DataGrabber UPDATE – Jan. 17, 2011

Greetings DataGrabbers,

January is a high intensity month.  It starts with the best of intentions (ie. fresh start, New Year’s resolutions, new beginnings, etc.) and ends in cold reality.  And I mean cold literally as well as figuratively.  By the end of January, you start to feel that the gym visits are waning, it’s still winter and bitterly cold, and much of the things you grappled with in December or more broadly in 2010 did not magically resolve in January 2011.  Despite the highs and lows, the one certainty about January is that it soon gives way to February… and so on and so on.  You still have the power to make your year whatever you want it to be.  My goal is to make this the best year ever.  With the birth of my daughter in 2010, it will be tough to top it for me.. but that’s a goal that I will take great joy and pride in accomplishing.

In that spirit, I have exciting plans for in the year ahead!

This site is no stranger to controversy.  There are varying opinions on the ethics of certain content appearing on DataGrabber and how it affects the act of game playing on Facebook games.  I’m sure 2011 will be no different in that regard.  While a part of me is able to genuinely understand all sides of the arguments on the controversial content issues, I resolved a long time ago to take my queue directly from the good people like you reading this right now (and ALL the users and contributers of  And what I’ve heard and witnessed is an overwhelming positive message to continue running, hosting, and growing  Our traffic stats have consistently demonstrated stable and steady growth.  The positive feedback I receive outnumbers the negative by a huge margin.  And ultimately, the help from volunteers, data submitters, forum posters, commentary posters, etc. reaffirms my committment to this website and its status at the #1 Facebook game list site.

Thank you all for making a quirky, special, little gem of a website.  I hope  you find the content fun, helpful in your game play, and informative in  your strategy-building.  2011 will be an exciting year for the site.  I plan to grow the content and game profiles significantly, in addition to the regular data updates for the specific games themeselves.  I’m hoping to get more contests and promotions going as well.  My goal is to grow to be a content-packed and loaded site for all major and minor Facebook games now and in future.  So there’s plenty to come…. watch out for it!  🙂

I’m also looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • TPIR main, showcase, and game list updating from forum posted data
  • Family Feud list updating from forum posted data
  • Content Writing (Do you have a favourite Facebook game?  Do you know any secrets to dominate your opponents?  Contribute original articles that will be added to the main pages of!)
  • Family Feud – Special project trasposing screensheets into chart/list entries
  • New Facebook game data gathering for new lists

If you think you can help and would like to donate your time, expertise, writing ability, etc. contact me directly ([email protected]).  You’ll earn bragging rights, my deepest gratitude, good karma, a shout-out in future updates, and a special DataGrabber Insider graphic you can use in the signature/biography field of your Forum profile or anywhere else you wish to post it!  It’s exclusive ONLY to volunteers who’ve done awesome work and help on a regular basis over a certain number of weeks.  OOooooo!  AAaaaaahh!  🙂

Without further ado, behold! … the updates:

  • Due to high traffic volume on, I’ve been forced to migrate the site to a new server.  I say “forced”, because I really wasn’t planning on it.  Servers are costly beasts… especially when a site outgrows a shared hosting setup.  I’m pleased to say (despite my significantly lighter pocketbook), the site is running faster, smoother, and more securely on the new server configuration.  I know some of you experienced site sluggishness, outages, and other inconveniences leading up to and during the transition.  Thanks you for patience and understanding.  All those issues should now be resolved.
  • Despite the significantly increased costs, I’m determined to keep this site free of charge for anyone who wishes to visit it responsibly.  There’s an optional Donation link on every page of the site.  If you value the site and my effort, please consider donating.  But no pressure, I’ll love ya just the same if ya aren’t able to.  🙂
  • As noted above, I’m in need of special volunteers!  A few people contacted me offering to help, but for whatever reason I never received any response after my follow-ups.  Ifanyone IS able to donate some time, please contact me!  We’re running on fumes on “red alert” level as my top two volunteers weren’t able to continue to help.  I sincerely thank them both for their incredible help and assistance – you’ll be missed! :-(.   But now I’m really needing some urgent help!
  • I’ve managed to find the time to update the TPIR lists with new additions, better descriptions, and corrections from the forums.  It was badly needed and sorely out of date.  I was hoping to get a new volunteer working on it – but ultimately I just couldn’t wait any longer so I did it myself.  I will try to stay on top of it.  Just please give me some leeway as it’s a lot of work to maintain and keep up in addition to the basic site maintenance and content growth plans.
  • Family Feud should be updated within the week as well (not as badly out of date at TPIR was, but still I will get this done ASAP).
  • On the “what’s new?” front, you’ll notice the new Facebook Game Strategies, Tips & Hints, and How To Play pages for some of my favourite games.  I will be adding more and more of my knowledge onto the site as I find the time.  If you would like to contribute content for YOUR favourite Facebook games, use the same format and submit to me (see email below) or if you have additional content on already-profiled games, I’ll collect that as well! 😉  Just remember it must be original – no copying other sites please.
  • Finally, I’ve been getting emails from some members asking me for technical support/help with TPIR and other games.  I wish to remind everyone that is a private site consisting of user-submitted game data compiled into easy-to-view lists as well as general content/information on specific games.  We are not the programmers of TPIR, FF, or any Facebook game.  We have no affiliation, association, or relationship of any kind with any of those companies that program Facebook games.  Therefore, we cannot offer technical support.  And we encourage you to contact the game developers website and/or forum and/or facebook page, etc. directly for help on any game-related issue(s).

That’s all she wrote folks!  Thanks again for your patience and kindness.  I wish you all the best in the year ahead and a winning year playing your favourite Facebook games!  (yes, in Canada we put a “u” in favorite).

Keep Playing. Keep Noting.

Andrew (admin)

Andrew (admin)
[email protected]

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