider stuff, access to contests, promotions, special offers etc.  It’s a private and protected email list which I guard with 4 tanks, 300 land mines, and a 1000 nuclear warheads.  :).   It’s a spam-free list which I would sooner destroy or ingest before sharing with 3rd parties.
  • Our awesome FORUM has now hit almost 800 members… and growing! YAY!
  • As mentioned, the new Wheel of Fortune section has been added to the website as well as FORUM.  Many thanks to Sheenar1 for your awesome WoF data contributions!  More to come here..
  • Facebook game strategies have been added for Cafe World tips and all!  Enjoy!
  • Major de-cluttering, re-organization of the FORUMS has begun as mentioned earlier.
  • The Price Is Right data lists are updated with more corrections and new entries.  I also want to single out PriceCheaterTPIR in particular who has done a FABULOUS job adding a signficant number of video descriptions to the master list to make search even faster, easier, and more accurate!  Great work, Price. 🙂
  • Fantastic work by ALL our volunteers (you know who you are!) continues… I thank you all for being dedicated and committed to this project!  (Oh and thank you Mollygrun for taking over the TPIR Main list submission consolidation from the FORUM!  You’re awesome!)

The work, the play, the fun, the updating …. continues.   Feel the love.  Give the love.  Spread the love.   And join/post in the FORUMS!  🙂

Keep Playing. Keep Sharing.  (You’ll notice I changed my sign-off from “Keep Noting” to “Keep Sharing”… I think it more accurately defines this awesome community!)

Andrew (admin)
[email protected]

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