DataGrabber UPDATE – January 4, 2013

From all of us at,


I love how the new year is such a symbol of renewal, fresh approaches, and new beginnings.

Let’s all decide here and now to make the most and best of it.

Let’s make sure we have the best year EVER by being better to each other, ourselves, and the world all around us.

Let’s set goals and achieve them.

Let’s spot obstacles and solve them.

Let’s become better, happier, stronger, and more prosperous than we were in 2012.

That’s my hope not only for all of you but for myself as well!

(Now we get to show those Mayans we didn’t just “survive” the Apocalypse, we thrived in the post-Mayan calendar era!  Time to crack open the survival kit and gorge on the water and food rations! Woo hoo!!!) 😉

Andrew D. Grabber (admin)
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  1. still waiting for a bingo island one… anything coming up anyone??? Happy new year and thanks for the game hints

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