DataGrabber UPDATE – Feb. 27, 2012

Greetings DataGrabbers,

It’s almost March and that means spring is on the way!  I love mild winter days because they’re sort of a preview of spring.  This winter – in our climate at least – was a let down.  Almost NO snow is great for letting dust collect on those shovels, but a huge disappointment for an excited 5 year old planning snowmen, sledding, and snow-fort-building.  Ah well, you can’t pick weather – but you can ALWAYS complain about it! 🙂

Complaining about Facebook game cheaters – like the weather – is always en vogue.  However, the new DataGrabber redesigned site is attracting a lot of positive attention which I am personally thrilled about.  I even received a comment by a user who hates what DataGrabber is all about BUT is impressed with the new layout and site design.  Now THAT’S a strong endorsement!

This has been a busy month for us and the site is continuing to grow and expand.  I’m so used to the new format and design that I can’t imagine what the site was like before.  We’re getting new members all the time and a lot of feedback.  I’m getting video testimonials too which is quite awesome.  I’ll try to post some of it up one of these days.  If you’d like to submit your own testimonials, suggestions, and yes even complaints, I’d love to receive them by email, FORUM posts (preferred) or YouTube or other format videos!  I think videos are the coolest thing and a way to really personalize the DataGrabber community and individual experience.  So don’t be shy!  Show off that smiling mug of yours and if I get enough of ’em I’ll post them prominently on   That will immortalize you forever! Woo-hoo!

Also, in the spirit of the new DataGrabber site, I’m looking for writers who would like to write about some of their favourite Facebook game applications.  Maybe you have some killer tips or strategies or just want to gush about a new, old, or classic Facebook game.  I only ask that it’s uniquely and originally written by you and not copied or used on another site.  I’ll credit you as the writer if you wish or just anonymous if you wish.  And if it’s good enough, I’ll post it to where it will live forever and hopefully help out others with your smart word-z.   Please only send me stuff you want to write about relating to Facebook Games.  This isn’t open season for spammers, professional article writers, or folks who just want to create backlinks to some product or site.  I’m not at all interested in that.  Maybe I’ll make it a contest too or something… depending on the responses I receive.   If you have any other ideas of games or content or things we should do on… let me know!

Here’s where we’re at:

  • Welcome NEW forum members, email subscribers, and comment-posters!  Also, always a shout-out to my trusty mods who help with forum maintenance and posting and formatting new data for our featured Facebook game cheats. 
  • I’m on Twitter!  But I need help.  Please follow me and give me reasons to keep my Twitter account active!  (@DataGrabber)
  • We’re on Facebook!  Kind of funny that a Facebook Game info site wouldn’t have its own page, huh?  Well search for DataGrabber on Facebook and go ahead and “Like” it.  Comment, add, share, scream, whatever you wish!  I’ve got an admin for it, but if you’re interested in admin-ing the Facebook page, email me with why you think you’d  you like to do that!
  • More data has been added to Facebook TPIR, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire game, Press Your Luck on Facebook, and Wheel of Fortune this month.
  • Brand New Facebook Game Profile for Happy Aquarium!  Check it out Happy Aquarium cheats, help, tips, strategies and more.
  • New Game data chart added for 1 vs. 100 Facebook game.  Highly Addictive!  It’s a global phenomenon.  Try it out and play it today
  • Streamlined the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire cheat sheet charts to only display the ‘correct’ answer rather than all the answer options.  This will help the chart load and search faster
  • More updates to come!  Remember to email me if you’d like to volunteer in ANY capacity with  It’s worth pride of work, bragging rights, and a fun way to enjoy watching me grovel at your greatness! 🙂

Keep Playing. Keep Sharing.  (And don’t forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook!!)

Andrew (admin)
[email protected]

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