DataGrabber UPDATE – Nov. 21, 2010

Greetings DataGrabbers,

The major list updates are going along smoothly.  We’ve made some specific progress with TPIR pricing game lists as well as the Main and Showcase list of course.

Your submissions are also helping tremendously as well as the help of a few volunteers who are helping to quality-check and format the data.  Thanks you so much for your time and effort!  You guys rock!

The game developers indicated that they are regularly adding new prizes/bidding item data to TPIR, so it’s important that you keep using the lists and whenever you come across an entry that isn’t on the list — note it and post it in the Forums!.  We check these daily and add them to the next list upgrades on an ongoing basis.

Also, thanks to the flood of members who’ve joined the DataGrabber email list.  There’s some great information on its way as well as other cool stuff.. I can’t say much more now except that it’s for email subscribers ONLY.  So if you haven’t joined yet… SIGN UP now! 🙂

Updates to report include…

  • General TPIR list updates for Main, Showcase, and Pricing Games (updated daily)
  • New site header design went live reflecting the site domain.  TPIR lists will be one of [hopefully] many future upgrades and additions to the site for other Facebook games
  • Speaking to the above point, you’ll notice a banner for Family Feud on the homepage.  We’re in the process of collecting data and creating a Family Feud list as well!  We are actively seeking submissions – please post in the FORUMS if you’d like to collect data for us! 🙂  More on this in the next update.
  • FORUMS consolidation, expansion, and re-structuring is proceeding really well.  Please let me or Forum Mod, db336 know how you like the changes?  suggestions? etc.   And above all, please keep posting and responding in the Forums!  We love to hear from ALL of you! 🙂

Keep Playing.  Keep Noting.  (And don’t forget to sign up in the Forums AND the Email Newsletter!)

Andrew (Admin)

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