DataGrabber UPDATE – Nov. 16, 2010

Greetings DataGrabbers,

We’ve been extremely busy doing some maintenance and housekeeping with the site and the TPIR lists.  It’s been a busy few days, but we’ve made some significant updates.

Please keep the submissions coming via the FORUM.  We are working our hardest to get the site updated FAST.  Please be patient though if it’s taking us a wee bit longer than normal.  We’ll get there.  We’re literally working around the clock with every moment of our free time! 🙂

I’m also pleased to announce the launch of the official DataGrabber.Org VIP Newsletter.  This is a personal sub-project of mine with multi-purposes which I will elaborate below.  You can easily fill out your name and email to join the exclusive (and FREE) VIP mailing list.  This list is not an email harvester or spam mechanism.  Your email will never be sold, distributed or propogated to any third party.  So why a newsletter?

  • There’s the site and the FORUM, but if something should ever happen to either/or, I feel it’s important to have a quick alternative way of sending a message out to all DataGrabber users.  It’s an insurance way of communicating legitimate messages with site fans and visitors.
  • I am also planning on creating more general and tailored information in a regular email format. By opting into the newsletter, the information will be strictly for those who want it! 🙂
  • I’ve already been approached by people and organizations wanting to extend exclusive offers to members of DataGrabber. Most I’ve dismissed.  I’m pretty selective about this part, but even for deals that I think are excellent, I only want to share them with people who don’t mind receiving them (ie. opt-in newsletter folks).  Remember, I don’t sell or distribute personal information, so if you delete the email(s) or unsubscribe that’s all there is to it!
  • I also want to reach people fast with upcoming changes and additions to the website.  Posting here or in the forum has some reach but unless you subscribe to our RSS, you may not be getting the updates you want to get!
  • Finally, I think it’s fun.  I look forward to sharing tips, funny anecdotes and things to make you smile!  You’ve helped build to what it is, and as it evolves, I’d love to continue having fun and sharing in different methods.

Other Updates:

  • Milestones! We’ve hit 1000 items on our TPIR main list – congrats and thanks to all the submitters!  We could not have done it without your help.  And thanks to Price Cheater TPIR for his dedication to the list(s) and his hard work
  • Milestones! Part 2 – We are on the verge of welcoming our 100th Forum member today.  Thank you ALL for participating and making this such an active and exciting community.  Please continue to post, discuss, and share on the Forums
  • Also db336 (our new forum moderator) has already begun the painstaking task of reorganizing and cleaning up the forum.  We all appreciate his efforts and I know I am personally thrilled.  His extensive experience in forums management will benefit tremendously.

Thanks again – more updates to come! 🙂

Keep Playing.  Keep Noting.

Andrew (Admin)

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