DataGrabber UPDATE – Feb. 2, 2011

Greetings DataGrabbers,

It’s at about this point when, as I look out the window and see the relentless dumping of snow everywhere, I long for summer.   It’s safe to say I’m sick of the winter.  The Groundhog Day winter storm covered a good third of North America today.   Instead of shoveling the driveway, I’m sitting in front of my computer procrastinating.  So what better time is there to do up a DataGrabber update?   See!  I found an upside to Blizzard ’11.

The transition to the new server has been fully completed for a few weeks now and I’m pleased that site loading times are quicker, and of course the DataGrabber site itself is more stable.  The foundation is set to grow DataGrabber to be all it can be!  I mentioned in my last update that I’m working on exciting improvements, enhancements, and expansion for the site.  I must have plunged right into it without really thinking twice about it, because I’ve put a huge number of hours into content expansion as you may have already seen.

I couldn’t have been able to dedicate my time to the new stuff if I didn’t have the help of some amazing volunteers.  Yes, my plea and call for volunteers has been heard and you guys are AWESOME.  I’ve received several replies and have confirmed three current new volunteer recruits to help with the chart/list data updating.  I’ve also got potentially 1-2 more volunteers who I will set up with pushing the data grabbing forward more than just personal game and forum game post updates.  At least that is the plan.

To the new volunteers, I must give you a heartfelt THANK YOU on behalf of myself and the thousands who regularly consult   Your time is valuable.  And the fact that you’ve offered it to help keep the data relevant and up to date is something I do not take lightly.  Your generous gift of time inspires me to do even more.  No kidding.   Around 3am I usually start to feel like I’m collapsing but I think of the volunteers and you members and it fuels me to just get that last update in before turning in.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.

For those considering volunteering, we can still use more help!  Email me!   🙂

Finally, you may have noticed the new link in the website header (black background) for “Facebook Game SHints”.   I’ve begun profiling some popular Facebook games that I’ve either played, had experience playing, or collaborated with friends who’ve played.   I’ve consolidated some of the best information and data into 3 sections for each game:

1) How To Play/General Information
2) Overall General Game Strategies
3) Key Specific Tips, Hints (& Cheats!), & Fundamentals to Success

I will be adding more information to some of these games as well as expanding the Facebook games I profile.  If anyone has any ideas, contributions, cheats, charts, whatever to forward, I’d love to hear from you (email me!).

Please explore this new section and provide feedback.  I want to build it around the needs of the membership/visitors.  Your thoughts, comments, posts, opinions are extremely valuable to me and will help to make even better and better!

Now, may I present… the updates!

  • Welcome aboard to my new volunteers and friends of  sheenar1, hoosier089-3, and mollygrun.   And also, newest volunteer M.L. (I don’t know if you have a forum identity yet and didn’t want to name you publically without your permission.. but you know who you are!)  🙂
  • All list/chart updates are proceeding a little more frequently and fully.  Just a reminder if you are submitting data to the forums to be added, PLEASE cross-reference against the site first to avoid duplications.  So much of our time is spent doing this unnecessarily.  Thanks!
  • NEW SECTION ADDED: Facebook Game Profiles! General information, hints, tips, and strategies for the following games can now be found on!:
    • CityVille
    • Monster Galaxy
    • Backyard Monsters
    • GodsWar
    • Mafia Wars
    • Kingdoms of Camelot
    • Braaains!
    • Ninja Saga
    • FrontierVille
    • Warstorm
    • Farmville (coming soon)
    • Café World (coming soon)
    • Bubble Island (coming soon)
    • Epic Fighters (coming soon)
    • Texas Holdem (Zynga) (coming soon)
  • Our popular FORUM has now hit over 700 members… Ce-le-brate Good Times, Come on on!  Thanks for making the site so special with your own contribution to it.  Keep posting, sharing your data, and contributing (or starting!) discussions in the forums!
  • Finally, some of you have emailed me having trouble finding the TPIR and FF data charts on the DataGrabber website.  Pretty well the full content of the entire site is accessible via the top header with the black background.  So explore the site and you’ll find it’s much easier than you think to find what you’re looking for.  Alternately, you can use the general site search in the right margin menu as well.  And of course don’t forget the FAQ if you’re really stuck!

Expect more updates to come as the site work continues to expand.  Please continue to post the forums and provide valuable comments and feedback.  Thanks for not marking this update as spam if you receive it via the VIP Email Newsletter opt-in.  😛

Keep Playing. Keep Noting.

Andrew (admin)

Andrew (admin)
[email protected]

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