Jing-le Bells! Jing-le Bells! Jing-le ALL The Way! Best Free Software EVER.

So what’s just as yummy as a cupcake?

Why it’s desktop software of course!

I get asked very often how it’s possible that we can keep updating our Facebook game answers, solutions, and cheat lists – especially considering how quickly a Facebook game runs.  And the truth is, we don’t have memories like elephants nor lightning-fast reflexes a la superhero!  What we do have is a little help from a really cool piece of free desktop software.

It’s called “Jing” by a company called Techsmith.  If you’re into online video creations, you may recognize names like Camtasia and Snagit which are also products owned and developed by Techsmith.  But I want to talk Jing, specifically.

Jing lets you take screenshots of anything on your desktop at any time through a clever, handy out-of-the-way-but-always-accessible little bubble tool.  And you can also take 5 minute videos of part or all of your desktop actions as well.   Jing isn’t the only software that can do this, but it is the simplest, easiest, and most of all, quickest.  And that’s the real power of this software.  As quick as you can type a keystroke or click your mouse, you can save a screenshot or.. yes.. even share it online without a hosting account or website.

But I’ve said too much already.  The BEST way to show you just how awesome and powerful little Jing is for data-grabbing purposes (and more of course) is to see it in action!  I’ve created a 13-minute video that’s a pretty through demo showing you how Jing can be used for just about anything.  You’ll see for yourself just how easy and effortless this software is.

Oh and did I mention it’s 100% FREE.  Yup, no opt-in offers, demos, shareware licenses, trials, malware, or any other catch.  This little gem is free and pro-quality (ie. No ads either).

So what’s in it for me?  Nothing except hoping you download, install, and use Jing to collect more data to help us out in creating the best and most complete answer list for all your favourite Facebook trivia games!  I am not paid to promote Jing in any way.  I have no vested interest nor receive any kind of compensation for Techsmith for referring you folks to Jing.

I’m just a fan who lives this software and I don’t mind sharing my own personal discovery with anyone who’s willing to try it out.  I guarantee you will not regret it!

Be sure to check out my tutorial video here or on YouTube too.

Then go download Jing right away!

Play. Note. Share.

Andrew D. Grabber (admin)
[email protected]

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