DataGrabber UPDATE – Nov. 25, 2010

Greetings DataGrabbers,

This has been an eventful week.  There’s a lot to get through so forgive me if this one is going to be a long update post.  Before I bullet point the specifics, I would like to mention two things since my last update.

The first is the amazing evolving nature of the TPIR game play due to DataGrabber lists.  I’ve been reading in the FORUM how more than one player encountered fellow DataGrabber list users while playing TPIR.  And the experience was a strangely and overwhelmingly positive one.  When I started this website with listing tips, tricks, hints, and guides to TPIR Facebook, I never thought it would change the way the game is played itself!

From what I’m hearing, many DataGrabbers and other listers are challenging one another’s data through game play.  But what most interesting to me is the camaraderie and chat through the games between list users.  No one can argue that  fun or enjoyment is diminished by using the list.  Indeed, you fellow DataGrabbers have proven – if anything – it’s actually enhanced game play, made it more memorable, more challenging, more social, more interactive, and more fun.  WOW!  Way to go!

The other thing I want to address is the rumbling of unhappy non-list users that are playing the game with you.  I understand that there is some discussion not only in our FORUM, but also on Facebook TPIR fan page singling out specifically.    I have a lot to say on this topic and you can see more in the DataGrabber FORUM and in my email VIP Newsletter.

However, I’ll just say this:  This site isn’t going anywhere.  We are doing nothing wrong and nothing illegal.  The nature of TPIR is such that it is impossible to play the game without aides of any kind.  Whether it’s a pencil, a spreadsheet, a website, or memory – chances are EVERYONE will “cheat” at the game (by their definition – not mine) at some point.   This is a free forum, free site, and free accessible information obtained and posted through normal game play .  There is no hacking, or stealing information of any kind.

I also would like to commend you DataGrabbers who’ve chimed in on the debate both at our FORUM and at the Facebook discussions.  Your comments and defence of this site, its purpose, its objective, and its pure transparent nature is greatly appreciated not only by me and the mods, but by the community here as well.  Keep it up!  Our voices need to be heard when we’re attacked.

Finally, I do want to say that I respect the wishes of those who opt NOT to use DataGrabber tips and/or lists – even if I disagree.   And I’d ask all of you to respect those folks as well.  There are several ways you can do so.  I suggest:

1) Never be rude or retaliate when insults or nasty comments are hurled at you.  For one, those players who do so are petty and not worth a response.  But they are also in the wrong and may get banned for behaviour – you don’t want to join them for retaliating.

2) Spread the message and knowledge of but don’t be obnoxious about it.  Suggest the site or perhaps ask people to PM (private message) you during game play for specific price hints, etc.   Share the knowledge but don’t spam the forum with it uninvited.

3) Remember, above all, you are doing nothing wrong by using a price list.  Never admit that you are cheating (because you are not) or being dishonest or having a competitive edge.  None of these accusations is true.  DataGrabber is free to all and anyone can make use of it.  It’s no more cheating than using your head/memory, own notes, or like my wife puts it “using Coles/Cliff notes for a school project”.  It’s a choice, an option, a tool… nothing more.

I will be drafting a more detailed response to the “cheating” accusation and my own personal take on this with pointers for addressing the accusers.  I’ve given it a lot of thought and I think there are more than enough valid reasons.  I will make this information freely available in a subsequent email in my VIP newsletter series.  IF you haven’t yet signed up for the Newsletter – make sure you do!  It’s also added insurance and an extra mode of communication between and the community.   Remember, the email sign-up is free, secure, and easily stopped by your request if you wish it.

Okay, now the updates:

  • Lists have been steadily updated including the main, showcase, and pricing games.
  • The new Family Feud Facebook list is up!  Yes, that’s right!  Now you can get some help in your Feud game with our growing list.  We’ve gone from 100 to over 300 entries in two days.  WOW.  There are more additions to come (including Fast Money).  Remember, you can help us by submitting your data through the FORUM (in the Feud section).  I’m also in contact with some outside potential ‘strategic partners’ who may be able to help us continue to grow our list data. Above all though, I need your help in posting data or emailing me screenshots directly ([email protected]).   Major help needed!
  • You may notice the header image changed as well as some of the icon pictures on the site.  We are gradually moving to a more generic style for simplicity and of course to avoid any issues with ownership over the images of the games themselves.  I haven’t been asked to do this.  This is a decision of mine in relation to the site and keeps it focused on its main purpose for now and for future.  I think it’s prudent and fair.
  • I’m also taking requests (See Suggestions category in the FORUM) for the next DataGrabber project (strictly Facebook game apps).  But I would love your feedback on what other info you’d like to see on
  • Finally, PriceCheater TPIR is still looking for helpers with the video descriptions.  Check out the forums for more information.

Thanks again to my mods, volunteers, and all of you in the DataGrabber community!

Keep Playing.  Keep Noting.

Andrew (admin)

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